This year’s sick ass flyer designed by Heavy Defender Studios. Photo courtesy of Heavy Defender Studios Facebook page.

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right…oh…Yes, yes that too, the great pumpkin will finally return to our mortal world to reap the souls of all the naughty fücc bois and gurrls BUT I also mean San Diego’s very own Metal Swap Meet! Duh! Your rockstars in training are also more than welcome because this is an all ages event, get ‘em while they’re young! Oh and don’t leave Cerberus or Purrzum at home, the event is pet friendly.  


Just a metal mom and her little rock star fulfilling their metal needs at last year’s Meet.

On Oct. 27 head on down to Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co. in Mira Mesa from 11AM- 5PM where you can continue your tradition of feeding your ever growing merch collection because it is one hungry mother! They will have over 30 vendors to sustain your collection’s needs and if you feel starving, they will have A LOT of food options for omnivores, veggies, and carnivores alike. Food staples like Full Metal Burgers will be there again with their delectable friends from The Good Seed Co., Mister G’s Salsa, among others. Feeling thirsty? Well they got you covered too but you know I will just leave this here so you can checkout the whole menu.

Full Metal Burgers serving some goods at last year’s Metal Swap Meet

This year’s Meet will not have a band or a DJ set BUT the laughter, the drunken banters and excited chatter is music to any fans ears. Another activity that will surely rile up the crowd is their costume contest because it’ll be Halloween weekend! Participants of the contest will have a chance to win free tickets from Brick By Brick, so show them what you got! We’re rooting for you 😉 Also because we’re all attention whores and need a cool new profile pic, the Metal Swap Meet overlords will have a photographer and a banner where you can get your picture taken! Hey, you got it, so flaunt it baby. 😉 

The ladies of the Amor Mortis Taxidermy and Raven Chant Designs stand at least year’s event. They were practicing their silly faces for this year’s photo session.

You can partake in all of this for the price of $0.00! Woo hoo! BUT please be a rockstar and help the Metal Swap Meet brothers and sisters out by donating in the entrance. With every donation, they can make next year’s Metal Swap Meet bigger, darker, and louder. So save the date ladies and gents because Metal Swap Meet is just one week away.

Not sure if you wanna go yet? No prob, it’s not for everyone BUT just watch how our aspiring intern/rapper, Yung Ka$ha, enjoyed her time at the Meet last year as a non metalhead at the video below. Not much of a video person? We got you! You can read the Yung one’s journal entries regarding her experience at the event and past Metal Swap Meet pieces right over here. In depth deetz for the event are here, and don’t forget to like Metal Swap Meet’s Facebook page and follow them on Instagram! Happy hunting!