The MandoShanks make us peer deep within ourselves in their album release party for their latest album “Cavity Search”

Still feeling young and alive from the Warped Tour adventure the week before, the Ugh Metal team headed over to SOMA on August 11 to recapture their youth! This all ages show slapped the Ugh Metal team silly by staying true to their word and had several children and families in attendance…whoa man…that’s awesome! This rare but pleasant sight soon made the Ugh Metal team forget about hunting down the phantom of their former selves. We were so ready to partake in this punktastic family reunion courtesy of local punks The MandoShanks who were celebrating the arrival of their latest album Cavity Search (which you can buy here). No awkward small talk was present in this fam reunion but there was a sweet pit! To clarify, I mean a mosh pit and not the metaphorical fire pit that we create in fam reunions that we use to roast the black sheep of the flock.

Starting this party for the night was local hardcore trio Making Incredible Time. These brochachos started this Friday night release party with a fun ode for when we run out of fucks to give called “For The Loss.” They get us man! We’re very willing to bet you will agree with us and blast this track especially after a long brutal week at work AND while you’re chugging the liquid good stuff.

We gambled away all of our fucks given with Making Incredible Time

BUT if you really wanna have a great time, bust out the “Adderall Pills and Poker Chips” in your ipod ya junky! Making Incredible Time brought a fun and carefree vibe to the table that is sure to make anyone forget about their troubles and will make you want to bet double or nothing! After seeing these guys we couldn’t help ourselves and yell out “hit me!” We won big with M.I.T’s short but fun set, we were so ready for the rest of this night. If you wanna see what these guys are all about, check out their bandcamp!

We may have gladly gambled away all of our remaining “fucks given” with Making Incredible Time but it was time to raise our water guns for Guns of Eden! DAHAHA! I shot you in your crotch and now you look like you peed yourself! But enough about my impressive shot that totally happened and more on the quartet from Oceanside!  Guns of Eden kept the party going with “One Man Punch” which will soften your misery on your next dreadful work shift!

Raise them water guns for Guns of Eden!

Guns of Eden displayed their sensitive side and played a nice ode you should totally serenade to that punk rock kween you’ve been eyeing for some time called “My Baby Likes To Rock.” The quartet went out with a BANG! With the ruthless “Mob Killer,” which has a great bass intro accompanied by a steady drum tempo that will make you wish they would go on longer.

Though Guns of Eden kicked so much ass, the bassist’s young daughter stole the show. The little girl enthusiastically greeted her dad, high fived him throughout the night and ran around in her own little pit. Not to brag but we’re pretty sure we spotted a killer punk legend in training! You’ll be raising your water guns proudly after you check out their Reverbnation profile here.

Speaking of local legends, Authentic Sellout was back and ready to impress the Ugh Metal team again. The Klown may have gotten the chance to see the quartet for the Dead Kennedys show, but it was yours truly’s turn and I understood why they left quite the impression on the Klown.

Authentic Sellout were ready to make an impression on Jenny Oh.

Authentic Sellout needed their signature grand entrance by the coolest pirate wizard you will ever see, whose human name is Christian “The Wizard” Weiss. The Wizard effortlessly worked his magick and flared our enthusiasm as he proudly announced Authentic Sellout…bring it!

Still beaming from their unforgettable performance at the Dead Kennedys show, A.$. hooked us in with “King of Rock N’ Roll” which has a chorus that is sure to stick in your head and make you want to burn everything to the ground ’cause you’re the king/queen! Once you do, be sure to follow it up with an air guitar battle with your buddies just like lead guitarist Christian Borja, rhythm guitarist Andy Danger and bassist Rice Enright did that night.

Lead guitarist Christian Borja and bassist Rice Enright have an epic riff battle.

Authentic Sellout spread the love and dedicated a nice little tune for the hipsters called “Apples & Oranges” which starts with a catchy little beat from drummer Scott Driscoll before Rice Enright’s bass tune creeps in nicely. Aside from The Wizard, A$ brought another special guest to this shindig. LUCILLE WAS BACK! And she was hungry for some blood and circuits with her theme song “Technology.”

Vocalist Sulo King didn’t hold back and quickly joined the pit where he prowled within the crowd displaying Lucille. It was never a dull moment with Authentic Sellout and they left a tremendous energy deposit on the stage. Give in to Authentic Sellout and check out their Soundcloud and see what other treats they have in store for us and give their Facebook page a like.

Sulo King of Authentic Sellout take over the pit with Lucille in tow.

Making a third appearance on this site is Sculpins! They were also glowing from their breathtaking performance from the Dead Kennedys show as well and kept the momentum going. Vocalist Adam Gomez was bursting with energy and proceeded to melt off our faces without warning with “El Banco,” “Diablo” and the empowering “Green Speech.” In between songs the vocalist thanked a lot of their supporters and friends and introduced a lot of songs with short but powerful speeches.

Gomez crouched while he purged every ounce of feeling into the mic with every passionate song and when he wasn’t flailing the mic stand he was jumping in the pit much like King. Needless to say, the pit was buzzing the whole time with fans and friends.

Adam Gomez of Sculpins was ready to kick ass with or without the mic stand!

While Gomez was performing his heart out within the pit, guitarist Branden Parish, and bassist Carson White paced around the stage letting those fast paced riffs flow while drummer Jarrod Monday kept his tempo. Sculpins created a rogue wave once again. Allow yourself to be swallowed whole by these local punkers and check out their bandcamp.

Speaking of all things moist, we soaked up our metaphorical booze and were ready for the debauchery of local punkers Drunkin Punkin Idiots! Already not knowing what to expect from these punks, the random “Cookie Cutter” set the right tone and a message that was loud and clear, LOOSEN UP!  D.P.I performed most songs off of their 2013 album Smashed and each had a personality of their own such as the in-your-face “Scenster” and the erratic “Gout” to name a few.

What better way to kick off your weekend than with the Drunkin Punkin Idiots?

Mike Vetter had an entertaining and playful attitude that is sure to make anyone stick around and see what crazy antics he might do…or what crazy antics he might talk us into doing! Because there is no age limit to rocking out, the pit had an elder OG punker sporting an awesome and legit/vintage Goosebumps tank top. Extra points for him! It’s so nice to see other people like the cheesy goodness of Goosebumps! It’s still our show of choice after a concert…you wouldn’t get it! #90skids.

This OG punker joined the fresh crop of DPI fans and it was awesome, but the catalyst who kept the pit alive and well was one of DPI’s #1 fan/unofficial hypeman. Another young fan who has seen the band grow from the beginning was invited onstage to join them for a song and man did he know those lyrics!

When Vetter wasn’t briefly joking with the crowd, he was releasing all that erratic energy he had in the songs. D.P.I are the cool skaters/wild child you cut class with just to head over to the skate park even if you didn’t know how to skate and had a few beers with. They convey that “Fuck it, I’m down” SoCal attitude and energy so damn well into each song. Needless to say, the pit was stirring throughout the whole set.

Mike Vetter of DPI was so ready to have some fun!

Vetter ended their set with “Alcohol” and let loose a hilarious ramble where he mentioned “I think, I think, we should, we should make a new album…” and our personal favorite “Let’s have some drugs, let’s get some hugs, throw me in the trunk, I don’t care, let’s have some fun.” YES. As Drunkin Punkin Idiots left the stage, Vetter passed the mic to their #1 fan/unofficial hypeman to pump up the crowd. Become their next #1 fan and check out their bandcamp!

After taking a swig and living it up with D.P.I, the hardcore beaus of the ball know as The MandoShanks ascended on the stage where friends, families, and fans alike all gathered around the metaphorical campfire. The trio from Escondido was eager to share their new tracks from their latest album Cavity Search with the world and we were ready to receive!

The MandoShanks celebrated “Cavity Search” their latest album ya sicko.

The MandoShanks motivated our pathetic team and made us reevaluate our mild rockstar lives with the bitchin’ song “Generation.” Though we will not confirm nor deny whether we were born to be mild, we’d bump this song at any phase of our lives. The MandoShanks unloaded the short political anthem “Caterpillar” and professed their lurrve for da POHLEES in “F.T.P” which will have you dancing while flipping off the world because who could resist that whammy bar and beat, man!

The MandoShanks along with the bands on the bill were all a great example of the untapped gems that are shining brighter than ever in your local clubs and venues. All were welcomed in this family affair which was a refreshing and touching sight. The physical copies of Cavity Search were officially released into the world that day and it’s sure to inspire the new generation of aspiring little punkers that were in the crowd that night. Be sure to give their FB page a like and go ass deep into their latest album in their Bandcamp, links are in the intro paragraph!

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