Wishing Avatar’s Video Was ‘Never Ending’

Avatar has brought forth the “Never Ending Night,” before I go any further let me warn you, this music video might send you willingly running into the woods, though the creepy kids are a bit of a downer… and I will not confirm nor deny it will have you starring in Blair With 3 (Book of Shadows who? what?).  The music video is not only filled with stunning scenery and visuals,  it also has a witchy tale. Considering the upbeat anthem, the visuals and story can be surprising, but in a good way. Indulge in this breathtaking video and invoke the spirit of Halloween and I shall see you all in the woods, and please bring do NOT forget the s’mores this time!    


Oct. 5

Korn and Corey Taylor Will Take You To ‘A Different World’

I mean that in the most literal way. Whether you love or hate Korn, “A Different World” will have you thinking and feelings all sorts of things especially when Mr. Slipknot (not Chuggo) throws in his signature vocals. Check this out with or without a bowl in hand.


Oct. 6

Go To Town With ‘Lady Darkness’

The 69 Eyes guides us through THE concrete jungle with their latest video for “Lady Darkness.” Though the video is meh with some shades of light hearted coolness, the song will have you grabbing your pair of black shades and strut your stuff in your hood… But when it’s dark cause HISSSSSS! The sun!



Oct. 7

You’ll Feel It With ‘Clockworks’

I have a feeling this ain’t Octoberfest month, man! Meshuggah contributed to this trippy video streak with a visually captivating mindfuck of their own with their music video for “Clockworks.” This visual 7:15 minute ride will have you patiently waiting for it and will have you glued to your screen just like  the little girl from Poltergeist. “Clockworks” comes from their highly anticipated album The Violent Sleep of Reason which was released today (stay tuned for the review…or not).

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