March 8

Oh Noes! At The Gates Loses Founding Member

By lose I mean he quit! As in founding guitarist Anders Björler has decided to part ways with the band after 27 years! The band released a statement regarding Björler’s departure and said that “that special spark was no longer with him last year.” The founding guitarist also released a statement himself stating there was no ill will and said that his decision to leave “has to do 100% to do with the music side of things.” At The Gates will continue to work on their follow up album to their 2014 record At War With Reality and hope to record in 2018. What a bummer but do what you gotta do!

Ander Björler will venture off to new things, bummer though.

March 9

Full of Hell Know How To ‘Deluminate’

These dudes have been very busy lately whether it’s touring with legends or releasing singles. The death grinders have released their audio for “Deluminate” which will be in their upcoming album Trumpeting Ecstasy via Profound Lore Records on Cinco de Mayo! If you’re not familiar with Full of Hell yet, well now’s your chance and luckily for you, there’s still plenty of time for you to prepare for your drunken solo mosh when their new record lands!

March 10

Me And That Man Delivers Another Bluesy Anthem

I may be smitten with Adam “Nergal” Darski’s latest music project Me And That Man but who wouldn’t be? With the release of the debut album Songs of Love and Death looming on the horizon (March 24 via Cooking Vinyl), they’ve have released yet another melancholic but infectious video for “Cross My Heart And Hope To Die.” Darski is on a mission in the desert and after you hear this tune, so will you.

We Will ‘Remain Violent’

Warbringer is back again with another music video that is sure to incite some violence!… But in a pit that is. These dudes deliver a brutally powerful track that will surely ignite the pit in their upcoming tour (they will be stopping by at the Brick By Brick on the 26th ). You like what you hear? Stay tuned for their March 31 album Woe To The Vanquished which will be released through Napalm Records.

We Have A ‘1,000,000’ Feels

Norma Jean strikes a chord in their latest music video for “1,000,000 Watts.” The story compliments this anguished song and will also have you at the edge of your seat, their days of angsty rage have seceded and a new era of more real woe has risen. Check out the rest of the album Polar Similar out now and if you’re feeling iffy, check out the Klown’s verdict on it.

March 12

Y&T Rhythm Guitarist Dies

Joey Alves, who was the original rhythm guitarist, has passed at the age of 63. Frontman Dave Meniketti stated in the band’s Facebook that Alves succumbed to ulcerative colitis and other health complications.”He was a fun guy who always played with attitude and conviction, and was responsible for writing some memorable riffs for Y&T over the years.” said Meniketti in the statement “His friendship and presence will be missed.”  Meniketti is now the sole original member of Y&T, rest in paradise bud.

Joey Alves is now in the giant concert in the sky.

March 13

Anal Trump Strikes Again!

Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation) and Rob Crow (Pinback) have joined forces again to release a new EP titled If You Thought Six Million Jews Was A Lot Of People, You Should’ve Seen My Inauguration. This EP with the ridiculously short title continues to celebrate our commander in chief and proceeds go to the ACLU just like Donny would like it! P.S there are only 28 copies left as of now, so get on it!

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