Editor’s Note: That’s right, it’s back from yet again another retreat! Hatchet Job is a troubled little segment with lots of issues and who is a bit of a high maintenance attention whore. But don’t worry, HJ find its identity and has a bright future ahead of it but till then we will…type type, type  my darling!

Honorable Mention:

After Dusk Brings The Heat With Lyric Video

After Dusk will not only make your head turn with that opening riff for “Pyroclastic Flow (Honeydoom)” but it will make you feel a strange kind of groovy warmth. The visuals from these Greek  metallers will certainly open up your mind and your wallet because you’re gonna wanna get their latest album  The Character of Physical Law which is available now! Get your copy here and check out lyric video below and don’t tell me that psychedelic keyboard won’t make your knees weak!

Sept. 25

Be A Misfit at Sin City

Missed your chance to snag tickets to the big Misfits reunion show? You’re in luck! Due to the high demand, another show was added on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The original Misfits will help fans pre-game for 2018 with Alkaline Trio and Fear, giving Misfits fans to catch them.

According to the poster, the LA Forum show sold out in one minute, and it might be possible that Glenn Danzig’s cats snagged MOST of the tickets, now don’t miss your chance and get yours here and tickets go on sale on Friday Sept. 29 at 10 AM… so like right now! GO GO GO!! GET THEM HERE!!!!!!

Sept. 26

Nuclear Blast Snags My Unkle’s Band

I guess my Unkle Al’s band Ministry is going somewhere after all. Jk! I always believed in my kooky Unkle Al and so did Nuclear Blast Records! According to Ministry’s Facebook page, the legendary industrial band is determined to create a “New World Order” and inked a worldwide deal with the famous label.

According to Unkle Al Jourgensen their highly anticipated album AmeriKKKant will “provide FEMA type relief for the devastation ‘Hurricane Cheeto’ has brought upon us.”

Oh Unkle Al, someone had to and while you wait for 2018 to roll by with this new album check out what we thought about Minisry’s big Comic Con show this summer here! Missed the Comic Con show? Luckily they’re hitting the road this October with Death Grips, check out the tour dates here. Don’t forget a lot of sweet bundle deals with your pre order here!

Unkle Al Jourgensen, bassist Jason Christopher and guitarist Cesar Soto waiting for us to succumb after “Just One Fix.”

Sept. 27

The ‘Kong Vinter’ Is Coming

Taake may not have been able to pillage North America this year but the black metallers have kept busy with touring other places and working on their 7th studio album. What? You haven’t heard about their upcoming album this year? You came to the right place! Taake announced that the wait will be over on Nov.24 where their latest album Kong Vinter (King Winter) will be release via Dark Essence Records.

According to the statement, Hoest has been crafting this baby for three years and plays all the instruments in this album himself. Like you needed anymore cool points, Hoest! The album promises to retain the classic black metal sound Taake is known for but will be “unpredictable as it winds its way sinuously through a soundscape that only a mother could love.”

Our nipps are hard and we can’t wait to hear this album. Pre-order your copy here via their bandcamp and while you wait check out what we thought about Taake’s first San Diego appearance last year in this link!

Sept. 28

Noctem Release Gruesome Video For Single

If you were still hungry for more Noctem, then you’re in luck! Just a year after they released their album Haeresis, these Spanish extreme black metallers are back. Noctem is here to feed you more of their extreme brand of metal and to slap you silly with their video for “A Cruce Salus.”

The video showcases the quintet’s showmanship and will make you envy the concert goers in the video. The music video was filmed in three different rock metal festivals in Spain this past summer…why can’t we have nice things like these?! Anyway, nuff about my bitching and moaning and if you’re diggin Noctem as much as we are, you can get their albums and purchase single in their bandcamp.

Sept. 29

SINSAENUM Have Us Taste ‘Ashes’

The super group with members of Mayhem, Dragonforce, and Joey Jordison (just to name a few members in this sextet) gave us another whiff of what’s to come in their Nov.10 EP  Ashes via earMUSIC. The music video is for the title track and needless to say, it will have you at the edge of your seat!

Yours truly is a sucker for the black and white, artsy videography and after you watch this you’ll be too. And there is a high probability this killer song will peak your interest of the rest of the goods coming our way. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to snag you copy of their 2016 debut album Echoes of the Tortured  and pre-order Ashes here and check out the video below!


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