Honorable Mention: Sicarius

Sicarius dominating the stage earlier this year at the Helheim shot at the Brick By Brick.

Sicarius should be a familiar name especially if you keep up with Ugh Metal but if you don’t the Klown will fill you in. The band was founded by guitarist/vox Argyris. The cool part about Argyris is that that’s his actual name not just his stage name, his full name being Argyris Malliaros. In a journey that not a lot of people are known to do, Malliaros would do as the clown Prez has said, and grabbed life by the pussy by forming a band after serving 9 years of patriotic duty in the military.

“I had this strong desire to do something I wanted to do when I was 19 before I joined and that was to start a metal band. That includes playing guitar.” Malliaros said about the beginning stages of Sicarius. On that note, the founder would set the wheels in motion in 2013, after he bought, learned, and practiced guitar until he mastered it. During that point, Malliaros had composed a crude version of their track “Shadowalker” which is featured in their 2015 EP Scorch The Earth.

“Sicarius was kind of a journal that I could put all this hate and malice and fucked up shit into and have an outlet for it.” The founder described what Sicarius means to him. ”I think over the short time we’ve been together it has manifested into a sponge for others to put that kind of frustration and violence into and it has fed off of the fucked up shit we carry with us.”

Sicarius ditched their cloaks and busted out their daggers.
(L to R: Vocalist Kurt Karcass, drummer Brandon Zackey and guitarist Argyris)

Tinder for bands has yet to exist, so Malliaros pursued his mission to find his traveling dysfunctional family the old fashioned way. The first to be found was bassist Chad “Carnage” Carney 6 months after Malliaros bought his guitar. The nifty part of this encounter was that one thing united these gents fast, and that was their fondness for a legendary black metal band.

“Carnage walks in wearing an Emperor t-shirt. I have an Emperor tattoo so I’m like ‘dude!!!” Malliaros recounted the moment he met Carnage while working as a bouncer. “A week or so later a mutual friend knew I was trying to start something and needed a bassist and introduced me to Carnage, formally, which was rad.”

“The others wouldn’t come on board until the span of a year.” Malliaros would add in regards to the band’s development, “Especially Karcass [vocalist Kurt Anderson] and BZ [drummer Brandon Zackey], those guys came much later, but once we were a full band there was no fucking about.”

Vocalist Kurt Karcass and guitarist/founder Arygiris show no mercy!

The influences of this band are rather unique because Malliaros had a specific formula and goal in mind for the band. The Klown could describe Milliarios’s response as to what motivated the guitarist to make an act that creates shock and awe through actions and lyrics but why should the Klown spoil this moment? The man himself puts it best.

“I’ve always had a pretty odd fascination with assassins and that was what I wanted the theme to be very early on. ‘Sicarius’ is Latin for ‘dagger man’ and it just made sense after that.” Malliaros recalled. “We like the fact that we come out of nowhere, blow the doors off a venue and then everyone’s going like ‘who the fuck are you guys???’ The band is angry and hungry and we go all out every time.”

The Klown and his least jovial sibling can absolutely vouch for Malliaros words on that. If you haven’t already checked out our site prior to this, check out their performance reviews after. Now that the gratuitous and shameless self advertisement’s outta the way, it is time for the update.

Since this interview, Sicarius were courted and signed by the fast rising M-Theory Audio Records in August. Since their signing these gents announced their debut studio album Serenade of Slitting Throats which comes out on Oct. 13 (TODAY!), opened for Marduk in Los Angeles on August 18, headlined at the Viper Room on Oct.10, are slated to wreak havoc in Sin City’s The Dive Bar with 1349 on Nov.2, and will support Execration on Dec.16. at the 5 Star Bar in L.A.

Sicarius first blew our brains out at the Mictlantecuhtli show earlier this year at The Merrow.

“Sicarius will always represent the violence and ferocity of the world. Sicarius is rage, it’s war, it’s suffering, blood, filth, death, pornography, torture. This music is supposed to be furious and bad and offensive.” Malliaros said about his band and their upcoming debut LP. “It’s supposed to shock and awe and make people feel uncomfortable…Trust me, the upcoming debut is even more fire breathing in delivery, and the lyrics that myself and Karcass penned are very fucked up. But that’s the point!”

Stay tuned and be ready for it. Check out their bandcamp here and join the Serenade! Congratulations, boys!


The Klown had the serendipitous pleasure of being introduced to an EP at the SD Metal Swap Meet back in late April. Amidst the merch, artists and other paraphernalia, the Klown was approached by a local black metal upstart who goes by the name of Arevera.

Although the Klown knows Arevera’s actual name, the Klown will honor his request of keeping his actual name out. The solo artist’s journey was much like most musicians, and was involved in many other small bands from the span of 2005-2008. On 2007, however, his current solo act Vontrov was officially consecrated.

Arevera, the mastermind behind the solo band Vontrov, has a new brew of black metal.
(Photo courtesy of Vontrov‘s FB page)

“The inspiration for a one man black metal project I got from Xasthur. I figured if he could do it, so could I. I moved into solo recording back in 2007, and that ended up being my sole focus from there.” Arevera explained. “I honestly work better alone. Working with a band is a lot of fun, but keeping everyone on the same page is a pain in the ass.”

The band name Vontrov is rather unique and so are the inspirations and influences behind it. The concept of the name was pretty inimitable and converse. The Klown can describe it as an organization through disorganization.

“The name ‘Vontrov’ started as nothing more than a scramble of letters. Instead of looking for a meaning in a name, I started backwards with how the logo would look, and what would fit the profile.” Said Arevera about finding the right band name, “I did all of the name preparation in a very chaotic manor, and it gave itself meaning in the end; chaos creates.’”

In a genre not known for being tender and sensitive, Arevera’s influence and inspirations are a testament of what can happen when a revelation occurs in the unlikeliest way.

Arevera is as elusive as his solo band Vontrov
(Photo courtesy of Vontrov’s FB page)

“Luckily my fiancée is also a huge fan of black metal, and I get a lot of advice from her as a listener.” Arevera shared, “She’s my muse. My only fear is running out of ideas, but I have one more thing going for me as well.”

The Klown’s diabetes may have spiked a bit but that sentiment created the EP that the Klown was speaking of. The title of that EP is Zenith and the Klown was the ninth recipient because not only was he handing out 50 copies at the Metal Swap Meet, he also kept a tally. The kick ass parts about this EP were Arevera’s thoughts and compilations he went through in the writing process, which is not always a thing that a lot of artists enjoy sharing.

“When I first started writing 10 years ago, I was getting fucked up all the time, and that continued until almost a year and a half ago.” Arevera explicated, “I did a lot of writing during 2005-2015, all under another state of consciousness, and I still have all of the material.”

Although Arevera confessed to Ugh Metal that he was a bit disappointed with the quality sound of Zenith because of software issues he encountered and because, like any artist, Arevera is in the pursuit for perfection. The Klown’s sibling has already spoken about Vontrov’s latest EP Second Summoning  but stay tuned because Ugh Metal will talk about Zenith in the near future. If you want to beat Ugh Metal to the game, however, check out his Bandcamp and hear the fruits of his labor.

Speaking of which, Arevera also gave Ugh Metal a bit of news regarding the future of Vontrov. Since this interview, the solo artist announced the production of his debut full length album titled Through A Once Closed Passage and released the first single on his YouTube channel titled “Legion” in the summer.

Vontrov’s werkin hard to produce this baby, his debut full length album. TBA

“I feel like I have a much better handle on what I’m doing now, so I’m really excited to release my full length.” Arevara announced, “There’s no release date yet but 4 out of 10 songs are mostly completed, and all 10 songs are already written.”

The Klown believes that that’s 10 more reasons to lend Vontrov you ears and four more to really keep your eyes peeled for him. Most importantly, there’s no reason to avoid giving Vontrov a chance especially if black metal is your cup of tea.

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