Superjoint kick off the San Diego Metal Swap Meet After Party!
(L to R: Guitarist Jimmy Bower, vocalist Phil Anselmo, unimpressed security dude, bassist Stephen Taylor, and guitarist Kevin Bond)

If you don’t keep up with any form of social media or Ugh Metal, April 29 was a very busy but fun day. First a pre party was held at the Soda Bar featuring Ugh Metal alumni Sergulath a day prior. Sadly, the evils of adulthood got in the way and Ugh Metal couldn’t attend. The day after (April 29), the eighth annual San Diego Metal Swap Meet took place in Downtown San Diego at the Quartyard and featured legendary power metal band Jag Panzer (stay tuned) as a performing act, both official and unofficial meet and greets, and of course great vendors and consumptions.

Lastly, the after party which took place later that night after the Metal Swap Meet at Ugh Metal’s home away from home, Brick by Brick. The night featured both locals, and known acts who were miles away from home, and the guests of honor Phil Anselmo and the rest of Superjoint. This whole thing was so yuuuuuuuge, the Klown had to call in some assistance for the show.

Jenny Oh: By assistance you mean me, right? Of course, I’m always here to save the day and clean up your mess.

Chuggo: Don’t get too full of yourself! The Klown called an actual assistant to the mix… a friend!

J: Oh… you mean the slave in training, Jason? Oh yeah… I guess.

C: Right… anyway the night started off with the local quintet known as Sight Unscene which the Klown can say that is the metalcore of the Killswitch variety.

J: I did feel like I was a teenager again listening to them.

C: Emo and cheap make up of the Hot Topic variety?

J: No, you dumbass. Angsty and no makeup! I refused to conform and I was making a statement…I was also too broke for makeup.

Sight Unscene stirs all sorts of emotions and the get us ’cause no one gets us!
(L to R: Guitarist Mike Halsdorff, Vocalist Anthony Dedrick, bassist William Buckwalter, guitarist Tony Lamarra)

C: I guess some things never change. But yes, the Klown can agree in the sense that it felt like a time in which metalcore was at its zenith.

J: It may not have been my cup of tea, now as an adult, but it is a nice band to listen to on a chill day and if you want to reminisce about your high school days. I will drown out my reemerging high school angst with Anthony Dedrick’s voice!

C: They get me. *chugs down a 40* They ended their time in the after party with a very feel good song with “Wait to Breathe.” Dedrick’s vocals along with the killer guitar riffs and solos left a balance between craze and appeasement amongst the already excited crowd.

J: The crowd was so excited that they disturbed the hive and brought forth Beekeeper.

C: Yes, the Klown was looking forward for some honey in the form of their brand of metal since the last time we saw them at the Brick. This time though the queen bee known as Ally Levine not only cranked the power to 11 but had a commanding presence to her. Not to discredit bassist Adam Wollach and drummer Dylan Marks.

J: They managed to do what not many openers can do, start a pit on the first song!

C: Damn straight! The Klown believes that Beekeeper may have been inspired by his former volatile roommate or the circus the Klown should have joined in the first place, “Vargas.”

Beekeeper made us into rabid metal junkies!
(L to R: Vocalist/lead guitarist/KWEEN Ally Levine, drummer Dylan Marks and bassist Adam Wollach)

J: Not everything is about you, Chuggo! Or your string of failures. This “Vargas” was anything but failure! They poured sugar on us for sure. Levine made us believe with “Fictitious” which not only kept the crowd alive but it’s riff kept buzzing in our ears.

C: The pit that these trio had going looked like a swarm of angry bees protecting the queen from possible danger. The Klown would also like to point out that our non metalhead intern, Jason, became an instant fan by this time.

J: I was surprised the slave… I mean intern in training, really dug them considering it’s not the type of honey he puts in his tea. Even he couldn’t resist KWEEN Ally’s ferocious campaign, who continued to shine with those riffs and interchanging vocals. Disney’s got nothing on her voice which has the ability of taking you deep into the scary forest and quickly bring you back to the beautiful castle.

C: That was beautiful, man. But now venturing out of Disney territory, Levine took us to the world of Dragonball Z and invoked the spirit of “Vegeta” which left the performance with a power of over 9000! The Klown also enjoyed Wollach’s performance as he rocked out with his bass and played like the late great Cliff Burton of Metallica.

KWEEN Ally Levine from Beekeeper stirs the hive with her growls and high notes and killer riffs

J: Too bad they shut off Beekeeper’s supply of honey prematurely, we were all screaming like a bunch of rabid junkies. But alas, it had to be done. Beekeeper may have blown off the roof of the Brick but Child Bite glued it back together… just not back in its place.

C: Yeah… Dylan Walker’s (Full of Hell vocalist) volatile father took the stage proving that he could throw a tantrum like a child on a sugar high.

J: Who dafuq…? Oh! You mean Trevor from GTA 5? It was great to see that he found a creative outlet and that the meds were kicking in. I do miss fucking shit up with him in Los Santos though.

C: Right you are! The best part was that they played the Klown and Ugh Metal’s theme song!

J: Ah yes, the song we recite, especially, right before a family gathering, “Still Fucked Up After All These Years.”

C: A timeless classic, it’s right up there with “Belle.”

Ever wonder how it would be like if Trevor from GTA V found a creative outlet for his outlet? Look no further!
(L to R: Bassist Sean Clancy, vocalist/contortionist Shawn Knight and drummer Jeff Kraus)

J: The Beauty and The Beast song? I… I think you may have inhaled too many Superjoint fumes already, Chuggo. Way to commit yet another “Molestation of the Arts,” Klown! Anyway, Trevor…Oh right I mean the vocalist Shawn Knight was bouncing off the walls and showing off his contortionist skills. Also how could I forget Knight playfully getting in my face and asked “What are you looking at?” My defense mechanism kicked in and stuck my tongue out at him. I can totally be a bodyguard! *Flexes*

C: Ah yeah, it was pretty entertaining and a unique experience but then we went off to battle!

J: We were starving for blood so Battlecross delivered a meal with “Force Fed Lies”

C: Indeed. Although they fed us they still said that they’re “Not Your Slave.”

J: Kyle Gunther was fun and seemed very happy to be there especially after seeing the selection of hot girls with ugly guys, according to him. This may motivate him to be a San Diego resident soon.

C: Yeah he said he has hope for himself. Either way Battlecross’s performance was “Beast!”

Battlecross serenaded to hot girls and dudes alike in this grand celebration.
(L to R: Guitarist Tony Asta, vocalist: Kyle Gunther, bassist Don Slater and guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala)

J: Kyle Gunther was figuratively the embodiment of “Flesh & Bone” because he gave that song some oomph. He may not have yet won the hot San Diegan girl he hopes to find but he won our respect dammit! ‘Cause he’s a strong, independent front man that don’t need no woman!

C: ….. Umm, Okay…Gunther’s performance didn’t just end with the set, he continued it by convincing everyone to crowd surf him to his merch stand. At first everyone was thrown off until he really dove in!

J: AND AWAY HE WENT! *Cues this anthem* Great set by these guys and they delivered. The quest we had with Battlecross was great and all but after a long hot day, we just had to wind down. So it was time to sit back, relax, drink and take a hit of Superjoint.

C: More like several, ‘cause it’s legal now. We burned something alright, but not what we were supposed to burn in the first place.

J: That’s right Phil Anselmo started “Burning the Blanket” but don’t worry, no actual blankets were sacrificed in this performance.

C: He blazed through his performance to the already lit show, or whatever the kids are saying these days. But he took it down a notch with “Ruin You.”

Phil Anselmo singing the Ugh Metal staff anthem “Asshole”
(L to R: Vocalist Phil Anselmo, bassist Stephen Taylor and guitarist Kevin Bond)

J: Hmm, that’s tame for you huh? Makes sense considering our ear drums weren’t ruptured, ‘twas a chill show I guess.

C: ‘Twas indeed. Then he dedicated one towards the Klown! Even though he “dedicated” the song to himself.

J: “Asshole,” Ah yes. I totally saw him looking at you before I nudged you so we wouldn’t make eye contact with him. We are not worthy! But you know what I think he totally dedicated another song to you, Chuggo.

C: Again, the Klown is NOT an alcoholic. He is “The Alcoholik” and even then he does not have a problem, other than why is his beer mug empty?!

J:  Anselmo added a dash of darkness in this audible trip with “Ozena” but quickly bounced back to festivity mode by inviting Sean Knight back on stage. Together they performed “It Takes Guts” and added more intensity with Anselmo’s fierceness and Knight’s hyperactive contortions. Good shit!

C: Knight was as good as any cocktail, a Molotov that is! It was nice though when Phil would slightly toned it down by sharing some of his personal anecdotes especially when he recalled the time he met Brian May from Queen in 1991.

Child Bite frontman Shawn Knight and Phil Anselmo tell us why “It Takes Guts”

J: The shock in Phil’s face when he realized he met May in 1991! That had to be his best and funniest story especially when he thought May was a delusion caused by the fever he had at the time. The shock factor didn’t stop there especially when May was surprised that Phil knew  who he was by naming prolific Queen songs. After that anecdote, it led Phil, Shawn and fans to sing the first verse of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

 C: The Klown was amongst that group. It was fun to let it all out, I worked out those pipes. A shocking twist would occur towards the end of his stories. Phil was very transparent about a band’s concept of an encore and made it clear he wasn’t going to leave the stage because he knew they were going to come back anyway. But most importantly, his final message was feel good and spoke louder than the show itself.

J: Phil’s message was “be kind and respect everyone because all we have is each other” and added to be kind and respect yourself. The string of messages the iconic vocalist shared throughout the night, weighed heavier than Chuggo’s keg. Anselmo’s words were filled with more wisdom than the Klown’s drunken rants considering everything Anselmo has been through and done. Amidst the metal, the surmountable amount of people, and the good time Superjoint provided, it became a show seething with intimacy. Anselmo became a self professed cautionary tale seeking atonement who is on a mission to inspire both fresh and seasoned metalheads.


Werk it Phil!


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