Lords Of Acid bringing the Sextreme Fest in 2017 at the Brick By Brick on Oct. 13.
(L to R: Party meister/founder Praga Khan and ex-bassist DieTrich Thrall)

The stupidly happy and fortunate Ugh Metal slaves, Jennifer and Santi, had the opportunity to spice up their morning and had a sexy pajama party with Lords Of Acid mastermind/ party meister Praga Khan. Praga Khan took a break from the Ascension Day celebrations in Belgium and gave the interns all the dirty details on Lords of Acid’s May 18 album Pretty In Kink.

Jennifer: We won’t ask you anything scandalous! What can we expect from Pretty In Kink?

Praga Khan: Pretty In Kink was a bit of an experiment for me. Most of the time I’m working in my studio on my own to record the demos, and then always with Erhan Kurkun, a friend of mine who is still composing. But this time we came up with the idea to get the fans involved from the beginning of the album because I’ve always had a good relationship with our fans and with fans you learn a lot about your music.

Praga Khan in Phantasia LandenBeats in 2014.
(Photo courtesy of Tardis Traveller‘s YouTube channel)

PK (Cont.): So when we started with the album we really got them involved from the beginning so that they could choose the topics of the songs, and they even gave us the title of the album, and during the making they could also listen to demos and give their opinions and also it comes down to the sound of this album. I also asked them by doing polls on Facebook I asked them what they really like, but that was a good starting point for me to work with. In a way I was around a lot of fans, a lot friends and it makes it special because we did it together.

*After one of several terrible technical difficulties we got a hold of Praga Khan*

J: What was the main inspiration for the new album?

PK: Multiple times, I get it from the crazy world around me, the crazy fans, and the crazy parties I get invited to. To give you an idea, two weeks ago we played at the Fetish festival in Holland it’s called…what’s it called? …Wasteland [Festival]! (On April 7)

J & Santi: Oh yeah we were talking about that!

New vocalist Marieke “Little Bloody Marie” Bressesleer seducing Wasteland audiences.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Dircken)

PK: We had to do a performance there and with all that I’ve seen that evening I could write a whole new album. (Everyone laughs) You know things like that are not allowed in Belgium. Here it’s forbidden to do stuff like that, you know like wild fetish parties! I was already there performing so you can look around and check it out, the underground fetish world and I can tell you (chuckles) there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t write about yet. (Everyone laughs)

S: Nothing is crazier than real life!

J: Pretty in Kink reminded me a lot of Voodoo-U and Our Little Secret, what made you want to revisit this sound?

PK: They are my favorite albums. I wanted to make a combination of these two albums, sound wise. The roughness of Voodoo-U, it was very rough and co-produced by Rick Rubin so I had to work with Rick in the Voodoo album and he wanted a raunchy, “make it sound dirty” and distort a lot of stuff and for me it was good because that’s what really I like, you know. Make all the crazy noises, this thing right here, (he turns around and points out his trusty synthesizer sitting behind him) ARP 2600, That’s my favorite instrument.

J: We saw you do your yoga moves on that last year! (Sextreme Fest at the Brick By Brick 2017)

Co founder/keyboardist Praga Kahn showing off his acrobatic skills while DJ Mea cheers him on.

PK: You can do whatever you want on that thing! (Everyone laughs) Making the sounds in every possible way, that’s what we also did on this album, make a good combination between the now a days software and the old analog gear. And also music wise, the rough element from Voodoo-U but it has the sexy atmosphere from our Our Little Secret and it’s like a nice mixture of these two albums, to me. You already had a really good listen to it because you’re the first one to discover that! (Everyone laughs)

S: What were the challenges in making Pretty In Kink?

PK: First of all, there’s this new singer (Marieke Bresseleers), that was a challenge but she turned out to be an amazing singer. I’m sure she has the widest vocal range from everybody I’ve ever worked with. She can sing really high and really deep but also make a warm sound. There was this tour that came in September, October, November in the States (Sextreme Fest 2017). Most of the time when I start making an album, I go into the studio and I try to stay in there as long as possible, we get really into the atmosphere from the album, not going out and stuff, and now I have to prepare the tour in America, and i have to decompress from the tour, and I also have to do the press for the tour.

Lords Of Acid kick off the sold out Sextreme Fest of 2017 at the Brick By Brick!
(L to R: Co-founder keyboardist Praga Khan, Back up vocalist Erica Dilanjian and vocalist DJ Mea Fisher)

PK (Cont.): It took me 3 months that I lost to the tour, but on the other half you meet a lot people and it was good for me when I did the final mixes and I got feedback from everybody. It was a challenge to get out of the studio atmosphere while you are writing music, you dive into a live tour and dive directly back into the studio. That was a real challenge.

S: I can totally understand that ‘cause you want to feel relaxed and come up with the material smoothly because when you’re too stressed out or something you’re just like “I don’t want to do this for a while.”

J: Its mental constipation. And you actually beat me to our next question! We were wondering how you met the new singer Marieke, sorry if I mispronounced it. (*spoiler alert* Jennifer mispronounced it)

PK: Marieke (Pronounced Mar-ee-kee), but you can call her Little Bloody Marie!

J &S: Oooh!

J: How did you meet her?

PK: I know a lot of musicians in Belgium and I was asking them… people, when they listen to Lords Of Acid they don’t realize that we really need a very very good singer to sing that material because when you listen to Our Little Secret and Voodoo-U they sing very high and very deep. A girl I know who is a famous piano player in classical music, she said “I know someone who is crazy enough to do it.” She (Bresseleers) is classically trained but she is also crazy in a good sense. From the first time I heard her voice I said “Wow, this is amazing!”

New vocalist Marieke “Little Bloody Marie” Bressesleer seducing Wasteland audiences.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Dircken)

PK: (Cont.): We met each other and I found out she’s really into the heavy metal. She‘s the perfect fit to Lords Of Acid because in a way Lords Of Acid has heavy guitars on there and also has dance music involved so it’s a nice mixture of different styles. I checked her out on the net when she was doing performances, she’s an animal on stage and she also has theatrical background so I think you will be very, very pleased when you see her!

J: Like we need anymore reasons to be excited!

S: Do you have a favorite song?

PK: The songs are so different from each other, do I have favorites? “Break Me,” but on the other hand “Before The Night Is Over” is also one of my favorites because it’s a very, very different style. I can not pick my favorites songs and there are some songs on there that I really like and that’s something I can’t say about every album.

J: What can we expect from Pretty In Kink performance wise?

PK: This time it’s gonna be more “Lords Of Acid” type, you know more theatrical because that’s also the atmosphere of the album. Last time we played Voodoo-U and that’s more aggressive than the new album. We’re gonna have a lot of stuff happening on stage, also projections and all that stuff! We’re looking forward to it!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5rcM3WyWaQ]

J & S: We’re looking forward to it!

J: What is the craziest story or the craziest thing a fan has done at a show?

PK: There is a lot that has passed over the years but the most crazy thing is that there was a show in Japan, a guy jumped on stage completely naked and he started to jerk off on stage, and of course they removed him in no time but that was the most craziest thing.

Experience the euphoric effects of Lords Of Acid like the naked man and be sure to snag your copy of Pretty In Kink here out on May 18 out via Metropolis Records (tomorrow!) And if you want more reasons to see them live, checkout our wild night we had with them last year here!

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