Obituary Gives Us A New Song For Our Metal Karaoke

Obituary have now contributed to our growing metal karaoke playlist with the lyric video for “Turned to Stone.” Not in the mood to sing to this? That’s cool but be careful! It will make you headbang and click that replay button… you’ve been warned. If you’re left wanting more, be sure to keep an eye out or pre-order their March 17 self titled album which will be released through Relapse Records.


The Ocean Caught Us On Camera!

Ugh Metal’s Grate Debate may not have been recorded in front of a live audience but the subjects of the epic slap fight did! The Ocean released their outstanding and professionally shot performance of “Rhyacian” from their Nov.8 show at Brick By Brick. Normally we’d be miffed knowing they used the image of our personal unpaid slaves (which we’re legally obligated to call them “interns”) without our permission, but they’re lucky they were so damn good. We forgive you but next time boys, please contact us so that we can exploit our interns together 😉 Experience the intensity of The Ocean!

Feb. 8

GWAR B-Q Jumps to 2018 And Promises To Make America Bleed Again

Though GWAR postponed their annual BB-Q slaughter fest and left their faithful bohabs blue balling, it’s all with good reason. According to their official statement, the band will focus this year on producing a new album for 2018 and promise to destroy North America all year long! GWAR has decided to keep the details on the album under wraps to keep the mystique going and ‘cause they’ve been nursing a Pokémon Go addiction. The new record will not only be the first one five years but will also be the first without vocalist/founder Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie.  Till then, these lucky cities will have a chance to be invaded!

Photo courtesy of Google

GWAR with the horny and uddered wonder, front man, Blothar ready for battle!

Six Feet Under Will Have You Tearing Your ‘Flesh From Bone…’

…With excitement, silly! These death metal titans have unleashed another lyric video for the track “The Separation of Flesh From Bone.” Instead of being greeted by riffs a la Cannibal Corpse as heard in “Sacrificial Kill,” Chris Barnes’ bark comes at you, giving your ears a welcomed pounding. Couldn’t get enough of ‘Seperation…’? Save the date of pre-order their Feb.24 album Torment which will be released through Metal Blade Records.

Feb. 9

Iron Reagan Strike Again!

I know, I know! Another Iron Reagan entry, but it’s not my fault these guys keep cranking out fun and thrashtastic treats. This time they give us the ultimate and nostalgic gift of CLAYMATION… and a music video, I guess. It should be a crime that “Fuck the Neighbors” is only two minutes and nine seconds long, but man is it fun!!! Can’t get enough of the song?! Then pick up their latest album Crossover Ministry which is out now. Iffy about getting it? Check out what the Klown had to say about it!


Jasta Is Back AND Brought a Friend Along..

When Jamey Jasta isn’t tearing shit up with Hatebreed, he’s tearing shit up with his solo project Jasta. Jasta teamed up with ex-Killswitch Engage/ current Devil You Know vocalist Howard Jones in the single “Chasing Demons” and, man, it induces a bit of nostalgia. Aside from the grit Jasta never fails to deliver, Jones’ vocals blast you back to the old Killswitch Engage days. The balance between this overall sentimental single is great  and will make you wonder what other trick Jasta has under his sleeve.



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