March 20

Grave Digger Will Make You A ‘Lawbreaker’

These heavy metal vets deliver a feel good music video. Why is it feel good, you ask? Well, aside from the heavy metal tunes courtesy of Grave Digger, it shows you how a band can get when they’re playing for a non-existant crowd… for like the first few seconds. Of course, leave it to the hot goth chicks to bring the party to Grave Digger! You’ll be playing “Lawbreaker” in your head when you steal all the ketchup packets and spread from In N’ Out , you rebel. *Goth chicks not included*

March 21

Wir Gehen Zu Wacken!

Wacken has unearthed my terrible German from the recesses of my brain and it will do the same to you! Get ready to visit the muddy floors and be submerged in the gigantic sweaty pits of Wacken in the interactive virtual reality documentary Welcome To Wacken. The story will be told in five parts by different metal heads from around the world and will take audiences on stage with Arch Enemy at the end of the film! See, it’s never too late to go to Wacken and be a rock star!  This one of a kind film will be produced by Banger Films and Secret Location and will premiere in Toronto’s Hot Docs AKA Canadian International Documentary Festival (April 27- May 7). So pack your translators…oh..the tent… nevermind….but bring snacks!

March 22

Van Warped Tour Lineup Will Be Brutal!

The annual tour will be back to fulfill your summer needs! Not interested, you say! But you should be not just ‘cause it’s the Warped Tour but because this year, it will feature several metal bands in to their lineup. Some of the bands playing this year are Hatebreed, GWAR, Municipal Waste, Alestorm and Carnifex to name a few. But beware! Some bands are playing selected dates check it out here.

March 23

Ready To Give Yourself to the ‘Totenritual’?

What? Not sure? Well you will be when I tell you it’s the name of the upcoming Belphegor album! These lords of chaos announced Totenritual will spawn into the world and stir many pits on September 15 via Nuclear Blast Records. Frontman/guitarist Helmuth Lehner stated in an interview “It is the most brutally heavy offering we have consecrated thus far. The drums are precise, intense, and blasting, and very technical with loads of breaks/fills and tempo changes.”

Lehnar said about this “audial hellspawn” and continued. “The bass is like a panzer tank rumbling through the terrain. The four rhythm guitars are done and uttermost aggressive and obscure. You don’t hear guitars like that anywhere with such a low tuning. ”  *plays appropriate song.* Okay, now that that’s over with, check out their drum recording it will give you chills and make you feel funny inside.

March 24

Wednesday 13 ‘Brings’ Something New

The creeps from Transylvania 90210 are back with a new music video, a release date for their new album AND a new sound. Mr.Motherfucker and his band of ghouls not only bring a BALLSIER tone, they stay true to their signature spooktastic sound in “What The Night Brings.” Wednesday 13 will give us their Condolences on June 2 under the Nuclear Blast banner! If this just a whiff of what’s to be expected in the entire album, then I can’t wait!


So unless you’ve been living under a rock or just have no fucks to give, let me fill you in anyway. Today, yes this day, we will all have an opportunity to party like its 1998 this summer! Aside from their festival appearances in Montebello Rock Fest (June 23-24) and Jones Beach Theater (June 25), the German pyros confirmed their rumored mini tour with Korn. Stone Sour will be joining this mini reunion in Las Vegas on July 1…

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Because Rammstein likes to fuck with us in many ways, they added two more additional dates later in the day on June 27 at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Chicago,IL and a June 29 stop in Dallas,TX at Starplex Pavilion featuring Hellyeah. Rumor is that MORE dates will be announced so stay tuned but for now enjoy their performance of “Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?” from their new film Rammstein: Paris which will be available to purchase on May 19. Now if you excuse me, I will continue to rejoice and squeal in ecstasy.

UPDATE: According to the band, they have over 30 songs written… madre de dios…

March 26

Get Ready to Give In to Taake Again

As if we weren’t already struggling to gather all our loose change! Norwegian Black Metallers Taake have announced the dates for their North American tour for spring/summer, good bye savings! Tickets are available now and because Taake are a bunch of bad asses with a heart of gold, they will be paying a visit to our very own Brick By Brick on May 26 which are available now! Special guests will be announced at a later date.

March 27

‘Blackest of the Black’ Festival Looks Brighter

Glenn Danzig’s line up for his music festival has finally been revealed a rather impressive lineup. Some of the bands included in the roster are Venom Inc., Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Marduk, Fear Factory and DevilDriver. This gathering will not only have music blasting through Oak Canyon Park (Silverado,CA), it will include amusement rides, a drive-in playing horror flicks and the coveted “Castle Danzig” assuming you’re not terrified of fun houses. “Blackest of the Black” will run from May 26- 27 and to check out the full lineup and all the dirty deetz poke us here.


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