Warbringer bring the resistance to the Brick By Brick!
(L to R: Guitarist Adam Carroll, Vocalist John Kevill, bassist Jessie Sanchez and guitarist Chase Becker)

Some people spend their Sundays downing mimosas midday to forget of about the self loathing Mondays bring. Here in Ugh Metal we do all of that but on this particular Sunday (March 26), we traveled to Brick By Brick to drown our impending adulthood blues with Warbringer! We cracked open a beer or 10 and started a revolution with their impressive array of warriors.

The first to charge were none other than our very own OG Americans, Warpath. Making this our second campaign with these guys this month, but this time they faced a “hurdle” most up and coming bands would be intimidated by. What is this hurdle? The Sunday curse! WTF do I mean?! Glad you asked! The Sunday curse is a common affliction where it terrifies people and produces a thin crowd in public places, ‘CAUSE DAMN YOU MONDAY AND KHAN!  This would normally intimidate most new bands, but Warpath is not most bands.

Warpath didn’t shy away from the Sunday Curse.
(L to R: Guitarist/back up vocalist Chance Perez, Vocalist Johnny Osuna, bassist Jason Wolfe, and guitarist Harrison Whitecloud)

Warpath took over the stage with their war paint and sang and played their hearts out. Warpath combated the Sunday curse with “Mending Feathers,” “Defending the Sacred,” (yours truly’s personal favorite) “No Mercy” and ended this standoff with the first song they composed “Leeches.” At the end of their set, they took a bow after showing us how they get down on a chill Sunday night and it was a great way to start off this intimate thrash gathering. These gentlemen left quite the impression on a fellow performer that night, but more on that later.

Battlefront joined the second round giving us a dosage of epic old school heavy metal. Vocalist/guitarist Sean Ziemer took us on a saga with their metal hymns such as “Resurrection” and “The Chosen One” with impressive riffs from Joe Mish imbedded within. Their set had you feeling all sorts of things; nostalgia, wonder, and a readiness for adventure.

Battlefront return with epic heavy metal goodness.
L to R: Bassist David Walston, vocalist/guitarist Sean Ziemer, drummer Eric Dow, and lead guitarist Joe Mish)

When Battlefront wasn’t playing songs about legendary showdowns, Ziemer was having fun interacting with the crowd and poking fun at drummer (and singer of Helsott), Eric Dow. Dow showcased his drumming chops while bassist (and lead guitarist of Helsott), David Walston slapped that bass like an angry and certified bass spanker!

These local bands weren’t the only ones that knew how to get down on a Sunday. Cultural Warfare arrived to our shores from Oakland and continued the battle.  These seasoned warriors were on a mission to start a revolution at their first visit to the Brick. They drew first blood with “Shadow Priest” and promoted their latest self titled EP (which they also gave away for free) by playing “Ratten Krieg” and “Defy The Blade” to name a few.

Jacques Serrano of Cultural Warfare shines in a powerful performance.

Vocalist Jacques Serrano captivated the crowd with his theatrical movement and powerful voice. In honor of their EP, Serrano handed out free copies on stage and invited fans to head to their merch booth for more free copies of the EP. The vocalist also praised Warpath and jokingly mentioned he liked their Native American “gimmick,” being a Native himself. Cultural Warfare left a great impression and knew how to add some spice to this laid back brunch.

From the bowels of LA, Witchaven brought some of that “Black Thrash Assault” their banner proclaimed and unleashed a “Terrorstorm,” and inflicted the sweaty pit with some “PTSD” and the attention grabbing “ADD.”  When vocalist/rhythm guitarist Henry Montoya wasn’t raising hell, he was praising our burritos, our weed and attempting to keep the peace among rowdy fans (stay tuned for more) and an angry photographer they unwillingly sucked into the pit.

Henry Montoya of Witchaven takes a break from tooting our horns and slaps us with some riffs.

Montoya kept the peace by cracking jokes and MORE old school thrash. Witchaven may not be signed yet even though they’ve been working their thrashy black magick since 2006, but they have a strong and passionate following. With their nostalgic metal and playful charisma, it should be a matter of time a label snags these hooligans from the City of Angles… to bring hell on earth!

Warbringer wasted no time and released their fierce “Silhouettes,” and didn’t stop there. Staying true to their name, Warbringer continued to unleash singles from their latest album such as their current hit and revolutionary anthem “Right To Remain Violent,” and “Woe To The Vanquished.” These memorable tracks may still be fresh but damn, the live renditions of these songs are truly powerful, especially with Kevill’s fist high in the air like a living resistance propaganda poster.

John Kevill of Warbringer aims and shoots while bassist Jessi Sanchez turns the other way.

The thrashers didn’t just play their new stuff, they busted out a small artillery of older songs such as “Total War,” “Living Weapon,” and “Prey For Death” which not only ignited the pit on to full blast but had Kevill hurl onstage after chugging a beer. The vocalist blamed the taco shop across the Brick for serving him a large quantity of delicious Mexican food, and said he’s not one to leave good food go to waste, we get you buddy.

After the band briefly disappeared for the encore, the atmosphere was charged with more sweat, so much adrenaline and an arduous desire for them to return, the overly enthusiastic fans from before (told you there would be more on them) got on the stage and chanted for the band causing them to get thrown out of the venue after getting in to a mini fight with the security team. After Warbringer came out and collectively scratched their heads after the ordeal, they kept the party going. Kevill continued to shine his crazy eyes and aim and shoot the crowd one by one with his fingers. This was a fight we gladly surrendered and can’t wait for these gentlemen to return with their resistance.

John Kevill of Warbringer gives us the crazy eyes.

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