April 10

Get Ready To Jump In The ‘Arena Of The True Lies’

Tankard charges in to this battle with full force and killer riffs in their latest lyric video for “Arena Of The True Lies.” As a metalhead, I’m digging this song. It’s easy on my decrepit ears after a long day of adulating and if you want to sing about the grievances in the world. As a millennial, however, how dare you Tankard?! Attacking social media!? I’m gonna Snap about this later with my dog filter!

They’re lucky this is an enjoyable song and they have beer that will be featured in their 17th album titled One Foot In The Grave which will rise out of the Nuclear Blast crypt on June 2. Prepare to be outraged and check them out while I go Snap about this with my dog filter! Did I mention I’m gonna use the dog filter?

April 11

Professional teases known as Tool have announced a show on June 24 in San Bernardino at the Glen Helen Amphitheater. The quartet will mindfuck audiences with their powers of visual and audible deepness with Primus, Melvins, The Crystal Method and a mystery “special guest” which will be announced later… see what I mean about teasing!?

Frontman Maynard James Keenan has been BUSY with his successful side projects such as Puscifer and is currently on the road with A Perfect Circle. Tickets are now on sale for the upcoming Tool show and here’s hoping they will debut a new song from the highly anticipated follow up. Can’t a girl dream?

April 12

Dragonforce Cast The ‘Curse of Darkness’

Power metal extravaganza known as Dragonforce treat us to an easy paced but beautifully wide eyed track with “Curse of Darkness.” Though this track is a little “slower” than their well known songs, it’s a nice breather and allows us to soak in Herman Li and Sam Totman’s somewhat chiller riffs and Marc Hudson’s melancholic but hopeful vocals. “Curse of Darkness” will be featured in their May 19 album Reaching Into Infinity via earMUSIC records and is now available for pre order, but for now grab your satchel and reach for the starts, young padawan!  

April 13

Firewind Serenades The ‘Lady of 1000 Sorrows’

Firewind ignites the power of love and feels with their latest ballad “Lady of 1000 Sorrows” from their latest album Immortals which was released earlier this year. The music video is anything but sorrowful and follows the power metallers through their gigs. The real stars of this video, however, are their passionate fans and the ecstasy they radiate will definitely make that lady of 1000 sorrows turn that frown, upside down! To save you the trouble from replaying this song a few times, tough guy, pick up a copy of Immortals and see what the Klown thought about it.

April 14

God Dethroned Sets ‘The World Ablaze’

The Dutch are coming!…With another music video for the for their May 5th record  The World Ablaze which will rise from the pits of hell via Metal Blade Records and will be the final part of their WWI concept. “The World Ablaze” video shows the band jamming in front of an audience fused with WWI footage and imagery and the track is very complimentary to the concept. Don’t be a square and pre order yours today!

Suffocation Do A 360

Unfortunately for us, not literally, be just like Journey once said, we won’t  stop believing ‘cause we’re always to the jungle because they have fun and games. Powerful stuff. Anyway enough about my philosophies and back to SUFFOCATION! The Long Island death metallers debuted their 360 degree lyric video for “Your Last Breaths,” which will be featured in their June 9 album …Of The Dark Light and will seep through Nuclear Blast Records.

The song itself is not only brootal but it’s 360 DEGREES! YES!!! *furiously looks around the lyric video* Check it out and have first dibs on this baby and pre-order your copy! While you’re at it, check out our slave unpaid intern’s (who is obsessed with me and wants to be me!) debut article on Metal Assault regarding Suffocation.

April 15

Join Megadeth in the Fight!

Unfortunately Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich won’t be engaging in to an epic slap fight, but you can defend the Earth in Megadeth’s Space Invaders type game on their site. The soldiers that enlist in the Cyber Army will have a chance to win a prize pack such as a Dystopia deluxe VR bundle, Kiko Loureiro signature KIKOSP2 Ibanez guitar and a signed Dystopia poster and vinyl record.

The GRAND PRIZE winner, however, will not only get all of these treats but they will also have the opportunity to punch a member of Metallica of their choosing or have Sunday brunch with Metallica, Megadeth and the founders of Napster. [citation needed] To rack up those points to win this grand prize, be sure to snag a copy of Dystopia which is out now! Now go forth and kick some butt!

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