Thanatology is ready for their close up (Photo courtesy of Thanatology’s FB page)

From the top of your head, can you name one of the most metal professions out there? Being a metal band does not count in this case. Give up? Of course, you do because chances are that your answer was nowhere near the medical field! Which brings us to the guest of this edition of our Firey Sides Chat. If you google “thanatology” you’ll get the actual definition of the word. The definition, in a nutshell, is the study of death and the practices of it.

Sounds metal, right? Well, that’s what the frontman/founder of Thanatology, the band, Doctor Jonas Bautista thought as well. If you haven’t heard of Thanatology by now, here’s the very short description. Thanatology is Tijuana’s own death metal/grindcore band and unlike Super Troopers’ Arcot “Thorny” Ramathorn (played by Jay Chandrasekhar) they’re Mexican! Raza!

Even if you haven’t heard of the band, they are going to embark on some big profile tours. The Ugh Metal staff, Jennifer and Santi, had a chance to catch up with Jonas via email right before the band’s busy touring schedule. But even cooler, they’ll be making a pit stop in San Diego on Saturday, May 19 at The Merrow. Without further ado, here’s what we chatted about.

Ugh Metal Staff: Who exactly are the founding members?

Jonas Bautista: Dr. Bautista (me) with Miguel Mercado (drummer) and Guillermo Sanders (guitar). Way back in 1998, these last two musicians are no longer with the project.

UMS: Why did you choose to name the band “Thanatology”?

Bautista: It wasn’t me precisely. The irony of all things. The idea or proposal to change the name of the band (originally called Cadaver) came from the family doctor.


The doctors in Thanatology will now see you… (Photo courtesy of Thanatology’s FB page)

UMS: What inspired the gimmick and the costumes of Thanatology?

Bautista: Well… what inspired the “gimmick” was my day job. I’m a doctor here in Mexico. So, it was easy in a way to choose the image of the band.

UMS: Is there any band or person you would like to collaborate with?

Bautista: Yeah, for sure. Dr. [Morton] Fairbanks from The County Medical Examiners [American deathgrinders] and the guys from General Surgery. [Swedish goregrinders]

UMS: What are your main musical influences?

Bautista: Extreme music. Gore metal and grindcore.

UMS: How many parts or chapters could we expect from Un Legado de Negligencia Medica?

Bautista: I really don’t know. But in theory, speaking of lyrical content, we can do a thousand of chapters.

Dr.Bautista of Thanatology ready to tear you apart in their latest video for “El Amor Va De La Mano De Látex” (Photo courtesy of their YouTube channel)

UMS: What inspired the concept behind this latest EP?

Bautista: The reality or rather the history behind the origins of medicine, which was based on the practice and failure, unfortunately.

UMS: This year you’re going to the Las Vegas Death Fest, the Bay Area Death Fest AND the Obscene Extreme Fest in the Czech Republic! First off, congratulations on that, is there any other festival you would like to be a part of in the future? And why?

Bautista: Ah, thanks. And yeah. MARYLAND DEATH FEST. Definitely.

UMS: Do you have a pre-show ritual?

Bautista: I think if we have one it’s getting the uniforms on.

UMS: Any funny or interesting stories that have happened on a tour?

Bautista: Well… there’s too many to mention here. But, funny… definitely, dealing with each other temperaments, humor and personas. And interesting? Going to play in a different place. It’s always interesting.

Ditch them apples and head down to The Merrow on May 19 for a check up you will never forget. And revitalize yourself with their latest EP Un Legado de Negligencia Medica which is available here!

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