Yung Ka$ha looking at her Cheetoh empire.
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Entry #3

Now let me tell you about my next one. I am not saying I am hating on you boy but I was a little mad because I thought you were being honest. I was chilling walking around the swap meet and my interns again, pulled me to talk to a cool looking guy called CJ Graham. He had a cold beer in his hand and was just enjoying the event. So I was like “cool bet he’s gunna have some good shit to say, alright.” So I start asking questions such as “What do you like to buy here?” He deadass turned around and told me he stole everything he liked from a vendors.

Apparently, even Yung Ka$ha has her limits!
(Pictured CJ Graham and Yung Ka$ha)

WTF… first of all, why in the fuck are you here? You should be supporting your local bands, buy shit, bond with your homies, talk about music, help out vendors so next year they can make it bigger. Don’t get me wrong I am not a metal head at all but who in the fuck does he think he is coming up here stealing shit like come on my dude! Three type of people I don’t like are the those that don’t share food, liars and thieves. Before you guys go crazy looking for him, again, my bitch ass interns set CJ up to fuck with me. Let me just say don’t ever work for my dumbass bosses, Jenny Oh and the Klown, because they will hire dumbasses such as my interns that will put you to the test.

I swore to god that I was going to kill them when I got back to the office! But then I was like, you know what, I’ll just do a drive by at their house tonight and that thought made me feel a whole lot better also the smell of burgers. There was also a metal burger stand called Full Metal Burgers, and I thought that was nice but sadly I wasn’t able to try their burgers. Shoot, next time!

Till next time Full Metal Burgers!

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