March 14

Animals As Leaders Unveil New Music Video

The technical prog rockers debut a new visual journey with “Cognitive Contortions.” The light shows in this video compliment Javier Reyes’ eclectic riffs and Tosin Abasi’s base line. For my prog aficionados, what’s not to love?

March 15

Make America Stoned Again!

With Superjoint! Phil Anselmo’s side project will be bringing that NOLA sludge to a city near you with Battlecross and Child Bite! Well, actually, not sure if your city will be having Anselmo and his posse yet BUT more dates will be unveiled soon! So breathe, take a deep breath, hold it, and release it into the universe!

Now for my San Diegans, Superjoint’s April 29 stop at the Brick By Brick will be extra special and not just ‘cause you’ll get to relive 4/20 but because these southern gentlemen will be headlining the San Diego Metal Swapmeet’s official after party! If you want a sweet deal for the Metal Swapmeet’s perks AND the after party, be sure to get the limited package deal the Brick is offering. A word of advice, a wise woman that lied beneath a motion glass said to me, porque no los dos?

March 16

Carach Angren Give Us A Taste Of What’s To Come

The Dutch black metallers give us a glimpse of the next journey we’ll be embarking with “Song For The Dead.” The ghoulish trio weaves another theatrical and haunting tale that we can’t wait to eat up. “Song For The Dead” will be featured in their June 16 album Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten via Season Of Mist Records. What a great way to chill your summer no?     

March 17

Overkill ‘Shine On’ In New Video

Do you feel the same way the Klown felt about The Grinding Wheel? Though there is no fancy story or production behind this music video for “Shine On,” it captures these legendary thrashers doing what they do best! This epic jam sesh will have you glued to the screen, especially when Dave Linsk unleashes that solo… *flips table over and sets shit on fire!*

Oh, Those Crazy Kids!

 Obituary is at it again and find themselves in another misadventure in the music video for a “Ten Thousand Ways To Die.” This animated story has everything like friendship, a HUGE goopy, hot cheeto, gum monster(?), beer and Lemmy! LEMMY. Artist Balázs Gróf and Obituary teamed up again to bring this unforgettable tale of survival, Disney’s got nothing on this.

March 18

Goatwhore Will Have A ‘Vengeful Ascension’

These other gents from NOLA unveiled the badass title for their upcoming album and we couldn’t be more excited! Though no details have been released as of now, we shall keep you updated but for now, enjoy the teasing.

Rock N’ Roll Will Never Be The Same

The Rock gods have claimed another and the concert in the sky got even more epic with Chuck Berry’s departure. The rock n’ roll pioneer took his final bow at age 90 after giving us over 6 decades of influential rock n’ roll. Though there are no further details on his passing, we’ll always remember this icon for his innovative riffs and for his classics such as “Johnny B. Goode,” and a man who taught us to play with “My Ding-a-Ling.” Thank you for everything, Mr.Berry.

March 19

Vans Warped Tour Is Leaking!

The Vans Warped Tour lineup is no longer a secret and is out in the open! If their guest set up is true, then they really beefed up their metal line up by including act like Hatebreed, GWAR, Alestorm, Municipal Waste and Carnifex just name a few. Things were supposed to remain under wraps till the 22nd but to hell with waiting right?! The annual festival will start on June 16 in Seattle, WI and will have a San Diego stop on August 5 at Qualcomm Stadium and will conclude its run on August 6 in Pomona Fairplex. Get ready for it!



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