Feb. 21

Fleshgod Apocalypse Members Create Record Label

Francesco Paoli along with Francesco Ferrini have joined forces to mold Midas Productions. While Paoli isn’t busy drumming and Ferrini slamming those piano keys in Fleshgod Apocalypse, aside from producing the duo are offering a wide range of services to bands such as songwriting and consultations among other things. Let your curiosity take the wheel and check out their site! Need some photographic proof of their skills? Check out their Instagram  


Feb. 22

Pack Your Bags! We’re Going On A Metal Tour!

Through the interwebs, silly! So no need to panic and wash all your dirty undies for this trip! The fun and interactive “Map of Metal” shows the countless metal subgenres and the countries they originated from. The best part is that you can enjoy this little history lesson in filth of your own home!

No clean undies needed!

No clean undies needed!  

Feb. 23

Gojira Delivers Another Visual Journey

The prog metallers show us a little bit of everything in their latest music video for “The Cell.” Using the negative image filter, Gojira slaps together images of them jamming, footage of their shows and pits, a dark and exploding giant, a fetus, DNA!! Let me catch my breath…. Man…see for yourself and enjoy this great song and try not to keep your brain from exploding!


Six Feet Under End Our ‘Torment’

Chris Barnes and the rest of Six Feet Under are now streaming their brand spankin’ new album Torment through Metal Blade Records’ YouTube channel! You wanna hold this album as much as I did after listening to this bad boy? You can own it and hold it dearly because it’s out today! Don’t miss out and grab that copy and stay tuned for the Klown’s verdict on this!

Feb. 25


Though that may be the name of the future and pleasurably tour Ugh Metal will piece together in 2060, the following lineup will have to do. Are you ready for this? Well too bad! Picture Lamb of God, Slayer and Behemoth melting North America’s face off together in one tour! Though the details on this tour are still under wraps, three dates have been confirmed such as Rock Fest on July 13 in Cadott,WI, Chicago Open Air festival on July 16 and an August 2 stop at 1st Bank Center in Broomfield,CO. More tour dates will be announced later this week and we’re already crossing our fingers while wearing our lucky undies and doing witchcraft so that they may consider surf and burrito nation (AKA our city) in their stop!



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