Feb. 12


And not just any metal band snagged this shiny doo hicky, it was none other than Megadeth! The vet thrashers were nominated in the “Best Metal Performance” category along with Baroness, Gojira, Korn and Periphery. Aside from the house band creating a mini scandal by playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” Mustaine and the rest of Megadeth laughed it off and basked in their moment in the sun. Congrats to Megadeth!

Grammy Peeps: YAY 4 METALLICA! Metalheads:........

Grammy Peeps: YAY 4 METALLICA!

Feb. 13

Kittie Bassist Dies

Trish Doan who was the bassist for the Canadian metal band Kittie has passed away at the 31 years old. “Finding the right words is tough. She was so bright and vibrant and talented and we loved her and still do.” The band stated in the Facebook page regarding Doan’s untimely passing. “She was so much more than just a musician or member of the band.” Doan first joined Kittie in 2005 before departing in 2007 and rejoined the group in 2012, though the cause of death hasn’t been mentioned it’s still very tragic. Deepest condolences to Doan’s family and Kittie.

Trish Doan bassist of Kittie

Trish Doan bassist of Kittie


Feb. 14

There’s So Much To Love About Me And That Man’s Latest

Adam “Nergal” Darski and John Porter released an appropriate anthem for the lonely hearts and cynical titled “Ain’t Much Loving.” Mr. Darski continues to outdo himself by shedding that corpse paint and baring his soul. This intimate video is streaked with vintage slideshows fueling the nostalgia. Who needs chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day when you’ve got this? This will only feed our curiosity as to how the rest of this album sounds like and How Darski and Porter will surprise us next. Addicted to this as much as I am?! Pre-order their debut album Songs of Love and Death which will be due on March 24 through Cooking Vinyl Records.

Feb. 15

 Helsott Sign to M-Theory Audio Records

These Californian pagans not only landed a record deal but they will also be releasing their new EP titled The Healer to nurse your metal needs on April 28 through the new label. Helsott recruited the epic Colombian artist Felipe Machado Franco once again to design the cover of the five song EP. Fun fact about M-Theory Audio Records is that it’s run by former president of the North American branch of Century Media Records, Marco Barbieri. Congratulations to Helsott and we shall raise our drinking horns to you guys! In the meantime, be sure to catch them on March 5 with Immolation and bask in their epicness!

Helsott's "The Healer" will nurse dem metal needs on

Helsott’s “The Healer” will nurse dem metal needs on March 5

Feb. 16

‘No Lives Matter’

Body Count is not one to shy away from hot topic issues especially with their latest video for “No Lives Matter.” If you have any doubts as to how this video will pan out, Ice-T sets the tone with a passionate and heated monologue in the beginning. Aside from the serious message, the song itself is great and will have you replaying it in! Body Count will release their latest album Bloodlust on March 31 via Century Media Records.    



Ice-T in Body Count’s latest video “No Lives Matter”

Feb. 17

‘Fostering the Divide’ Does The Opposite

Immolation’s latest lyric video will bring together metalheads near and far and will create the biggest pit anyone has ever seen! This Death Metal anthem will be featured in their upcoming album Atonement which will be due on Feb.24 via Nuclear Blast Records. (Whoa, that’s next week!) Can’t get enough of this?! Then be sure to catch them on tour with the Cavalera Bros. and for additional dates, check out their Facebook page. Last but not least, if you happen to be here in our neck of the woods on March 5, catch them at Brick By Brick!


Marduk Show Is A Bust

The Swedish Black Metallers were set to perform tonight at the Oakland Metro Operahouse tonight but was cancelled due to security concerns. Though the music venue absolved Marduk of any white supremacist, nationalist and xenophobic ideologies, the locale along with Oakland Police Department decided cancelling the show was the best option due to “public safety.” Though the venue is offering refunds, it’s a real bummer for Marduk and the fans because even though times are rough, it’s a shame that the music is suffering.

Marduk is not pleased

Marduk is not pleased

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