Brick By Brick was taken over by the dark lords in Galactic Empire on Comic Con weekend. Did the rebels survive?!


As we all know, statistically speaking, the second part of a saga is the best one. As your luck has it, this is definitely that kind of outcome. Unlike the last episode, however, this one features yours truly the Klown. That’s right girls and germs, much like the last Starship Troopers movie that Disney dished out, the Klown went solo, his wookie sister known as Jenny Oh didn’t partake. So Chuggo Klown-rissian traveled at the speed of light to the local metal planet known as Brick By Brick on July 20th to meet up with fellow rebels.

The night began to the tune of the local melodic deathcore band Mandala. These rebels knew how to blend in especially in the eyes of the Empire. The frontman, Garret Galvan, wore an Empire approved shirt in the form of a “Bobba Fitt Gym” shirt, the Klown sees what you did there, Galvan. Mandala opened with “Zero Hour,” off of The Way Out EP and turned up the crowd’s vitals with “Maelstrom” which gave off a bit of a Whitechapel vibe. Galvan even did something that not many performers do, he got off stage and turned the pit in to his own personal playground. The frontman then took a rest  and laid on the floor for the song’s finale. As the night neared its end, the band busted out a new one for the rebels titled “Wrath” which was a melodic version of deathcore but was still pretty headbang worthy.

Guitarist Michael Trevizo and vocalist Garret Galvan of Mandala fed “The Force” of the rebels.


As Mandala cleared the stage, a band familiar to the Ugh Metal domain made a comeback. As you all know, Sight Unscene made their Ugh Metal debut last year when we talked about the SD Metal Swap Meet after party. The Klown was tickled to see these guys once more but not as much their fan base. They began their set with “Manic” which had the Klown reliving his younger days when Killswitch Engaged and All That Remains were at their zenith. The band then treated everyone to a favorite titled “We Are The Ones Who…” which the ladies really dug just as much as the men.

Before the night ended, frontman Anthony Dedrick couldn’t contain his excitement and announced the birth of his little metalhead, which took place a month prior to the performance. On that note, the final song of the night was a new one from the band in honor of the newest member of Dedrick’s family which is titled “Hemasty.” The latest not only felt like a good closer for the night but also left their fans eager for what they will do next. 

John Cena nor the infidels of the dark side could see the potent force of Sight Unscene coming!
(L to R: Guitarist Michael Halsdorff, vocalist Anthony Dedrick, and bassist William Buckwalter)


As Sight Unseen left the stage, the night suited up and transformed in to Comic Con mode. People, like the Klown himself, who grew up with the Super Nintendo video game console became nostalgic when the LA based quartet known as SuperMadNES joined the game. The 16-bit tribute band began with the “Intro Ninja Gaiden” and followed it up with more songs from the Ninja Gaiden soundtrack. The night got really awesome for the likes of the Klown and for all the fanboys and girls because they played songs from the 1991’s Batman: Return of the Joker and 1992’s Batman Returns video games.

As the night continued, drummer Nico Saavedra exchanged a few words with  the crowd and made some quick announcements such as announcing the engagement of their keytarist Ryan Iyengar, who donned a tuxedo shirt, and praised guitarists Josh Bradley and Ryan Seguin for their impressive solo performances. The band then began their lengthy but awesome closer straight from the 1990’s Castlevania 3 soundtrack and concluded with “Déjà Vu.” SuperMadNES was not only energetic but also eager to interact with fans. As MadNES faded, the Klown knew that it was “game over.”

Keytarist Ryan Iyengar and guitarist Ryan Bradley of Super MadNES were super in sync with their force, they broke the time and space continuum which made this shot so blurry. That’s our story and we’re sticking with it…


The time had come for these rebels to prepare for the Galactic Empire. This Klown-rissian wasn’t going to sell his rebels out even as the antagonists drummer Boba Sett, Bass Commander (as if the Klown has to mention what he plays), Kyle Ren and Red Guard took up their guitars. Of course, the true test began when Dark Vader walked on stage to the sound of the “Imperial March” with his trusty guitar in hand. It should go without saying that “The Main Theme” was also played to remind you that they came from a galaxy far, far away.

The rebels subsided when they played “The Force Theme,” what else could be expected from the combined action of that Kyle dude and Vader? You would set your lightsabers down too! Speaking of which, we were outed! Little did the Klown know that the Brick By Brick’s sound technician, Collin, was a fellow rebel himself. Although Vader and Kyle argued over how and why Collin should be disposed of or something… politics am I right, people? No one wins, especially Collin. May that force thing be with you, dude or until the next show.

Guitarist Kyle Ren and Bass Commander enslaved the rebels with their riffs of extreme domination!


Despite that grim moment, the imperial collective livened up the mood when they played the “Cantina Band” romp. As if the message wasn’t clear the Empire ended the night with a song that solidifies their dominant status in the form of “The Throne Room: End Title.” This collective not only treated fans of the Wars but also gave die hard metalheads one hell of a time. Even though there was a casualty, the rebels lived to fight another day. Most importantly their performance would have made famed Star Wars’ composer, John Williams, proud. Stay tuned for episode three and remember live long and falter… the Klown means prosper!