Jan. 30

Kreator Honors ‘Fallen Brother’

Kreator may be legends themselves but they surely didn’t forget their fellow Metal brethren with this latest. The Thrash legends recently concluded their epic music video trilogy from their latest album Gods of Violence and still managed to surprise us with this intimate homage to Metal icons that have passed on to the big Metal show in the sky… or hell, whichever they preferred.


Wintersun Captivates Again

These Finnish melodic death metal warriors seduced the eyes of many with their album artwork for their upcoming album The Forest Seasons. According to a statement from Wintersun via Nuclear Blast Records, these badass wizards will launch a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo on March 1st where you can secure THE (mystery) Forest package along with a copy of the record. I say mystery because they haven’t stated exactly what, but who doesn’t like surprises?! ONE MORE THING, the statement also sheds light on the highly anticipated Time II and say that front man Jari Mäenpää will also use the funds to build his own studio to make the album!… YES.

Wintersun dare us to frolic and headbang with mother nature

Wintersun dare us to frolic and headbang with mother nature


Feb. 2

Venom Inc. Go Nuclear

The Heavy Metal icons announced through their official Facebook page that Nuclear Blast Records has signed them! Though Venom Inc. have not given any new announcements and the news is still VERY fresh, we can expect to see a lot more awesomeness from them. We’re hoping they spoil us again with two shows in one year thanks to our beers and pretty faces… Cheers gentlemen!

Venom Inc. couldn;t stay away and returned to Brick By Brick on June 25, 2016 L to R: Vocalist and bassist Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan, guitarist Jeffrey "Mantas" Dunn)

Venom Inc. couldn;t stay away and returned to Brick By Brick on June 25, 2016
(L to R: Vocalist and bassist Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan, guitarist Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn, drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray )


We’re Ready To Get In To Some ‘Goddamn Trouble’

Looking to reform Overkill’s hooliganism? Well after nearly 40 years, that is no longer an option and we’re glad about that especially after living the thrills of this new music video. Overkill has been teasing us about their Feb.10 album title The Grinding Wheel for some time now and let loose this bad boy… now if you excuse me I have a few things to vandalize and lots of jay walking to do.


Let’s Party Like its 1984…

Who cares if Big Brother is watching, Havok sure doesn’t! Once you give in to the power of the instrumental thrashiness of “Ingsoc” you’ll even forget that nosy son of a bitch is there. Havok is just one of many bands that that not only shed light on these surreal times but are also creating wonderfully brutal tracks to head bang to regardless of what your political views are. Stay tuned for their March 10 manifesto titled Conformicide.  

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