Nov. 20

Evanescence Get ‘Dirty’ In New Jersey Show

Evanescence adds a touch of anguish to Michael Jackson’s cover for “Dirty Diana” in their Atlantic City performance. According to, the band has been performing the cover song for their current tour as well as a new track called “Take Cover” which will be featured in their vinyl box set The Ultimate Collection available on Dec.9. The video is not professionally shot, but the quality is not too shabby and you can still enjoy this haunting and edgy rendition of this “Dirty Diana.”


‘Cut Me Loose’ Is FIRE!!

Literally! Killswitch Engage’s latest single will melt your screen and eye balls off! Props to the frustrated and fiery fellow cause FIIIIIIIIIIIRE! Have some water ready ‘cause this will make you thirsty, more than you’re already are ;p   


Staying ‘Repentless’ Paid Off

Slayer’s upcoming comic book series with Dark Horse Comics will bring its intricate tale of betrayal and blood to the masses on January 25. The story will be written by Metalocalypse writer Jon Schnepp who will weave a story out of the band’s lyrics. In the words of Nathan Explosion, that’s brutal! The best part? It’s available for pre-order at Dark Horse site! To get a gist of what’s to come, check out their music video trilogy from the Repentless album.

Issue #1 of Slayer's brutal saga!

Issue #1 of Slayer’s brutal saga! 


We’ll Ride And Die For Our ‘Range Rover Bitch’

We’ve jumped in our DeLorean to see our “Range Rover Bitch…” and Taylor Hawkins, I guess. When Hawkins is not drumming away in the Foo Fighters, he’s keeping busy with his countless side projects and giving people nostalgia with this fun ride. This sassy single is the first from his solo project Kota (which is available in digital format here) and will give you chills ‘cause you can’t go wrong with that classic arena rock vibe. After this, you will be compelled to ride in to the 8-bit sunset with Hawkins.


They Didn’t Call ‘Em ‘Orgasmatron’ For Nothin’!

Looking for the ideal gift that will certainly keep on giving? No worries! Motorhead’s got you back or whatever limb you choose to be on if you’re enjoying their new line of sexy time toys. The band teamed up with the sex toy company Love Honey once again to bring three new weapons of self seduction. So check out the offer if you must feel the power of Motorhead inside you!

Naughty Lemmy ;)

Naughty Lemmy 😉



Firewind Summon The ‘Hand Of Time’

These Greek power metal warriors released their first single from their upcoming album Immortals. Though it’s been a while since the quintet has released new material, “Hand Of Time” was worth the wait. This new track will undoubtedly fuel the fire for the January 20 of Immortals, till then indulge away!


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