We’ve already split September right down to the middle! But enough about my pet burrito… which I may or may not have devoured… This is what’s been happening


There’s Nothing Square About Ghost’s Latest Single

The ghastly Swedes surprised its legions of ghouls and ghoulettes with their new song “Square Hammer.” The song debuted on SiriusXM Octane to promote their upcoming EP Popestar which will be released on September 16. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there is no way to exorcise the devilishly groovy Ghost! For those attending the “secret” show in LA at the Monty Bar on September 15 and New York’s Saint Vitus Bar on September 16, this will certainly get your groove on.


Brujeria Siguen Siendo Los Reyes Con El Super NSFW Plata O Plomo

Ja ja, scared you didn’t I? Now before you go on about the Spanish grammatical errors on the title, unload your outrage about making you bust out Google translate and demand I speak English, lets jump in! Brujeria has returned with a BRUTAL music video for their new single “Plata O Plomo.” The extremely NSFW video is not for those who have a weak stomach but the song is the shit! This will build the anticipation for their long awaited album Pocho Aztlan which debuts on September 16. After 16 years, Brujeria will FINALLY re enable our inner sick fuckery! Because Brujeria wants to toughen us up and have yet to release a SFW version AND we don’t want you to vomit on your keyboard and ruin your fan fiction career (which I’m sure will take off soon…), check out Brujeria’s YouTube channel for the video.


Sept. 13:

Wouldn’t Mind Having Carach Angren’s ‘Crows Tick On’ Our Windows

The symphonic black metal trio released the beautifully haunting music video for their latest single “When Crows Tick On Windows” on September 13 from their recent album This Is No Fairytale. The seven minutes of morbid heaven played out like a symphonic and artistically twisted musical. Carach Angren’s storytelling was done with a morbid elegance and kept it classy and yes I know my lady boner is showing.

Sept. 16

Ghost Strikes With Their ‘Square Hammer’ Music Video

Settle down! Don’t expect to write about the same entry twice, but this was a must to write about because not only is it brand spanking new, but it’s fun to watch. For B-horror movie fans, the video for “Square Hammer” will be your new favorite video. Ghost’s love for all things retro is apparent and nicely done in this 4 minute cinematic display. Take a peek at this nostalgic new video below.


Metalheads and Folk Lovers Will Be Gitty For ‘Me And That Man’

Front  man of Behemoth Adam “Nergal” Darski has finally revealed the name of his secretive folk/country project *Drum rolls* It’s not called Behemoth 2.0 or Corngrinding Avenue, though it would have been cool but Nergal said “No those are horrible names, you are violating your restraining order again, blah blah,” everyone’s a critic. Anyway it’s called Me And That Man! Aside from revealing the name of project, Darski posted a video on his Instagram account offering a peek of all things to come.


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