Another cool person I got to meet and talk to was this cool amazing mom who had her son with her. She stood out to me the most because she has her son dressed in a jean jacket with a couple of patches on it. I thought that was the cutest thing ever. So we went up to her and we let her know who we were. Her name is Gabriela Collazos and she seemed so excited that we found her and her son and they were so cute.

Parenting done right!

Once I started talking to her she really showed me her passion for the music. Let me tell you, her love and passion for music is beautiful when I asked, her why do you like metal? She answered with I can relate to it. She shared with us that when she was growing up her mom and dad were big metal fans and it was basically in her blood. I love it when I hear that the love for a music genre is passed on from generations. Music is a lively thing and no matter what it is you listen to, I believe passing it down to your kid and your kids pass it on to their kids, it’s just amazing. Now her son is growing up listening to the cool music and now he says he’s a metalhead at such a young age. That’s amazing.

Now in days, generations have been fucking up with this music but that was something I really loved about the mom and her baby boy. Thank you mom, keep killing it with your son keep the good work up.

This metalhead in training was WAY too cool to be an Ugh Metal intern. *sigh*

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