Yung Ka$ha looking at her Cheetoh empire.
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Entry #2

Dear Diary,

Another great part of the Metal Swap Meet was getting to interview some amazing people such as a metal couple my fellow interns found for me. I interviewed a couple named Joe and Monique Johnston and they were so cute. First of all let me just put that out there that when I started interviewing them they were so cool and laid back. They were very open about their passion for the music and the art which I found it to be dope but then this is when all hell broke loose. Let me just start by saying I am going to get my fellow interns back for this one!

The cute and laid back couple, Joe and Monique Johnston.

As I started asking them some questions such as, why do you like metal? Joe responded that he liked it because of the devil. First of all, I respect whatever your beliefs are by all means you do you boo but this guy was just so straight and serious about it. I found it cool but at the same time a little trippy but hey, who am I to judge?  Then Monique said she didn’t like metal. After her response I was thinking, seems like we’re on the same boat homegirl but then Joe was talking about the devil and how that has to do a lot with metal and the ritual all new attendees have to go through…

So I was like “Well, thank you for your time! Now if you excuse me, I must go pray.” As I walk away to go talk to the lord and my bitch ass fellow interns, I turn around and they tell me they were just fucking with me. Now let me just say these asshole interns are lucky we work together and there were people around us because I was gonna murder them and I cannot get locked up again! Hell nah! So I let them laugh it off but I am not gunna lie, the couple killed it acting! They were just having a good time. S/O TO THE COUPLE you guys fucking rock for helping my assholes fellow interns get me! That was funny and a little trippy but hey fuck it! It was funny, I had a good time and they got me for sure! Who am I to lie? They did a pretty good job.


Yung Ka$ha after the BIG REVELATION.
( L to R: Yung Ka$ha, Monique Johnston and Joe Johnston)

Stay tuned for Yung Ka$ha’s next entry!

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