Honorable Mention: Morphesia

Morphesia has been growling and taking us into a spiritual black metal journey in the venues of San Diego for some time. Though this one man band finally got signed on July 7 by Sliptrick Records, doing a piece on Morphesia was a must for Ugh Metal! Zombie Thirteen…NO! It’s not Rob Zombie’s latest side project, but rather the name of the man behind Morphesia, who is unknowingly racking up more cool points with his killer name and an intriguing band name.

“I’m a big fan of HR Giger’s art. Around the same time I started playing guitar, I bought some of his Morpheus calendar prints and would stare at the art for hours. The name Morpheus always stood out to me, because to me, it represented the male side of his art, so I wondered what the female version of that name would be.” Said Thirteen regarding the band’s name. “One afternoon after college, I was taking the bus home and it just came to me, Morphesia, so I wrote it down and proclaimed that as my future band’s name.”

Thirteen had previously played in a few bands but found his identity as a musician after delving deeper in black metal. Thirteen credits Norwegian black metallers Old Man’s Child as the catalyst that lit the fire for Morphesia because their music compelled him to write his first track in 2005.

Morphesia at Til Two in 2016 decked out in his black metal armor.
(Photo courtesy of formulavi on Youtube)

Though Morphesia was now out in the universe, it went through some growing pains and struggled to have a stable line up before becoming a solo act. The evolution of this one man band has continued to flourish and has shifted its concept, venturing more into the ancient spirituality of Egypt.

“I wanted to shift the focus from the aggresiveness/hatred coming out of my writing and show the inner core of where all that came from, putting myself out there instead of targeting a specific subject.” Said Thirteen when asked about his new musical direction.

“I got tired of writing the same ‘Norwegian style’ song and decided to destroy ‘the barrier’ I had hid behind for many years, exposing a much more personal and deeper side I was reluctant to share at first, as I was under the impression that I ‘had’ to keep a certain image going.”

Zombie Thirteen of Morphesia transcends during the Helheim show in 2017.

Morphesia will be releasing his second full length album I Forever End later this year and luckily for all of us, he has a bandcamp filled with black metal wonders! If you haven’t seen his new material live, check out our reviews and his YouTube channel, you are in for a transcendental treat. Morphesia will be at The Merrow on Aug. 15 with Wormreich, and will be joining locals Ruines Ov Abaddon and many more on Oct. 14 at LA’s 5 Star Bar and like him on Facebook to stay in the loop and congratulate him!


San Diego is buzzing and dripping with thrashy sweetness that is slowly trickling down onto metalheads and winning them over. Local thrashers Beekeeper are slowly invading the West Coast one riff at a time and conquering the hearts of metalheads. This hive is helmed by the three amigos, lead guitarist/vocalist Ally Levine, drummer Dylan Marks and bassist Adam Wollach who vowed to rule the world through the power of metal.

“We formed [through] our mutual love and respect for old school thrash and death metal.” Said drummer Dylan Marks. “WE ARE TAKING THE WORLD BY SWARM.”

Ugh Metal has been fortunate to see this thrashy trio in action before and it was love at first sting! We are still buzzing after Beekeeper put to shame the big bad wolf by blowing away the Brick By Brick at the San Diego Metal Swap Meet After Party. Staying true to their house saying, they will be embarking on a North American tour starting on August 23 where they’ll be playing at the Soda Bar supporting their debut LP Slaves To Nothing which they released independently on July 1 and made quite the impression on the Klown. Be sure to snag their debut album here, you will not regret it! It’s only a matter of time till we see a record label snag these guys up.

Beekeeper dismantling the Brick By Brick at the SD Metal Swap Meet After Party in 2017.
(L to R: Vocalist/lead guitarist/KWEEN Ally Levine, drummer Dylan Marks and bassist Adam Wollach)


Because everything’s bigger in Texas, they produced a bigger and meaner local super group called Bloodborne. The quintet from Del Rio came together in 2015 for a fun jam sesh among friends when they had some down time but  quickly  started taking on a life of its own. Guitarist Rick Arneson, drummer Chris Clark and guitarist John Martinez drew first blood before having bassist Fred Vela and vocalist David “Gorilla” Rodriguez a few months later.

“We all just love writing music with influences of the things that we like. Things like tempo changes, memorable hooks and songs that all have their own vibe.” Said John Martinez “We don’t care for all songs to sound the same.”

Bloodborne create a type of metal reminiscent to the late 90’s, early 2000’s wave of groove and nu metal *sigh* Aww yes, that takes me back to when yours truly was a heathen in training *sips on margarita.* Not many bands can pull this nostalgic branch of metal off, but Bloodborne surely can especially because each respective member add a unique ingredient of their own.

The quintet released their very first EP titled Hour of Demise independently on July 12 and you can check out their Reverbnation page and see how they do metal in Texas! Check out their music videos for their hit “Angels and Demons” off of their new EP and drop them a line in their Facebook page to get your copy!

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