March 1

How ‘Bout Some of Deez Nuts?

The hardcore punkers from down under are back with their latest music video for “Discord.” The Ugh Metal team has had the pleasure of seeing these energetic hooligans perform a few years back and will hit the spot for diehard metalhead. “Discord” will be featured in their April 7 album Binge & Purgatory and will be released via Century Media Records. Don’t wuss out and have a taste of Deez Nuts!   

March 2

Within the Ruins Find An ‘Objective Reality’

Within the Ruins have released their latest music video from their brand spankin’ new album Halfway Human (out as of now March 3) controversy free! The video is pretty straight forward and features these dudes jamming amidst a light show. Also expect a very special appearance towards the end.

March 3

Feel The ‘Hand of Hell’

Ex-Candlemass bassist/songwriter Leif Edling has been teasing the goods from his latest project The Doomsday Kingdom for some time and has delivered the lyric video for the melodically doomy “Hand of Hell.” The track, along with “A Spoonful of Darkness,” will be featured in the self titled debut album which will be released in April 7 through Nuclear Blast Records. In the meantime, soothe your craving with their 2016 debut EP Never Machine. 

March 4

Ghost Converts System of a Down

Okay, the real Ghost did not in fact cover System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” but the popular YouTube channel Ten Second Songs brought this little experiment to life by popular demand. The talented Anthony Vincent channeled his inner Papa Emeritus and though it’s far from the heavy overload goodness S.O.A.D is known for, Papa… I mean Vincent’s vocals work their magick.

March 5

They’re All Out Of Love

Finnish love metallers H.I.M are finished after 26 years! I’ll allow the emo kid you stashed away deep inside you to come out and weep. “After quarter of a century of Love and Metal intertwined we sincerely feel HIM has run its unnatural course and adieus must be said in order to make way for sights, scents and sounds yet unexplored.” Said frontman/ baritone wonder Ville Valo in the bands Facebook page. “We completed the pattern, solved the puzzle and turned the key. Thank you.”

At the end of the overall statement, the band will add U.S and Finnish dates to their finale but so far check out if you’ll be one of the first stops that will get to strike up that last razorblade romance. You can snag your tickets on March 8.

They’ll be giving everyone a final “Razorblade Kiss”

March 6

Avatar Explores A ‘New Land’

The eccentrically awesome quintet takes us on a new and exciting odyssey in their latest video! Always expect the unexpected from Avatar and though I was personally excited because this is one of my favorite tracks off their latest album (Feathers & Flesh, if you haven’t listened to it, you’re missing out buddy! You think I’m exaggerating?!), I loved this video more ‘cause SPACE! And crazy SPACE TENTACLES! Take a look!


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