Oct. 9


You may be asking yourself, who is this fellow? Who am I? Why doesn’t my dog love me? Well my sad sack friend, the brazen ginger in the 10 second video is Lane Pittman. The Floridian gave a big fuck you to the unforgiving Hurricane Matthew and saluted Slayer with “Raining Blood” while holding an American flag. As for the other questions, now you’ll have something to discuss in our next group therapy! Another thing I’ll be discussing in our next session is my dilemma in writing in Harambe or Pittman on the ballot. Oh yeah, I went there. 😉



Make Your Pretend Bloodstock Festival Experience A Little Real!

I can…I mean you can stop torturing yourself and bring your festival experience to life! Now that summer/festival season has been over, Bloodstock Open Air’s Youtube channel has generously posted up full performances from Satyricon, Behemoth and many more. So now we can open our eyes and take out those ear buds and experience the real thing, per se. Check out the FULL Satyricon set below, cause c’mon you can’t say no to Satyricon!



Wovenwar Add Fuel To The Fire

The (now) quartet just keeps teasing us! Wovenwar has given us another taste of what’s to come with their latest single “World on Fire.” The edgier track continues to touch base on issues plaguing our species, and I mean REAL problems and not just how you still can’t gain access to your neighbors Wi-fi or get less foam on your latte… though those can be a real problem. “World on Fire” will be in their upcoming album Honor Is Dead which will be out on October 21 through Metal Blade Records.



Testament Has A “Stronghold” On Us

The legendary thrashers are back with another badass single and a fancy 360º visual for their single “Stronghold.” Now the headbanging doesn’t have to stop when your neck is too sore ‘cause you can click and drag that screen anywhere you want! It’s a simple but entertaining feature to a killer song. First a game and now a 360º visualizer?! What will Testament do next to appease us simple folks? Oh, that’s right! Their highly anticipated album Brotherhood of the Snake of course! The wait will finally be over on October 28 and will be released through Nuclear Blast Records.



Vader Shoots and Scores with “Parabellum”

Vader is another band that loves to tease and I’m sure we can all agree with the following, OUR BODIES ARE READY.  The Empire will rise on November 4 through Nuclear Blast Records.


Oct 14.

Kreator Keeps On Giving

Since we are on the subject of legends releasing new stuff, well you know what this means. Kreator will ring in 2017 with Gods of Violence through Nuclear Blast Records after five years. A countdown clock to pre order is on their website, and yes you have my full permission squeal.  



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