Max Cavalera and bassist Mike Leon of Soulfly kicking ass!

On May 21, Brazilian Metal god Max Cavalera finished off his Archangel tour in this website’s home away from home, Brick by Brick. The night featured an array of up and comers and established bands which has become a tradition for Cavalera.

Contortion wasted no time to perform and show those present what they are all about opening with “Faceless Enemy”. Brian Stone’s vocals pierced his message through his songs about the frustration and angst present amongst young Americans, regarding the one-percent and the current status quo of the country. The quartet finished the night with a brand new song that will officially debut on their forthcoming album.

Local metallers Contortion warm up the crowd and look sharp!
(L to R: Bassist Brett Reynolds, vocalist/guitarist Brian Stone, drummer nick Jackson, and guitarist Andy Seratto)

The following act were local legends from the underground Hardcore Punk scene called Santa Claus. Don’t let the name fool you, these guys can bring any hardcore punker the gift that keeps on giving, whether you’re naughty or nice.

Another unique feature to note about this trio was  Paul Massaro, who is not only the skinsman of the group but also the lead vocalist who occasionally trades vocal duties with guitarist Mike Lucero. Dave Quinn, the bassist was a one man show by poking fun at himself because of resemblance to Saint Nick and his age. This act was certainly no lump of coal and proved to be a diamond in the rough.

From left to right are guitarist Mike Lucero, drummer and vocalist Paul Massaro, and bassist Dave Quinn from local crossover thrash legends Santa Claus.

Santa Claus’ performance was a stocking stuffer for both the loyal and potentially new fan base. Their night capped off with “USHate” and “Politically Corrupt,” reminding those that the Punk genre was originally about the politically frustrated 99 percenters.

The night shifted gears when none other than Cavalera’s sons, Igor and Zyon took the stage with their band Lody Kong. This quartet from Phoenix, Arizona showed fans that they are a force to be reckoned with. Igor Cavalera’s raspy but thick vocals and heavy guitar shreds demonstrated that he was definitely a chip off the old block. When Lody Kong kicked off with “Venomous Kool Aid”, sounds similar to the hardcore band Nails laced with sludge/doom undertones.

Frontman/rhythm guitarist Igor Cavalera Jr. of Lody Kong shows off what his papa gave him along with drummer/sibling Zyon Cavalera
(L to R: Bassist Noah Shephard, frontman/rhythm guitarist Igor Cavalera Jr., drummer Zyon Cavalera , and guitarist Travis Stone)

The co-headliners Warbringer, soon took over the stage, turning the pit into a battle arena. The band kicked off their act with “At the Crack of Doom”. John Kevill’s vocals along with Chase Becker and Adam Caroll’s guitar riffs created a powerful combination matching their sound to legendary bands such as Death Angel and Anthrax.

Throughout the night, an array of new songs from their latest album such as “Hunter-Seeker” and “Tower of the Serpents” charged the atmosphere with vigor, converting attendees into warriors.

Warbringer unleash their battle cry!
(L to R: Vocalist John Kevill, guitarist Adam Carroll, drummer Carlos Cruz, and guitarist Chase Becker)

As the battle cleared, the mood settled for the highly anticipated Brazilian tribal god of metal to take place upon his altar of instruments. Once Cavalera took his rightful place front and center, he kicked off with the befitting song “Sold Our Souls to Metal”,  transforming a plethora of old and new fans from mere spectators to tribal warriors.

Knowing that a Sepultura reunion would never take place, Cavalera threw fans a bone when he unleashed the classics “Refuse/Resist” and “Roots Bloody Roots”. Cavalera may have closed the show with legendary riffs from Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but much like the bands Soulfly paid homage to, it was evident to attendees the quartet has reached that respected status and why Cavalera was king.

Legendary frontman and guitarist from Soulfly, Max Cavalera, closing out the show with tributes to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

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