Wednesday 13 sing their heart out…literally!

The skies darkened like some sort of B-horror movie omen over Brick By Brick for Wednesday 13 performance on May 11. For the first time since attending a show at the well known location, the venue was quite desolate though an enthused female decked out in leather and denim scurried back and forth socializing with other attendees making up for the loss.

The opening act was a local band named Stökka who created a blended vibe of a punk show and a good ol’ rock n’roll heard in local bars. Though Stökka had a short setlist, they played songs their loyal fan base would be familiar with such as the catchy “We Want It All” and the deliciously sleazy “After Dark”.

The relapse symphony

Local rockers Stokka warm up the night.

By the time, Stökka finished the performance, the venue’s capacity had slightly increased for another local band, Chamber Sixx. Though members looked like they came out of a Mötley Crüe make over seminar, they played songs that can remind some of an edgier and less annoying version of New Found Glory fused with glam.

Though the vocals of Chamber Sixx front man Dusty Mitchell, are slightly lower and smoother than New Found Glory vocalist Jordan Pundik, Mitchell couldn’t seem to keep up his range with the fast paced instrumentals. No offense to Mitchell but, for a drunken clown like yours truly who listens to music with vocals that sound more like a demonic circle jerk, the lyrics to their songs were hardly understood.

Chamber Sixx errrrone

I must admit, me being a connard aside (oh my! there I go breaking the “I” rule again and shouting French obscenities!), they did great job hyping the small amount of spectators closing out their set with an anthem for San Diegan debauchery “Tijuana”.

Co-headliners The Relapse Symphony wasted no time and kept the momentum going, who collected a bigger crowd. Bret Von Dehl, the lead vocalist of the group, demonstrated his burgeoning showmanship by getting the crowd pumped up and interacting with them.


The Relapse Symphony knew how to create a habit in us.

Though Von Dehl’s vocals are reminiscent to the early scream-o scene, they managed not to pigeonhole themselves and bounced from one genre to another. Like a true symphony, the trio played classic masterpieces such as “Blitzkrieg Bop” and the “Ace of Spades” causing the small crowd to nearly blow the roof off.

Soon after, the mood was settled and the venue was dark as the night, befitting a horror flick. After a string of old B-movie audio filled the darkness an emergency broadcast buzzed to introduce Wednesday 13 with guitarist, Roman Surman kicking off the song of the namesake tour, “Come and Plague”.

Though the crowd remained minuscule it created an intimate experience. Lead singer, Joseph “Wednesday 13” Poole, showed incredible showmanship and performed as if he were in a sold out arena. The show carried on with some more performances from their latest album titled Monsters of the Universe: Come Out with the hits such as “Keep Watching The Skies” and “Monsters of the Universe.”

Wednesday 13 don’t gots a muddafukkin’ problem!
(L to R: Vocalist Wednesday and guitarist Roman Surman)

For the performance of “Serpent Society” and “Bloodline 666”, Wednesday 13 donned a black goat’s mask adding mystique. For those who have watched the 2016 horror film “The Witch”, will know that the ominous Black Phillip would be proud.

Wednesday 13 performed both new and older favorites such as “Hail Ming,” “Home Sweet Homicide” and his infamous classic “I Love To Say Fuck” which Poole performed with an umbrella with the naughty word imprinted on it.

The band capped off the night, and played a hit from his former band the Murderdolls, “197666” and “Bad Things”. Wednesday 13 gave it their all and though fans did not come in droves to the boisterous spectacle, quality over quantity was the clear message to the band.

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