Finding T.H.E.T.I.S.

When the Klown first heard of Finding T.H.E.T.I.S. he thought he heard finding titties. He then thought “me too!” He checked them out and it wasn’t smut (damn…!) but it was raw groove metal from San Diego. Before the Klown talks about this band’s material why not indulge in a quick band bio, the way any speed dating acquiesces to.

The quartet was first found by the guitarist Sky Jay and the skinsman, Jesse Nathason about a year and a half ago. Like most musicians, the love and passion for their jamming sessions evolved in to a serious thing. Jay and Nathason didn’t necessarily play straight up metal in these sessions; they’d combine and write various styles of music. Jay and Nathason began to think big and started holding auditions in hopes of adding new players to the mix.

Much like a commitment, finding the right partners isn’t always easy especially when this duo had no specific subgenre to identify with. Vocalist Andy Chavez fell in place by blowing them away with his screaming vocals and by that point, they knew that the groove subgenre was their calling. After the voice was found, Bryce Guiliani completed the band’s need for a bassist, who to their happened to be a multi-instrumentalist.

The acronym in the name stands for Trying to find the Harmonic Equal To Internal Sound. (To the smart asses, just shuffle the “find” bit to the front.) According to Jay, the band plays for themselves but would love to play for others. The Klown has had the pleasure of listening to some of their things and he’s got to say that it is catchy as hell far as raw, new talent goes.

Their song “Crawl,” reminded the Klown of Iraqi metal sweethearts, Acrassicauda if Faisal Moustafa took up more harsh and growling vocals. “Valkyrie” was also a good song too, the Klown really took a liking to the opening riffs and reminded the Klown of Avatar’s “Hail to the Apocalypse.” If that’s what Finding T.H.E.T.I.S sounds like when they are playing for themselves, the Klown can only imagine if it were for conformity sake! If you don’t believe the Klown, you can check out their soundcloud and hear it for yourselves.

Lastly, before this Pennywise impersonator sounds off, he would like to announce that Jay and his boys are currently working and recording brand new material at this moment. Also, if you’re looking for an opening act or a band to play at your Quinceañera, Bar Mitzva or whatever the event, these guys would do the honors because they love to play!

Fellow San Diegans can see these dudes in action at The Merrow on April 29!

The Klown may not have found the “titties,” but he discovered something just as good.
(L to R: Vocalist Andy Chavez, bassist Bryce Giuliani, drummer Jesse Nathanson and guitarist Sky Jay)
Photo courtesy of Finding T.H.E.T.I.S FB page

Seize the Vatican

If you keep up with us, then Seize the Vatican shouldn’t surprise you. The Klown, however, will indulge you further on this up-and-comer from Maine. Luckily, our fetish for new metal and * insert other “devil music” genres here* acts along with our stalking journalism, we’ve gotten some more info on these bros. So without further ado here’s the quick bio.

First off, if you’re from Maine you definitely know the history better than most. They are a quintet that is attempting to challenge Stephen King’s monopoly on Maine. In their local metal scene, they are considered somewhat of a supergroup. The band first started off as two bands named Salvo and A Constant Battle. Salvo consisted of lead and rhythm guitarists Pat Sawyer and Scott Stetson respectively, and vocalist Dustin Faloon while A Constant Battle had bassist Jason Moody and drummer Joe Ronco.

Although both bands dissolved, the Klown will note that Moody wasn’t the original bassist of the group. Moody was already friends with the members and naturally joined the band after the original bassist departed. Soon after they officially formed, these Mainers busted out a four song self titled EP but hit a familiar road block most artists face, getting that creative process going.

Before releasing their debut studio album, Advent of Annihilation, the band’s original intention was to be offensive but not of the Anal Cunt pedigree. Not necessarily for the sake of shock value but for the sake of storytelling and making a point to their intended and potential audience. Although they confessed that they struggled and had difficulty making this album, the rewards that they reaped made them feel justified.

For you Mainers and others passing through there, they’ll be playing a free show at the Sapphire Nightclub in Auburn on March 31st and the 3-day NYDM Annual 2017 in New Jersey on Thursday, August 17.

Seize the Vatican will make you a believer!
(L to R: Lead guitarist Pat Sawyer, drummer Joe “Nacho” Ronco, bassist/ backup vocalist Jason Moody, lead vocalist Dustin Faloon, rhythm guitarist Scott Stetson)
Photo courtesy of Lennyvision on YouTube

Demon Seduction

Demon Seduction are currently unsigned and released their debut independently. The German quartet started out on the premise of combining thrash and death metal with hardcore and deathcore influences. The band was founded by the vocalist Kevin Leyendecker and drummer Erik Mülhberger in 2009 but they weren’t known as Demon Seduction till 2012 when guitarist Arnold Klaus and bassist Fabian Stangenberg joined.

By that point the band was developing a sound and an identity that on May 2013, they made an impact. The collective impressed at a talent competition in Essen and later that year, the band did a self organized event to continue to stand out. Demon Seduction continued to blow invited guest which among them were the organizers of the Grind the Mine Festival where they landed a spot as openers.

Despite the feel good story and quick success the band was enjoying, Stangenberg unfortunately departed from the band. Some time in 2014, current bassist Marcel Dreher would join the mix and worked tirelessly through the following year to put themselves out there again by joining contests. By June 2015, Demon Seduction released their self titled EP and premier their songs at the Rage Against Racism Open Air Festival. By 2016, the band continued to play more shows and began taking steps towards recording, ultimately producing their debut album Dissolution which came out not long ago.

Lastly, nothing new to note from this group other than they are currently touring to promote their current release. If you happen to be in Germany, the band will be in Duisberg and Oberhausen on May 6th and 20th, respectively. If not, check out their bandcamp and find out what the Klown thought of Dissolution

Demon Seduction may look innocent but just wait till you hear them growl and shred…
(L to R: Drummer Erik Mühlberger, bassist Marcel Dreher, vocalist Kevin Leyendecker, guitarist Arnold Klaus)
Photo Courtesy of Demon Seduction’s FB page

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