After so many sleepless nights wondering what happened to Davey Quinn, we found him! Quinn is alive and well and rockin’ with his band Santa Ana Knights at Til-Two Club!

Congrats! You have made it to level 2 of this epic battle of the bands at Til-Two Club on August 19! Whaaaa?! You didn’t know there was a Part 1? Turn that frown upside down and check it out here! Though Jenny Oh and the Klown didn’t throw down like they thought they were, they discovered lots o’ things. Like wut? Well, lost o’ cool punk bands, another great booze selection, and found Davey Quinn! Let’s see what these drunk fools had to say of about the 2nd half of the bands and find out just who won this battle!

The Waste Aways

Sam T. Kelly of the Waste Aways gets us man!

J:  Things were fun and dandy, but The Waste Aways brought us back down to earth with their realness. Before they punched us right in our emotional sacs, Sam T Kelly made all of us ladies and possibly gents swoon with “Dream Girl.” Kelly then gave us a strange jolt of hope with the song “She Said I Say.”

C: Ah… yeah, Kelly sure did. He had the Klown feeling the feels. Spoke and serenaded to the Klown’s withered soul. Especially once “Fallen Into Falling Out” started. The Klown couldn’t help was to admire Kelly’s expressions and how he channeled the pain he sang into the song.

J: Man *sniff* fuck that song man! *sobs* I’m totally crying. No shame! Kelly added more heart and soul to this particular song by performing in the pit the whole set and serenading us this song while looking in to every glazed eye. Well done, Sam, you did the impossible. You made a venue filled with metalheads, punkers and drunkards feel and for that we salute you.

C: Yeah, was kinda jelly that Kelly serenaded and sang those powerfully emotional songs to Fitz of Ninja Night Race. More on them later and check out their Soundcloud!

Santa Ana Knights

Ex hide and seek champ and Santa Ana Knights frontman, Davey Quinn, brought the heat to this battle!

J: After we collectively gathered ourselves and feeling like new men and women after The Waste Aways, we were mellowed out by Santa Ana Knights.

C: Yeah, it felt like Mickey Mouse’s mandatory blow meetings that is held during their “huddle.” But most importantly, they spoke to the Klown with their music, especially with his anthem from a long bender or long days at the labors when they sang “How’d I Get Home?”

J: And the vocalist….omg…is that Davey Quinn?! It is! Damn our hunt for Mr.Quinn was already successful but we never thought the punk gods would reward us twofold tonight! Mr.Quinn joined us in the pit as well to mingle among us plebs! Quinn exerted this insane amount of energy and enthusiasm making us drunk with enthusiasm.

Davey Quinn of Santa Ana Knights and 10 other bands has been found and is pissed!! Not really but look at that emotion!

C: Well… we can now recall all those missing person milk ads and amber alerts. Good to know where he went off to! The Klown was blown away, first slapping the bass for Santa Claus, then drumming with The Bertos, and now fronting for the Santa Ana Knights? Is there anything this man can’t do!?

J: Quinn never seizes to amaze us and if you check out their bandcamp, I know you will be amazed too. Aside from making us laugh and cracking jokes in between songs, this man poured this hidden intensity in his performance, an intensity that hides underneath that lovable joker grin. Speaking of hidden, it was nearly midnight and it was time for the surprise band to jump on the Til Two stage…

Ninja Night Race

Ninja Night Race were the surprise challengers in this battle…

C: Remember when the Klown mentioned Fritz during the whole The Waste Aways segment. Well… the time is now. Ninja Night Race was the surprise entrant in this battle and what a race it was.

J: Ninja Night Race slapped us silly and made us feel young again with some pop punk done right. Once again there was a band that understood the Ugh Metal struggle with “Quitting Life,” which has the lighthearted, feel good attitude when you’ve run out of fucks to give.

C: The Klown usually starts everything with “Now What?” but not these guys. These guys blew that rhetoric out of proportion in true punk fashion.

J: And gave us our site a really cool theme song called “Cringeworthy.” I can see it now Klown, while this song plays the world can see our shenanigans in the Ugh Metal fortress. We laugh, they laugh and I’d say we would die a little inside but that’s impossible ‘cause we’ve been dead for years. *Drinks fermented Fruitopia*

C: Agreed… it also makes you want to “Stop the World.” The Klown definitely wishes that he could do that at times!

J: Don’t we all? And you might want to stop what you’re doing and refuel with Ninja Night Race’s bandcamp. A last note on my philosophising, time must flow because it is the circle of life and the wheel must turn which reminds me of the final act of the night.


Tiltwheel were here to turn this bar upside down and so was Davey Quinn!

C: Yes, it can almost be said that it was tilted. This night would feature the return of Davey Quinn but this time as a guitarist and a vocalist for his other band Tiltwheel.

J: Davey was back again with his buddy from Bertos and Santa Ana Knights, these two were BUSY that night. Quinn was back in the pit and with his faithful gallon of water! Tiltwheel was ready to close out this epic battle and Quinn was still bursting with energy, humor and vigor. This man doesn’t stop!

C: The man proved to be more energetic than the Energizer bunny. He just kept going and going even during the black metal bowling metal awards! The Klown cannot remember who the winners were he just remembers some dude won a trophy and some chick got a bitchin’ skateboard.

The Klown showed off his professional reporting skills and informed us that “some chick (Tasha Parker) got a bitchin’ skateboard” and “some dude (Steven Baeza) won  a trophy” [for the Black Metal Bowling tournament].

J: Wow Klown! *slow claps* What a wonderful recap of this highly anticipated award show. What are you even doing here in this shit hole site? You should be reporting for reputable places. But tonight is your lucky night because I also have a superb memory like you, in fact we should both be CNN’s bitch.

C: The Klown tried but figured this was his place, either way they told him that he was too distracting. Anyway back to the main piece because the Klown “Can’t Remember Shit” and the night simply continued with Davey telling everybody that stuck around that everyone was a winner that night. The Klown doesn’t know how he feels about sharing a victory.

J: You know what, I’m also not one to share my victories because I’m the shit but Davey was right. We won because Tiltwheel closed out with a bang, gave us the last jolt of punkstatic adrenaline we needed, and for those that stayed till the end, were in for a treat. It was a great showcase of our local scene that would certainly take you to a world of pure inebriation…and imagination.

Tiltwheel had familiar faces!

C: Settle down Drinky Wonka the Klown knows that Davey sang his ode of distaste for yams with “Fuck You Yams.”

J: Yeah! Fuck those guys! I don’t like them and the way they look at me! But this song of displeasure is very nice though, it reminds me of those tunes we used to bump up in our CD players back in our youth…damn we’re old but our spirit is young!

C: Shit… we old! This was a great night and somewhat unexpected for Ugh Metal. Davey Quinn had the right idea as far as differentiating winners and losers go. Checkout their stuff at their label’s bandcamp! However, the Klown wholeheartedly believes that the true winners were us and those who attended this goldmine of a show. Local legends strutted their talents, others came as a pleasant surprise but most importantly, untapped resources in the coziest venue that there is.

Tiltwheel wrapped his battle of the bands with a bang! We were the real weiners!

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