Entry #1

Dear diary,

AYYYY! Wats up guys? Wats gucci?! Its ur girl Yung Ka$ha! Now that I moved down from the bay area, I decided to stop production of my mixtape and check out the Metal Swap Meet. Oh shit! My bad, fuck! I almost forgot to say who I am. Well first of all know that I am the shit. That’s the most important part for y’all to know is that I am an artist and I  record mix tapes. I get down in rap and yes I know, what is a rapper doing in the metal scene?

What happened was one day I was just chilling you know writing down in my notebook for my next mix tape and then it hit me. Yes it actually hit me in the fucking face! Next thing I know, I was sitting in the musty Ugh Metal production office ready to have them help me drop my mixtape because I’m an independent artist. We made a deal that if I helped them cover Metal Swap Meet, they’d promote my mixtape and I asked myself; “Hey, why not try out this devil screaming shit and see if I might like it?” So I got hired by the two worst fucking bosses EVER in the whole fucking world, like come on dude!

Its ur girl Yung Ka$ha and my main bitch The Lunacy when we did a collab on a remix.

I work for some dumb, snobby bitch and some clown looking guy but I mean what can I say? Its fucking work so I decided to take a long break from being a god, and a rapper and check out the metal scene. I wanted to see if by any chance I got to maybe see the devil/arch nemesis *cough* Kanye *cough* in a show.

My first trip to hell was going to the Metal Swap Meet as agreed. Well let me just start by saying, I was looking forward to eating some churros or maybe having some corn in a cup. Yes, I know I’m Mexican AF, anyways as I walked in I could already see all the amazing art, hear the music, the stands, and the people who were crazy as fuck!

There were a couple of cool stands that had one of my personal favorite groups N.W.A aside from different metal band tees. You better know who they are or don’t bother reading the rest of this! Anyways, this particular stand had a lot of different type of bands and singers and I thought that was cool.  That stand didn’t just focus on metal even though it was the Metal Swap Meet.

Straight outta the Ka$ha Kam.

Also this cute girl had this crazy stand called Amor Mortis Taxidermy that had preserved dead kittens in a snow globe. I thought that was a little creepy but I thought it was pretty badass. There was another  jewelry stand where they bathed animal bones in copper. I should do that but with human bones… but they had rats and squirrel bones and all this crazy shit but to be honest, the pieces looked so beautiful I was so shook. I had never seen something like that but I was very amazed.

Stay tuned for Yung Kasha’s next entry.

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