March 28

The Empire Struck Back…

So the Disney overlord has banned yet another metal band from his magical kingdom. Every Time I Die is the latest band to be barred from playing at Orlando, FL House of Blues location and with Anaheim’s House of Blues gone from Downtown Disney, they will hopefully have their time to shine on the Golden State. Geez Mickey, y u gotta be like dat?

Every Time I Die is not pleased

March 29

It’s ‘Judgement Day’

It’s been a minute since Dragonforce has wowed us with another power metal adventure and have delivered with their latest single “Judgment Day.” The band will release their latest album Reaching Into Infinity on May 19 via earMusic Records and will serve as their follow up to their 2014 album Maxuimum Overload. So stay put, get ready to windmill and enjoy, power metalhead.

March 30

Gruesome Streamed and Release Their Worthy Homage

The death metal supergroup which has members of Possessed, Exhumed, Derkéta,etc. are now streaming their latest EP Fragments of Psyche and it’s available for purchase in their bandcamp. The band, whose original intention was to honor the legendary band Death, not only includes covers but have sprinkled some of their original material. Matt Harvey’s vocals are eerily similar to that of the late and great Chuck Schuldiner, one would think that Schuldiner has risen and graced us with new material. Can’t get enough of Gruesome?! No worries, they’ll be hitting the road with Soulfly this summer and will make a stop at Brick By Brick on May 5. So get ready for the awesome Cinco de Drinko and snag yourselves their EP.   

March 31

M-Theory Audio Snags Tengger Cavalry

That’s right! The Mongolian-folk metallers have been signed by the rising record label helmed by former president of Century Media/Nuclear Blast America Marco Barbieri. “To work with Marco, who was an integral part of Century Media, and M-Theory Audio is Tengger Cavalry‘s greatest honor.” Stated the Kahn/vocalist Nature Ganganbaigal. “We are excited to bring on our next ‘raid’ together with the mighty M-Theory!” The album will release their album in June and will embark on another raid American and European raid sometime in the future. Congratulations to such a unique act! Enjoy this old pic when we saw them at the Brick!

Tengger Cavalry invade Brick By Brick for a second time.

April 1

Jasta Reveals ‘The Lost Chapters’

Jamey Jasta has rewarded us all of us fools by streaming his entire and latest album The Lost Chapters from his solo project Jasta. The nine track album is now available for purchase AND streaming in his bandcamp and after binging on this baby, you will want to own this… FUCK YES! Now, this is only what your truly thinks stay tuned to see what the Klown thinks about this though.


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