Brutality in Buddha

Vocalist/guitarist/bassist of Brutality in Buddha, Ted Wray, does a victory riff in “Pentecostal Shovel Attack” video

No, it’s not the uber chill deity’s secret metal side project but rather a fun variety of death groove! Deep within Buddha, IN, Ted Wray growls and unleashes killer riffs while Michael Hall pounds away at those drums and produces the tracks in a way that would make Cannibal Corpse proud. Brutality in Buddha first formed in 2006 and been actively creating these brutally hilarious tracks since 2008. Wray and Hall are currently taming this groovalicious death metal monster.

Aside from playing a sub genre that is still hiding in the shadows  per se, Brutality in Buddah add  tar black humor that most bands stray away for the sake of maintaining a “hardcore” image. According to Wray, they are working on an album this year “with more songs of death groove and relentless violent lyrics.” Once you check out their stuff, it will make you wonder what they’ll do next.

This duo brings something new to the table and once you fall into the rabbit hole and get sucked into the care freeness of their homemade music videos, you will be wishing you were part of that party and having a great time with them. Stay in the loop and like them on their Facebook page and check out Wray’s Youtube channel to really experience THE Brutality in Buddha. In the meantime, check out their latest treat and Sunday favorite “Youthpastorbater.”

Dead Inception

Chad Hill kicking ass in Dead Inception
(Photo Courtesy: Dead Inception’s FB page)

Speaking of bands that have four or less people, this one man band from Phoenix, AZ will give you death metal in its most primal and raw form. The man behind the guttural gnarls and riffs is none other than Chad Hill, who has been ravaging our metal needs since 2011. But…but who’s drummin’? Hill’s got that covered too! Thanks to his pre recorded drum tacks for his songs when he performs, though Hill credits Kyle Ramaker for taking over drumming duties for “Blood Vengeance” and “Bloodsought.”

Dead Inception wasted no time and released his first album in 2011 titled Programmed Insanity, followed by 2012’s Serving the Dead, a compilation Everything Dead and their latest 2016 album Barbaric Excisions. According to Hill, he will begin recording a new album for Dead Inception once he wraps up his Excisions of Flesh Tour on March 18.

Hill is one busy man and when he isn’t splitting the earth in two with Dead Inception, he is promoting bands with his company Sadistic Entertainment, working with a new drummer to produce more material for D.I. and other projects and will be doing vocals for an unnamed grindcore band. Dead Inception plans to launch a national tour and spread the “Insanity.” Check out his Soundcloud and stay tuned for tour dates in his Facebook page and for metalheads in the Tempe area, celebrate 4/20 at the Palo Verde Lounge with some sadistic death metal!

Surgat Debuts Music Video

A big apology to Surgat but after waking up from the trance this video put me in; it’s FINALLY time to spread the word! The Tijuana deathgrinders are back with their first music video for the badass track “Kill Them On Your Own.”

Though the quintet first burst into the scene in 2005 and reformed in 2016, they have returned with a vengeance! What will they do next aside from working on a split EP with Witchaven?! Stalk them in their Instagram and stay up to date and while you’re at it, check out their  killer 2016 EP Kill Him On Your Own  and experience how these guys get down!

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