Slayer slayin’ at their intimate San Diego Comic Con performance.

We were not worthy! And yet after Chuggo called in several favors and did things he wishes not to speak of, the entire two (wo)manned NAMS team snagged sold out tickets to the highly anticipated and intimate Slayer show at House of Blues.

Though the legendary thrashers kicked off day 1 of their San Diego Comic Con takeover a little late, it surely set the mood for the special show and dived in to “Repentless” making everyone lose their ever loving mind.

Chuggo: And Repentless that bitch was!

Jenny: It was music to Satan’s ears especially when they busted out “Disciple,” who can forget the chanting of “God hate us all” filling up the space… I know that chorus line will be true if all those fancy GoPro cameras catch all of our bad angles.

C: Yours maybe not mine; I NEVER have a bad angle. *Sips on his bourbon*

J: Don’t let that flask smear your make up now…*cough* Bitch *cough*

C: Its better than your “Dead Skin Mask” but then again when it comes to make up, its “You Against You” *dun dun dun*

Kerry King

Guitarist extraordinaire Kerry King owning the stage at Slayer’s San Diego Comic Con takeover.

J: Torpedoing your comedian career I see. Don’t quit your day job now.

C: At least my job doesn’t want me to commit “Mandatory Suicide.”

J:…You’ve insulted my horrible make up skills and honor, we shall “Fight Till Death, ” You will “Die by the Sword”

*Looks into the nonexistent camera and wiggles my exquisite eyebrows*

Enough of our slap fight and back to the matter at hand! Though Slayer didn’t bring us all any roses in this intimate affair, they did tell us we’re pretty and thanked us all for coming till that drunken moron killed the mood.

C: Yeah to think we were about to get laid…

J: I’m glad Tom Araya kicked that dumbass out and had to do the walk of shame and didn’t kill Tom’s vibe and ruin the night. Fuck that guy!

C: Speaking on behalf of all the drunken Slayer fans, Chuggo disapproves! How dare he halt “The Antichrist” who was “Born of Fire.”

J: At least Tom didn’t have a vendetta with all the enthusiastic drunkards at the show and asked security to allow this excited and inebriated fan return after maxing out his crowd surfing turns. Just to clarify to our one reader that might accidently click on this, it was NOT Chuggo for once, he was waist training that night right?

C: Sure, sure I was…

Legendary vocalist/bassist and fatherly badass, Tom Araya, kicking ass at Slayer's special Comic Con takeover show.

Legendary vocalist/bassist and fatherly badass, Tom Araya, kicking ass at Slayer’s special Comic Con takeover show.

J: The interaction and the energy these badass gentlemen brought to this show was not only warm and welcoming, but it was unreal reminding us why Slayer is not just Slayer, they are MOTHEFUCKING SLAYER! Gary Holt was just wow!

C: Yeah Gary Holt’s presence led an actual Exodus of his own to the House of Blues that night, making it extra special. With him, I felt they brought back that “Black Magic” to San Diego!

J: That was beautiful man… *wipes tear away from and fist bump*

C: It was a gift from “South of Heaven” if you catch my drift.

J: No Chuggo, I didn’t catch a draft, actually none of us did on that hot ass night. But you know what, the weather’s always unpredictable here in San Diego and it threw us a bone when it started “Raining Blood” … YOU GET IT!?!

C: Wish I wouldn’t have gotten that on the last bachelorette party I performed in.

J: Yes, you looked like the bootlegged straight to dvd version of a Carrie and IT. Last but not least, they put the cherry on top with “Angel of Death” cause it wouldn’t be a Slayer show without it.

C: I’ll say, it had me bowing to the kingdom of the dead!

Tom Araya and Kerry King shreddin like everyone is watching at Slayer's special Comic Con takeover show.

Tom Araya and Kerry King shreddin like everyone is watching at Slayer’s special Comic Con takeover show.

Slayer is hands down, one of the most brutal bands out there and thought they’ve been through hell and back, there’s no slowing these guys down. Like true performers, they didn’t let any drunken morons kill their buzz and it was a takeover we gladly embraced!

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