Don’t You Dare Censor Wovenwar!

Local supergroup Wovenwar is back with their first single “Censorship” on September 7. The quintet has followed through with their promise and plan to release their second album Honor Is Dead on October 21. Though the title of their sophomore album IS NOT the title of a Game of Thrones episode, it’s safe to say the anticipation for this second coming is just as outstanding. Check it out and you be the judge.

Zack de la Rocha Returns With A Vengeance!

Former front man of Rage Against the Machine and activist wunderkind Zack de la Rocha drops his first single in a decade! After 10 years of radio silence and fighting the man, de la Rocha released the catchy and very electronic “Digging for Windows” on September 8. Though the new single comes from De La Rocha’s anticipated solo album that has yet to be announced, he still has that burning rage that makes you want to just… GAAAHHH FUCK THE MAN!!! AND because he’s still very much against the machine, the single is FREE through BitTorrent cause FUCK THE MACHINE!

Dream Theater Build A New World With Lzzy Hale

Prog legends Dream Theater partner up with front woman of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale for a revamp of their track “Our New World” on September 9. Though the original Hale-less song comes from their album The Astonishing which was released early this year, it adds more heart to the wide eyed ballad… but it still relatively sounds the same. Whoa there! Before you maroon me in an island full of hipsters bragging about *insert super hipstery hobby/interest here* for soiling Dream Theater or Halestorm’s honor, it was a pleasant song and easy on these decrepit ears.

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