Jan. 15

Zakk Wylde Answers Our ‘Lost Prayer’

The master of riffs has blessed us with his latest and powerful music video for his latest single “Lost Prayer.” Zakk Wylde’s 2016 album Book Of Shadows II continues to work its charm with its video and if you missed his sold out Jan.19 San Diego stop for his Zakk Sabbath tour, check out the other dates. Now sit back and get ready for some spiritual healing.


Jan. 16

The ‘Fvneral Moon’ Requires A Sacrifice

“Ask and you shall receive” couldn’t be truer for the latest music video from deathcore metallers Lorna Shore. The quartet from New Jersey take us on a murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Though I’ve personally never taken a dip in Lorna Shore before, “Fvneral Moon” is a very enjoyable and heavy single which will be featured in their upcoming album Flesh Coffin out on Feb. 17 via Outerloop Records. If you’re still butt hurt about Suicide Silence’s clean vocals and have a need to forget about it, Lorna Shore’s got you covered.


Jan. 17


No, not the Prez’s empire nor the new Star Wars saga, I’m talking about the REAL empire where Vader reigns supreme. The Polish death metal icons will kick off their invasion on North America starting May 26 in the Maryland Death Fest and because they don’t hate the idea of our beaches, our delicious craft beers and just flat out don’t hate us, they will be stopping by here in San Diego on June 7 at Brick By Brick! (This is NOT the only San Diego show headlined by metal legends this year…)

The supporting acts on this brootal tour are Internal Bleeding, Sacrificial Slaughter, Micawber and Voices of Ruin. If you’re old like us, those names might make your deteriorating body quiver with anticipated pain but as the motto goes, sticks and stones may break our frail bones but metal will never hurt us… be sure to check your local listings for Ugh Metal’s after party in the nearest ER and be part of the crusade!


It’s ‘Sentence Day’

Obituary has spoken! The Death Metal legends released their track video for their single “Sentence Day” which will be featured in their 10th and self titled album via Relapse Records. Though the album is not expected to hit shelves till March 17, this video will certainly fan your fandom especially not just because it’s a love letter to their faithful legion but it’s a fun glimpse into their tour life. Also, be sure to catch them in the Decibel Tour this Spring!

Jan. 19

More Than Just ‘Sillhouttes’

Warbringer stand out and kick some major as with their latest music video for their single “Silhouttes.” Surrounding objects and décor beware! ‘Cause this thrashtastic wonder will have you tearing a new one in the room you’re currently in. Stay tuned for more thrashy goodies from these guys as they gear up for their March 31st release of Woe to the Vanquished via Napalm Records, till then check out the video below!


Iron Reagan Honors The New Prez

That’s right, the crossover thrashers unearthed and released a never before heard ballad to celebrate the inauguration of the new President of the United States of America. The ballad praising the heroism and honor the new commander in chief posses is titled “Take The Fall.” I must warn you; this touching musical piece will bring a few tears to your eyes. The single is now available in a flexi disc format for New Noise Magazine subscribers and all proceeds for the 18×24 poster commemorating the Trumpster will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Check out the track right here!


Jan. 20

Havok Offers Another Wonderful Song For Inauguration Day

The Colorado thrashers have joined in on the fun and joined today’s celebration of American infamy history with their lyric video for “Hang ‘Em High.” You bet this anthem will be sung loudly and proudly tonight making this day more unforgettable. “Hang ‘Em High” will be featured in their March 10 album titled Conformicide which will be released through Century Media Records.

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