The Grindmother hath cometh!!!!

On March 30, Ugh Metal took a trip to see the most metal grandmother of them all! We paid a visit to the Grindmother at our home away from home known as the Brick By Brick. Although not the same tale, the Brick proved to be a formidable house to keep the wolf at bay along with her powerful vocals. The night was rather cozy and intimate much like an actual visit to a grandmother’s house. But before we talk about Grindmother dearest, we shall talk about the other set of grindchildren that performed that night.

Chuggo: The night began with the local thrash band known as Sergulath. The Klown knew something was about to go down when front man/ lead guitarist Daniel Correa had a Dean Dimebag ML guitar in his hands.

Jenny Oh: Yes, the most outgoing grindchild of the group. They burst out onto the Brick By Brick stage for the first time and man were they happy to be there!

C: So… I guess this is a collab. But yes he was quite energetic and it was rather contagious. Sergulath gave a strong start by beginning with Black Sabbath’s “The Wizard.” Which, the Klown will admit, sounded a bit more energetic when thrash overtones were applied.

J: Sergulath may have started out with a classic but they unloaded quite a bit of new material on us such as a “Very Dark Place Indeed” which is sure to ignite the pit!

C: Oh yeah… they did, didn’t they? I forgot the name of the other songs, do you remember them?

Daniel Correa of Sergulath unloads all sorts madness in the mic.
(L to R: Keyboardist David Correa, vocalist/guitarist Daniel Correa, and bassist Henry Necochea)

J: Of course, silly. I’m glad you asked, *looks into a nonexistent camera for dramatic effect* they set the mood with the “Massokisst” and won us over with “Power Speech!”

C: I see… the more you know because knowing is half the battle.  *cues GI Joe PSA moment.* On that note, the group treated us and finished their set with another cover. Unlike the first one, the cover they performed was from the underrated Norwegian black metal band Old Man’s Child’s “Doommaker.” It was pretty bitchin’ to hear it since not a lot of peeps think of Old Man’s Child when it comes to black metal.

J: It was awesome seeing Sergulath live and can’t wait to see what other new goodies they have to offer. These guys may have been the fun and upbeat grindchild, but we switched gears and wrote a manifesto with Pissed Regardless.

C: Ah yes, the band that describes the Klown!

J: Still bitter about being kicked out of Clown College and the Railing Brother Circus, huh?

C: It was Ringling Brothers and yes!

J: The business card read Railing and you’re like the first song, “Not So Swift.”

C: I guess but the Klown thinks that front man Matthew Gerken tapped into the spirit of the Klown’s empty stomach when he brought up “Hot Dog without Mustard.”

A fan tries to make sense of Matthew Gerkin’s (from Pissed Regardless) manifesto.

J: But I thought you said that your doctor told you start “Takin’ It Easy,” you “Shit Sack.”

C: Well, first, it was a special occasions and in time for “Easter.” Secondly, the Klown has been taking it easy unlike you, you “Alarm Clock Bitch.”

J: Say what you want Klown, we’re both “Fucked Since Birth!” Great song. Their set was too damn short but, man, it was awesome! Don’t be surprised if you see these hooligans pop up in more shows and rattle the establishment, one hot dog at a time!

C: Indeed, after the hardcore punk revolution left a strong presence, our Grindmother dearest took the stage and spoiled us throughout the night.

J: *creepily hissing like a snake* Yeth! Together we brought forth the “Age of Destruction!”

C: Via a moshpit because “Dreams Become Reality!” Although the Klown’s dream involve a new a keg with good beer and the Grindmother’s famous cookies!

J: She promised she would bring some more the next time she comes back and sing hymns for the moshpit, as long as we didn’t get hurt!

Grindmother dearest will star a pit… as long as you don’t get hurt!

C: Oh Grindmother, what is a bloody nose and couple bruises? We is grown ups now… even if we live and depend on our parents but still! You can’t take the grandmother out of The Grindmother.

J: Seeing the Grindmother was like “Healing the Mind” because it was refreshing…

C: It was like a new take on an elder’s wisdom and knowledge passed down to a brand new generation and audience with an open mind.

J: I agree Klown-fucious. She not only offered us insight of ourselves but to our surroundings and got us in touch with “Mother Nature.” It was appropriate considering the new green shade of our state.

C: Speaking of which her son, RainForest stayed true to his green roots and didn’t shy away from requesting some of that green of the Sublime selection.  After all “History Repeats” itself and he wanted some at “Any Cost!” *winks*

J: How clever of you, Klown. But not on the Grindmother’s watch! They may not have gone completely green because she was so generous she gave us, her ever expanding grindchildren, a special green treat.

C: What was that Jenny Oh!? Tell me!!!

Grindmother didn’t have any more cookies to give us but she had more GRIND!

J:  To commemorate this new crisp new chapter in California and to further celebrate the Roots album…

C: Ah yeah… they brought the Klown’s childhood back for this one.

J: Yeah…? But this time they went further back by covering Sepultura’s Chaos A.D. and unloaded a fierce and grindcore version of “Slave New World.” It was an extremely pleasant surprise and a great way to end our Grindmother’s visit.

 C: Indeed, although there weren’t any cookies, the night felt right. We were treated to some stories and some songs from the Grindmother and tucked us away before we all heading to bed… But metal!

The Grindmother sparta kicked us to a new and brootal version of “Slave New World”

Join the dark side, ’cause they got Sergulath on full blast! While you’re at it, get your creative juices flowin’ for your manifesto with Pissed Regardless and their sick ass material and give Grindmother some love and check out her hardcore lullabies 



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