Soulfly gives an explosive performance of Nailbomb’s “Pointblank” album.
(L to R: Backup vocalist/mixer Igor Cavalera, frontman guitarist Max Cavalera, drummer Zyon Cavalera, and lead guitarist Marc Rizzo)

It is now the J-Ohster’s turn to write about the great Max Cavalera, who has now graced our site for the third occasion this year! Whoa, that’s a whole lotta Max! But that’s cool ‘cause you can never see this legend in action too many times because each time feels like the first time doesn’t it? On Oct.6, half of San Diego were getting all the “Strange Love” they could get from Depeche Mode in Chula Vista, while the other half were ready for Soulfly to blow the Brick By Brick away with the rare and highly anticipated revival of Nailbomb. The best part about all of this? They were kicking off this epic tour here in our sandy city!

Wha? No! I’m not talking about the actual bomb. I’m talking about Cavalera’s short lived industrial venture with record producer Alex Newport in 1994. That’s right kids, Cavalera has always been adventurous and though most 90’s kids (the J-Oh’ster included) didn’t have the chance to grow up with this beaut till now and then some! Cavalera made this new reincarnation his very own by adding…mmm…the J-Ohster’s getting WAY ahead of herself! Before I the J-Ohster yammers on about Soulfly’s take on Nailbomb, I the J-Ohster must talk about the other kick ass acts!

Buzzing into our honey pot for the second time this year are local thrashers Beekeeper. Fresh off their first tour, the trio didn’t waste time and tore that mother apart with more momentum than a billion swarms! They played off of their debut Slaves to Nothing (which we couldn’t get enough of, see!) and that crowd was lovin’ it more than that McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

Buzzing back to our honey pot is Beekeeper!
(L to R: Frontwoman/lead guitarist Ally Levine and bassist Adam Wollach)

Frontwoman/lead guitarist Ally Levine proclaimed her love for Cavalera and Sepultura and shared with the audience how honored they were. The trio was dripping with so much excitement during their set, and who wouldn’t be so damn chipper if they were on the same bill as their hero?! Aside from the glee the thrashers were emitting, these guys were bursting with confidence and had an undeniable presence. In fact, these thrashers could overthrow any Anthophila sovereign had they wanted to but they just wanna rock, not fight man.

Beekeeper’s Ally Levine wants the whole world to know how excited she is to bee there!..See what I did there?  😉

Watching Beekeeper that night felt like yours truly was watching them for the first time, and legitimately left me speechless. Each time these guys take the stage, they bring something new to the table and outdo themselves. How will they wow us next?! Time will tell and they are not slowing down.

After Beekeeper’s finished their brutal reign, Lody Kong induced some more nostalgia by playing the Goosebumps show theme song as their intro. Perhaps Lody Kong also has the same fascination over that show just like we do, either way we approve! After getting us comfortable, per se, the new generation of Cavalera brothers cut the umbilical cord and slammed us with their brand of metal.

Lody Kong gave us a brutal case of nostalgia before unleashing their brand of metal.
(L to R: Frontman/bassist Igor Cavalera, drummer Zyon Cavalera and guitarist Travis Stone)

The trio kept the ball goin’ so much that we swear that they broke the fabric of time and speed. This first Friday of October, Lody Kong shined brighter than the Harvest moon from the night before. We have had the pleasure of seeing Lody Kong before, as well, and much like the Beekeeper, it felt like yours truly was really seeing Lody Kong for the first time.

Vocalist/ bassist Igor Cavalera still had that grit and attitude while possessing a vibrant and playful vibe to him this time around. Drummer/brother Zyon not only paid homage to their first stop by sporting a shirt of our unofficial mascot, but he was also pounding that drum set faster than the energizer bunny on meth, and guitarist Travis Stone was an unstoppable force on his own. It was great to have first dibs on these guys and see them in action with a fresh and energized set.

When you see it…

After Lody Kong melted our faces off, we quickly gathered the remnants of our visage, pasted them together to receive the trio known as Noisem. Man they certainly deserve to have “Noise” in their moniker!  The Baltimore band didn’t let the line up change they underwent earlier this year affect the blistering steam they brought to the Brick that night. That’s right another testament to the “less is more” saying.

They put the “Noise” in Noisem!
(L to R: Bassist/vocalist Ben Anft, guitarist Sebastian Phillips and drummer Harley Phillips)

Original vocalist/ bassist Ben Anft along with drummer Harley Phillips and guitarist Sebastian Phillips brought THE noise and cranked the decibels to “1132” and then gave us “Desire and Disgust” which certainly fueled our desire for more. When Noisem wasn’t thrashing about and exerting more energy on the stage, Anft was making devilish expressions creating a magnetic hold. We were having such a great time with Noisem, it was a shocker to us when they announced their last song “Cascade of Scars,” yes time flew by too damn fast.

Ben Anft of Noisem and his devilish expressions.

Because Noisem had us bursting with an insane amount of adrenaline, Cannabis Corpse mellowed us out… for a second before dousing us with more death metal fuel.  Phillip “Landphil” Hall

Landphil and Ray Suhy of Cannabis Corpse are giving us a death metal high.

unearthed the classic “Individual Pot Pattern” and took us to the great beyond with “Immortal Pipes.” Landphil kept his dark shades throughout the whole set while he let those deep, thick growls loose, while guitarist Ray Suhy shredded like his life depended on it.

Cannabis Corpse was bitchin’ and all but the real star was Cannabis! That’s right fam (Am saying it right?), Cannabis itself made not one but two guest appearances in the show! The green little bugger joined fans in the pit and the second time, that dank little bastard made it on the stage and crowd surfed. Oh Cannabis! To think lawmakers didn’t want you to come out and join the party not that long ago.

Landphil is super cool.

After the party was over with our buddy Cannabis and its death metal band, it was now time to receive Soulfly’s take on Nailbomb’s Pointblank. I know I mentioned in the beginning that Max decided to do something a little different and really make this rendition. How J-Ohster how?! Because you remembered the new and super creative way yours truly refers to herself occasionally (my loser brother the Klown doesn’t deserve ALL the crazy traits and fun), I shall tell you.

Papa Cavalera and Igor Cavalera still slaying!

Cavalera made this cover extra special by having his son/Lody Kong frontman Igor take over back up vocals and the mixer. The J-Ohster would mention Max’s youngest son/ Lody Kong drummer Zyon but he’s already an active member of Soulfly, that’s right he’s a busy guy. Papa Cavalera knew we were hungry to hear him belt out songs from the short lived and underrated Nailbomb especially because this was the first night of the tour.

Max delivered the first shot of the night with “Wasting Away,” the intro heightened the anticipation and released this hardcore classic from its restraints. The pit was alive, and hungry, and grew into a bigger monster when Igor cued the iconic intro to “Vai Toma No Cú.” Igor’s vocals made this anthem more in your face and that’s the way we love it!

Max and Marc Rizzo nailin’ every riff!

Max shined brightly like always and his wish was our command but it was evident that Igor is on his way to surpass his old man. That’s right, even Max himself would look at his kin with a silent artistic admiration and awe. We witnessed Max pass down the torch in this new tour and we can’t wait to see more collaborations in this iconic family and hopefully more Nailbomb with them taking over *crosses fingers*. But alas, this performance will have to suffice for now and it was another unforgettable night with the Cavalera family.

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