Local power metallers Nightshadow are here to fill your traffic playlist! With these guys, you’ll finally feel like you’ve made progress in that SoCal traffic jam. Before they embarked on a mission to relieve that vehicular tension, Nightshadow had to overcome a few obstacles themselves. Guitarist and founder Nick Harrington along with guitarist Danny Fang had an earlier incarnation of the band but had trouble launching it. Nighshadow finally assembled their missing counterparts in 2015 with bassist Chris Bader, and vocalist Brian Dell joining ,and in early 2016 with drummer Nick Mafi.  Nightshadow swooped down into the San Diego metal scene and had their first live performance on July 2016.

“We have enough material for a full length record but we wanted to start simple and just get something out there for people to hear,” Said Bader regarding the band’s decision to give the masses a lick rather than a full bite. “So we contacted Studio West in San Diego and started the process.”

Nightshadow have been unstoppable and full of vigor much like their music and have opened for the renowned American drumming act called Appice Brothers and the rock n’ roll monster Beasto Blanco who is fronted by Calico Cooper, daughter of rock legend Alice Cooper. Bummed you missed these? No worries! Nightshadow will return to the stage on Friday, April 14 at The Bancroft where they will perform with local thrashers BeekeeperHellfire and Anti-Hero. On May 20, catch them at Brick By Brick with The Iron Maidens! While you anticipate the shows, check out their first and new self titled EP.

Vocalist Brian Dell and guitarist Danny Fang at the Brick By Brick on Feb. 2017
(Photo courtesy of

In Veins

Deep in the land of Arepas, coffee and neck ties lies something far darker …no it’s not an unearthed emerald but it’s something just as good! What can be better than the things I mentioned before? In Veins duh! This fresh export from Colombia offer a harsher blend of metal that may not be for the faint of heart. These four amigos started out their musical endeavors in 2005 as a cover band named NotalCriss while they were stuck in the cesspool of frustration known as a university!

After taking a break from being rockstars and hustlin’, the three original members, vocalist Camilo Valderrama, drummer Sergio Chaparro and guitarist Oscar Rangel, reunited in 2015 and resuscitated the band and renamed it In Veins. After rehearsing, and shufflin’ and finding their bassist Jorge Oliveros, the guys wasted no time and went right to work. They held their debut performance on March 25 at 4Cuartos sound stage in Bogota and currently have three lyric videos in their YouTube channel.

In Veins make their live debut at 4cuartos sound stage on March 25
(L to R: Vocalist Camilo Valderrama, drummer Sergio Chaparro and bassist Jorge Oliveros )
Photo courtesy of

Though In Veins only have three music videos at the moment, their sound evolved from somewhat melodic with dashes of clean choruses to harsh and more in your face. Their latest 360 º lyric video (so fancy…oooooh! *looks around lyric video*) for their single “Bloodletting” is not only cool ‘cause its 360 º but for a moment, it will have you believing you are listening to a Lamb of God track. Valderrama’s vocals at times has a striking resemblance to Randy Blythe’s signature growls, and Rangel’s riffs mixed with the fast tempo from Chaparro and Oliveros only fuels the Lamb of God-esque feel to this track. In Veins is currently working on their debut EP and are aiming to release it this year, but in the meantime check out how Colombia throws down and take a peek at their Reverbnation or Soundcloud!

We Hit the Road With Brutality in Buddha’s Latest

Brutality in Buddha are back and not just in this segment but with a NEW track! Vocalist/multitasking wonder Ted Wray take us on a once a lifetime ride, literally, with “Highways or Dieways.” Wray’s crazy eyes ripped open time and space and sucked him into a two dimensional dry erase marker world! No word when they’ll send a rescue team but for now, enjoy this fun little saga.–jwy7Jwjk?t=2m41s

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