May 1

Give Yourself To The ‘Helsinki Vampire’

Front man of The 69 Eyes, Jyrki 69, will unleash the Helsinki Vampire on June 23 via Cleopatra Records. In this solo project, he will bring more goth n’ roll. The album will be mixed by Johnny Lee Michaels who is no stranger to The 69 Eyes camp so we can maybe expect to hear more of the classic 69 Eyes influences in this album. Join the dark side and pre-order this vampire and we promise you won’t star on a bad supernatural love triangle.


These silver tongued demons from Texas celebrate the god of all things wild in the music video for “Pan Reborn.” SILVERTONGUEDEVIL  has a little jam sesh in front of their fans, what better way to celebrate the second coming of the god of music! Did you enjoy “Pan Reborn” and can’t get it out of your head? Well then check out their 2015 album Orthodox Heresy album via Devils Music Records and check out their Reverbnation.

May 2

Come Alive With ‘Ghost Of A Chance’

Rancid is getting us all sorts of excited! Aside from their upcoming summer tour (don’t forget to get dem tix btw) they dished out their music video for “Ghost Of A Chance.” This fun track will  be featured in their June 9 album Trouble Maker which will wreak all sorts of havoc via Hellcat/Epitaph Records. Be a badass and pre order this bad boy and don’t forget to catch them on tour.

‘Immortal Sin’ Will Take You Deep

Former vocalist of Sister Sin, Liv “Sin” Jagrell and frontman of The 69 Eyes, Jyrki 69 have teamed up to bring a new rendition of “Immortal Sin.” The cover originally sang by Rob Halford’s band Fight, adds a woman’s touch with Liv Sin’s and is complimented with Jyrki 69’s signature baritone vocals. Check out the video below and take a bite of that apple and grab a copy of Liv Sin’s debut solo project Follow Me which is out now.

May 3

Goatwhore Make Their ‘Vengeful Ascension’

If this is what sweet vengeance sounds like, then we shall have retribution! Batman would be proud and so will Goatwhore fans! “Vengeful Ascension” finally sought its revenge on the non believers a few months after Goatwhore announced their upcoming album. This evil track will be featured in their June 23 album Vengeful Ascension which will seek its revenge via Metal Blade Records. You can preorder the album and because these gents from the Big Easy are fucking G’s, they are offering a version with a spell book. A FUCKING SPELL BOOK. Quick! Get your book before the wicked witch of the west comes in and whacks you all the way to next week with her Louis Button bag and takes all the spell books!

‘Opus Brain’ Will Mess With Your Brain!

The electronic composer Igorrr keeps dishing out audible and visual pieces that will make you say “Da Fuk?!” and think about your life and our entire existence. This music video directed by Swiss short film director Garrick J Lauterbach who captures the trippiness and mixes a lot of symbolism to the track. Experience “Opus Brain” in all its eclectic glory below and pre- order his upcoming album Savage Sinusoid which will be out to mind fuck us on June 16 via Metal Blade Records.

May 4

Rammstein Are Going To Be Strange and “Unusual” On Next Album

Rammstein has been keeping us in the dark regarding a follow up to their 2009 album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da but that’s okay because guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe threw us a bone. In an exclusive interview with Metal Hammer Magazine, Kruspe and Landers filled people in with the album’s progress and said that they would create a new and blend “unusual methods,” in the mysterious seventh album, which is Rammstein terms, it can be ANYTHING.

“Our goal right now is to write really good songs and maybe even try unusual methods, new ideas, and change the path that one usually has.” Said Landers about their desire to reinvent themselves in their upcoming album. “It might be that when grandmother hears the album, she thinks it’s the same as the other ones. But for us, we really want it to be another milestone.”

Kruspe added that they were waiting for frontman Till Lindemann to finish the “mysterious ideas” they have. All I have to say to that is MY BODY IS READY and so should yours! Be sure to see these iconic pyros this summer on their short North American tour and for those that are in the west coast, be sure to get your tickets to their only west coast show in Sin City at the T-Mobile Arena on July 1. Read the whole interview and order your copy of Metal Hammer.

May 5

We’re Sailing Down to ‘Mexico’

The pirates of Scotland known as Alestorm have found a treasure more fun than gold in the music video for “Mexico.” Alestorm released this new anthem in time for us to drown our shame and have a great time as every drinking holiday should be! Get drunk with glee with their second single and get drunker but with joy after pre-ordering their May 26 album No Grave But The Sea via Napalm Records.

May 6

Behemoth Will Awake In 2018

Guitarist/vocalist of Behemoth Adam “Nergal” Darski said in an interview with online music station Rockhok that they have about a dozen songs in development for their follow up album. Darski also stated that they are shooting for a fall 2018 release to their 2014 follow-up to their successful The Satanist album.

“We’re taking it easy it’s not tense whatsoever but we have 10 or 13 songs already like sketches of the new songs. Times flying and we are super stoked about this new stuff its like, I like the approach with Behemoth too you know because when I went from this to do Behemtoth songs, I was super hungry.” Said Darski as he tried to find the right words to describe his desire to play metal again. “I was like hungry for doing like this you know radical, you know, sounds and I really hope it sounds different again but it’s refreshing and it’s something we’re defining and rejuvenating in what we do with Behemoth again.”

We are just as excited and borderline speechless as Darski when it comes to Behemoth. Check out the full interview below and soothe the beast inside with Me and That Man’s debut album Songs of Love And Death which is out now. Need help deciding whether you want to sings the blues with Darski? Check out the Klown’s verdict on this baby.

May 8

King 810 Will Turn Heads With ‘La Petite Mort’

In the spirit of celebrating the French phrase used to describe an orgasm and their track, “La Petite Mort,” King 810 has recruited three porn stars for the NSFW video. The band has been teasing fans with eight second clips on their Twitter and if you’re still a little hot and bothered, check out their peepshow. It will be interesting to see exactly how the Michigan metallers will portray “La Petite Mort” since the song itself is dark and gets real and far from sexy. We won’t know exactly what’s up with this video till its premiere in the world famous PornHub sometime in the future. I will get to the bottom of this to answer this burning question people have…I will not rest till I do! But for now start the foreplay with their latest album La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God which is out now via Roadrunner Records.

May 9

Feel ‘Absolutego’ Run Through Your Soul

Veteran experimental Japanese trio Boris have released their first and psychedelically sludgetastic single “Absolutego.” The track will be featured in their July 14 album Dear which will be released via Sargent House Records. This chill track has a kick to it and will definitely indulge the stoner rocker in you. If you like what you hear so far, don’t forget to preorder and spice up your next smoke circle.   

May 10

Napalm Records Snags Satyricon

The Norwegian black metal legends have found a new home in Napalm Records and will still release their highly anticipated follow up to their 2013 self titled album on September 22. Though Satyricon has been keeping the deetz on this album under wraps, we can’t wait! For my lucky European peeps, be sure to catch them on the road starting September 24.


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