Editor’s Note: Our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those that perished in the Manchester attacks on May 22. Our thoughts are with the survivors of this tragedy and with England.  Concerts are supposed to bring us all together to celebrate our favorite artists and invoke joy not terror. Regardless of your music preference, we are all human beings and we should not be afraid to attend a concert or other events. It is our civil duty to have each other’s back not just as  music fans but as people, and to avoid falling into the claws of hate, prejudice and ignorance. We are one and we should always keep that in  mind especially in these chaotic times.

*Honorable Mention: Tzimani

Nintendo may have the Mario Bros. but San Diego has the Tzimani Bros! Well actually, that’s the band name… but when they aren’t making music, these brothers are called Sebastian and Eddie Vazquez. The newborn Tzimani has only been around since January 2017 but carries an old school heavy metal soul.

Prior to Tzimani, the siblings were part of another local band called Malison.  After taking a break, the duo reemerged with Sebastian dawning the drumsticks and Eddie helming the guitar and mic. They began sporting a band name that felt right to them and officially launched with a demo, a logo and merch designed by artist Ryan Bartlett at the San Diego Metal Swap Meet on April 29.

“Our family heritage (from our father’s side) is traced to an indigenous Native Mexican tribe called the Purepecha.” Said Sebastian when asked about the meaning  of Tzimani. “They have their own language, and Tzimani, means “two” in that language. We wanted to pay respect to our bloodline, and also try to have something original as well.”

The Vazquez Bros. from Tzimani debuting their demo and merch at this year’s San Diego Metal Swap Meet .
(L to R: Eddie Vazquez and Sebastian Vazquez)

Tzimani will make their live debut at the inaugural Metal Assault in San Diego show at the Brick By Brick on June 14 and if you dig the classic metal sound such as Judas Priest and Deep Purple, you’ll LOVE Tzimani. Check out their debut music video for “Get Me Out Of Here” and pregame for the show and check out their Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

UPDATE:  Tzimani inked a deal with Noize Cartel Records on May 22. With their new deal, the siblings will be gearing up for their debut album and will be released sometime in the future. A big congrats to the duo! Feel free to congratulate them yourselves at their Facebook page and IG.


There is some serious magic happening in LA. That’s right believe it! What?! No, I’m not using some weird innuendo for drugs or whatever starlets do. I mean a real kind of magic that’s being crafted by a band of  mages and warlocks from the San Fernando Valley and are on a mission to enchant every metalhead one beat at a time. The quartet known as Valkyrium offer a unique blend of pagan metal which is sure to penetrate your dreams especially after you fall for Nikki Kegan’s melodic and soothing vocals. Why are they so unique? Well Mr.snobby metalhead pants, more on that in a minute because each epic saga needs an origin story.

In 2010, Kegan along with drummer Justin Day joined forces and created Valkyrium. Kegan and Day knew they needed extra magic to make this metal spell work and soon after recruited their bassist/ backup vocalist Jenny Rose and guitarist/backup vocalist William Matthew Cota. Because there is no I in team, Kegan shares vocal duties with Cota and Rose, giving his thick growls wide open spaces to roam. After Cota’s monstrous growls fade into the darkness, Rose and Kegan tame the beast and fill the air with harmony. Lest we forget Day’s interchanging tempos which maintain a good paced melody and will come at you like a black metal beast.

Valkyrium working their magic in 2014.
(L to R: Backing vocalist/bassist Jenny Rose, Vocalist/ founder/guitarist Nikki Kegan, drummer/co-founder Justin Day and lead guitarist/backing vocalist William Cota )
Photo courtesy of Valkyrium’s Facebook page

Now, the moment you have been waiting for Mr. Snobby Metalhead Pants. Why is Valkyrium’s potion so unique? Well, the quartet throws in the best of all worlds into their cauldron, creating a delicious elixir a metalhead can enjoy. Aside from the predominantly pagan metal influnce, Valkyrium’s songs have traces of power metal, a little bit of prog influences and melodic black metal. The band pitched in all of their metal influences to make this delicious concoction. It’s a blend of metal Willy Wonka would want to get his hands on if he ever ventured into the record store biz! Valkyrium shared their power with the masses on Feb. 2017 and released their debut full length album Reign Til Runa independently.

“The album was created as a collective consciousness by weaving together our musical chemistry and ideas.” Said Kegan as she discussed the album. “We spent many hours in the studio developing and recording each song as each member plays an important role to the integrity of our sound.”

We can vouch for that, especially the Klown who took a swig of this potion and had a lot to say about it. If you take the Klown’s word and checked out Valkyrium’s Reverbnation, snag a copy of their debut in this link. Stay in the loop and give them a like on their Facebook page.


Once upon a time in Iran, a youngster by the name of Shayan Shoeibi was flipping through TV channels until he found the right one. In this channel he stumbled on a Metallica performance that not only piqued his budding interest in metal but it also unlocked an epiphany that set in motion a passion. Shoeibi then began to nourish the metal seed that was planted in his mind and would ultimately flourish in Birmingham where his band, Trivax,  fully bloomed.

“I was turned to discovering Black Metal very early on. This was something that I connected with wholeheartedly and I became obsessed with it.” Shoeibi explained why he gravitated towards black metal in particular. “I always had the urge and wish to become a musician and express myself in that form since I was very young,”

“My connection with Black Metal and its mysterious format made me want to become a vessel through this genre and explore the broken boundaries.”

Shayan Shoeibi and the rest of Trivax in their debut music video for “Wormwood” which was shot and produced by them.
Photo courtesy of Trivax’s YouTube channel.

The young metalhead began weaving some black metal goodness in his homeland of Tehran in 2009, where the first incarnation of Trivax took flight. Trivax was mostly a one man band and soldiered on despite of society’s restriction on metal. Not letting anything come between him and his love for this particular genre, Shoeibi made the big move to England in 2013 at the ripe age of 16 where Trivax rose from the ashes.

“We always like to think that we have a choice in life, but with the way of how certain events paved the road of what became my life, I would like to think that Trivax was something that found me, rather than me finding it.”  Said Shoeibi regarding the creation of the band.

The multi-instrumental founder took over vocal and guitar duties after he recruited Benjamin Sheldon as his fellow axe man, Matthew Croton as the drummer and Phillip Taggart on bass. The quartet put out two demos in 2012 and released their first killer EP a year later titled Set The Torch which is the same name as their first demo. After a string of compilations and EP’s, Trivax had mercy on our nonexistent souls and independently spawned their first full length album in 2016 titled SIN.

Lead guitarist/vocalist Shayan Shoeibi along with the rest of Trivax celebrate the release of SIN at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on Nov. 20, 2016.
Photo courtesy of Trivax’s YouTube Channel.

“Last year we were very busy and we finally put out the debut full-length album titled ‘SIN’ which is about 70 minutes of soul crushing material that is all gathered from the pain and suffering and lessons learned over the years.”

We can vouch for the “soul crushing material” part, it would be a sacrilege if you don’t check out SIN on their bandcamp ‘cause goddamn… what an album. Because there’s no rest for the wicked, Trivax have toured endlessly since they began their 2012 campaign.

The quartet debuted their music video for “Wormwood” earlier this year and did it all themselves on a miniscule budget. Shoeibi promises more material in the future we can all lap up… YES PLEASE. We hope to see these guys embark on an American conquest in the future and don’t be surprised if Trivax become the next must see band in the black metal scene. For my lucky peeps across the pond, catch them on June 3 at The Navigation and see them co-headline on Nov. 18 with symphonic black metallers Ethereal at The Fulford Arms in York. Still need a feel of how they sound like? Check out their Reverbnation page and their debut music video below which will lure you into a dark ride you’d wish it never stopped.

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