September 19

It’s a Ghost, It’s a Ghoul, It’s a… GIRL?!

Ghost kicked off their Popestar tour on September 16 in Rochester, NY and caused quite a stir not because of their ballads about the dark lord or Papa’s swanky suit, no my friends, it’s because they seem to have a nameless ghoul(ette?)! The video in question shows the mystery woman slapping that bass, and speculations about her identity were answered(?) after a fan’s picture from a meet and greet shows a tattoo on her middle finger similar to ex-White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult. Get it, girl!  See for yourself…


September 20

Gojira Will Make You Experience “The Shooting Star”

No drugs are needed to ride this shooting star, man! Gojira has graced the world with their newest and uber psychedelic music video for “The Shooting Star” off their latest album Magma. The nearly six minute video is one hell of a visual ride, you’d want to go on again and again and again and ponder about life and stuff. Check it out!


September 21

Opeth Feeds Anticipation with “The Wilde Flowers”

The wait is almost over for Opeth’s highly anticipated album Sorceress which comes out on September 30. The edgier track is the third song the band has released and given us a glimpse of what’s to come with visuals that are classy, pretty and metal AF.


Metal Procrastinators Rejoice With Testament’s Video Game

Well it’s not really a video game per se, it’s more of a PC? Anyway, the game is super simple where you navigate your new reptilian friend to collect all the Testament emblems! Will you be worthy of the Brotherhood? If you are, pass on those cheat codes or something… my friend needs it.


Testament launches new game to see if you are worthy of THE Brotherhood… I know I was!…….


September 22


Amon Amarth and their faithful legion raise their horns for the drinking anthem “Raise Your Horns.” The video not only showcases fans suited up and ready to raid with drinking horn in hand, but it also has a butt load of appearances from big names in metal such as Zakk Wylde, King Diamond, Nergal and the Ugh Metal staff… Ok maybe not our staff …yet.

September 23

Can You Handle “The Truth”?

In Flames is back with their second music video “The Truth” from their 12th studio album Battles which will be out on November 11. This latest video is a continuation of their first music video “The End” which takes you on a journey, first person shooter style! “The Truth” as well as “The End” very enjoyable and my pickiness really took a liking to it, and seems hell will freeze over now. CHECK EM OUT!   


BONUS ROUND! : September 24

Devilment Strikes Back With “Under the Thunder”

Devilment is back and ready with the lyric video for “Under the Thunder” off of their second and upcoming album II: The Mephisto Waltzes. Though their sophomore album isn’t due till November 18, this new and ballsy but graceful single will surely have you counting the days whether you’re a Dani Filth fan or not.

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