Not Even A ‘White Wine Spritzer’ Can Make Ned Flanders Chill

We are here reporting that Ned Flanders has had enough after finding his doppelgangers, left his old life behind in Springfield and created a sick metal band called Okilly Dokilly. But in this reality, they are a quintet from Arizona that classify themselves as a Nedal band making this universe a little fun. The Neds in (their first ever) music video for “White Wine Spritzer” are the definition of no chill and will kick you right in the kididdlehopper! Be a good neighborino and check out the video and purchase this fun album in the link below!


Surgat Unlock Their Latest Single

The Tijuana deathgrinders released “Kill Him On You Own” on November1, Dia De Los Muertos how appropriate! Though we goofed and didn’t mention this track sooner (I blame the pan de muerto, sorry guys), it’s never too late to give this sucker a listen! The rawness and savagery of this track will make you wanna put this mother on repeat, especially if you’re still trying to burn those calories from all that pan de muerto you had.



Nails Delivers The Soundtrack To 2016

The appropriately titled split Full of Hell has is now streaming and in Technicolor! Though the 3 track split isn’t due till December 3 through Closed Casket Activities Records, Nails are so hardcore they gave fans this super early gifts. If you tell me you didn’t crank this shit up and didn’t mosh with yourself, then you’re a liar!



NEW SYSTEM OF A DOWN ALBUM IN 2017! Drummer John Dolmayan confirmed in an interview with Kerrang Magazine that the band is working on the new album and have written 15 songs. “I want everyone on board and feeling good about it, that’s what we’re trying to accomplish right now.” said Dolmayan. “There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on us, though, because it’s been 11 years – at least 12 by the time it comes out.” The drummer also expressed how they don’t want to make a “Toxicity Part II” and want to cater to the newer generation of S.O.A.D fans. Either way, we’re stoked!

I guess we can forgive their 12 year hiatus cuz who can say no to that face?!!! Well played Daron, well played.

I guess we can forgive their 12 year hiatus cuz who can say no to that face?!!! Well played Daron, well played.



Own Sepultura’s Latest Single…

After your pre-order their upcoming album through their official site or Nuclear Blast Records, silly! After you place your order you immediately get the single “I Am The Enemy.” It’s ANGRY and heavy and I’m lovin’ it so far. I’m sure Igor and Max love it too!…


Kreator Look Ready For War In Video Shoot

The renowned thrashers unveiled the brutal and artistic image from their music video shoot for “Gods Of Violence.” The band recently filmed the video and they didn’t get just any ol’ production team, no! A band of their status got the very best and had the acclaimed Polish production company, Grupa 13. Grupa 13 has filmed music videos for Behemoth and Amon Amarth and will helm Kreator’s upcoming video trilogy for the concept album. No word when part one of this visual saga will premiere and as of now, there’s six days left till you can preorder the album. Gods Of Violence will unleash sweet mayhem on January 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. Till then, bask in the image and all its bloody glory.

Behold! Kreator in this bloody display of art...and boob ;) in their promo picture for their upcoming music video "Gods Of Violence"

Behold! Kreator in this bloody display of art…and boob 😉 in their promo picture for their upcoming music video “Gods Of Violence”

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