Editor’s Note: It’s so easy to be absorbed by the stigma and the shame society ingrains into people’s minds regarding mental health and its emotional counterparts. It’s also very easy to condemn those that have succumbed to their silent battles rather than to have empathy, learn from it, and create a safety net for others. But please, always remember that regardless of who you are and what you do for a living, what your musical preference is, your gender, your religious believes, or what your sexual preference is, your life matters. You matter. End of story.

We are all human with complex emotions and minds and there is no shame in that. Above all, we are irreplaceable. If you or someone you know needs a life line, don’t be afraid to reach out for it and get the help you need.

May 16

Oregon Venue Axes Shining Show, Vocalist Competes With Bobby Liebling In The Scumbag Olympics!

Not long ago we talked about how the Crypt Keeper who happens to be the vocalist of Pentagram and goes by the stage name of Bobby Liebling, pregamed for mother’s day by assaulting his octogenarian mother. Now Liebling faces a new and promising competitor that threatens his gold medal status in the scumbag Olympics. Who can this be?! Well it’s none other than the batshit crazy eccentric frontman of Shining Niklas Kvarforth!

You’re probably wondering just how he’s a threat to Liebling, especially since Bobby has an impressive résumé. Well Kvarforth joined the games when Tonic Lounge in Portland axed their May 17 show after he left quite the impression at The Shredder in Idaho on May 14. According to Toilet Ov Hell, the vocalist was not only accused of drugging a woman’s drink and threatening audience members, but he is also caught on the security camera outside of the venue making a gesture resembling the Nazi salute while attempting to attack an attendee.

“After booking them, it was brought to our attention that Shining’s singer has done and said many things that could be considered offensive, dangerous, or destructive.” Said Tonic Lounge on a now deleted statement on Facebook justifying their decision. “We were also told that later, while performing at The Shredder, he used many blatant racist and homophobic slurs on stage, threatened audience members with rape, slapped audience members in the face, and was sieg heil saluting repeatedly throughout their performance.”

Though the Ugh Metal team has seen Kvarforth in action before, and it was interesting to say the least, it was family friendly compared to the show at The Shredder and definitely this one. For those that have been to a Shining show will confirm that Niklas is a little screwy. Other venues didn’t seem to mind and Shining is on course to wrap up their tour with Wolvhammer and Revenge at the Rail Club on May 24. Check out Tonic Lounge’s full statement here and read all the dirty details and while you’re at it, check out the infamous video and you be the judge. After all of that, get your score cards ready! Who deserves the gold medal the most? Team Liebling or Team Kvarforth?

May 17

Time Do Things ‘The Ski Mask Way’

Ever wonder how GTA would be with a little bit of Body Count? Well, wonder no more and Body Count does just that in their latest music video for “The Ski Mask Way.” Minus the boring characters and the hookers *sigh.* This get-rich-quick anthem is featured in their latest album Bloodlust which is now out via Century Media Records. If you this song does not convince you to add this album to your collection, perhaps the Klown can persuade you.

May 18

Farewell, Mr. Cornell

One of the forefathers of grunge and vocalist of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, has passed away at age 52. News of this tragedy broke in the early hours of May 18 after the vocalist’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten found him unresponsive on the bathroom floor of his hotel room at the MGM Grand Hotel Detroit. Later in the day, a medical examiner confirmed the rumor that Cornell took his own life by hanging himself making this already unfortunate incident more heartbreaking.

Cornell performed with Soundgarden earlier in the night at Detroit’s Fox Theater and was slated to headline at Pointfest in Missouri which has been cancelled, and Rock on The Range in Ohio which will still run accordingly. Several fan videos of Cornell’s last performance is going viral creating a bittersweet effect on fans offering a last glimpse of this great artist in action. Cornell leaves behind three children and his wife and an amazing musical legacy.

Our deepest condolences to Chris Cornell’s family, friends and bandmates. And to you Mr.Cornell, thank you for everything you gave to the world and for serving as a beacon for all the angsty youths. May your music offer a light at the end of the tunnel to someone that is stuck in their darkest hour.

Carach Angren Reign With ‘Blood Queen’

Melodic death metallers Carach Angren bring a visually haunting tale to life with their latest lyric video for “Blood Queen.” All that she wants is to have a behbeh, dammit! Either way, this is a bloody good ride that Guillermo del Toro would be proud and I’m sure Dario Argento would love that opening sequence. Check it out and get ready to Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten which will be released on June 16 via Seasons of Mist Records.

May 19

Decrepit Birth Release New Song From Upcoming Album

California technical death metallers Decrepit Birth released a fancy 360° video for their latest single “Epigenetic Triplicity.” The time off has not wavered the quartet’s brutality to table and will be releasing their first album in seven years on July July 21 titled Axis Mundi via Nuclear Blast Records. Take this video for a spin and don’t be a wiener and pre-order Axis Mundi now especially ‘cause this track will have you feeling all sorts of things.

Iced Earth Enlist On The “Great Heathen Army”

The white walkers may have the army of the undead but power metallers Iced Earth have the “Great Heathen Army” on their side. The lyric video showcases great artwork to accompany this battle song will surely please inhabitants of Valhalla and Hel. Be sure to preorder their June 16 album Incorruptible which will commence its raid through Century Media.  

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