Entry #5

Dear Diary,

To be honest, I have never spoken to amazing and down to earth people like that day. I can’t explain it but it was so powerful. A lot of people went to the Metal Swap Meet as a family and enjoyed the music, drank some cold beers, went to see Jag Panzer and just rocked TF out!

A metalhead and his boy shopping at the Metal Swap Meet. Parenting goals!

But what I enjoyed the most, however, was wherever my head would turn, I could see friends sharing a beer talking about their favorite bands and about their families. That was the most amazing part of the day for me. I got to see some cute babies rocking out to their parent’s favorite bands and I thought that was amazing.

The cool baby at the Metal Invazion stand thinking about his future band. Go get ’em kid!

Another crazy thing is that I actually saw a cute metalhead, yah I know! He wasn’t a rapper let alone someone that I’ve done a remix with but he was cute! I was shook. I’m a thug and everyone knows I’m a hustler and not anyone catches my eye especially a metalhead. You will never know who’s out there until you get yourself out there but anyways back to work!

The metalhead that stole the Yung thug’s hart. She’d like to do an exclusive remix with him.

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