Oct. 23

Mayhem Is Coming…

Forget about winter, Norway’s favorite white walkers are taking over the U.S starting the January 20 in Montreal,QC and will end their run on February 19 in New York, NY. The Norwegian Black Metal legends will perform the iconic 1994 album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety and will tour with fellow badasses Inquisition and black metal New Yorkers Black Anvil.  The tour will have two California dates on Feb 6, in San Francisco and on Feb 7 in Santa Ana. Now, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, BOX OFFICE PERSON!






Couple Stays Kvlt In Engagement Photos

A California couple wandered in to the Carpathian Forest Holy Jim Canyon to capture the beginning of their happily ever after, till things got a little metal. The soon to be husband and wife, John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez, were shooting their engagement photos till they bumped in to local black metal band Coldvoid. According to Awesome (yes, that’s his real last name) the band graciously accepted to be part of their romantic photo shoot which was captured by photographer Janet Wheeland. No word if they’ll be performing at their wedding yet or if we’ll get the exclusive. Here’s to trve love! And check out Coldvoid on the link below ‘cause their stuff is pretty cool.



These crazy kids show the meaning of trve love by having California band Coldvoid in their shoot

These crazy kids show the meaning of trve love by having California band Coldvoid in their shoot



Whitechapel Hits ‘Home’ With Latest Music Video

Phil Bozeman ditches his signature ferocity and bares his soul in “Bring Me Home.” The pivotal theme is grief and all the ugliness it comes with after losing a loved one. Bozeman gets painfully real and will strike you to the core not just because of the intimate imagery but also because of his impressive and clean vocals. And I have something in my eyes and it’s allergy season too okay!… *Sniff, sniff*



Korn Gets Real In New Video

These Nu Metal vets sound like their old self in “Take Me.” The bleakness and anguish of the song along with the music video reminds us why Korn was good in the olden days.


Oct. 27

No One ‘Will Remain’ After Holy Grail’s New Video

No one is safe from the quintet’s murderous merch man in the video for “No One Will Remain.” The low budget music video would throw some off in the beginning if it wasn’t for the disclaimer right before the video plays. “No One Will Remain” creeps in just time for Halloween and is pretty NSFW because it you know murder, fake blood, and the murderous merch man’s mustache (try saying that 3 times). You will get a cheap laugh or two and yes, I am going to hell for that and I will see you there after you’re done watching it and agree with me.        


Oct. 28

Vader Unveils Lyric Video To ‘Angels Of Steel’

November 4 is approaching and the wait is ALMOST over for The Empire to take over. According to Nuclear Blast Records, “Angels of Steel” is the first track in the album and what a way to start. We’ll certainly remember the fourth of November because we’ll still be lost in this track on the fifth.


Also Check Out The ‘Gods Of Violence’ Cover

Kreator will release this baby on January 27 through Nuclear Blast Records. Happy New Years to us! Pre order will be available on November 9? Bask in this cover in its glory and check out the countdown on their site.


Kreator unveils the album cover for "Gods of War" out on January 27.

Kreator unveils the album cover for “Gods of War” out on January 27.

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