photo courtesy of Chuggo the Klown

Headliners and local black metal crusader Ruines Ov Abaddon at their EP release of Chaos Reborn.

Black metal defenders Ruines ov Abaddon, created a storm of their own on August 20 with a memorable performance and a brand new EP Chaos Reborn. The band may have finished off the show that would make them worthy enough to sit on the dark throne, but they had a little help from their friends.

To kick off the festivities of this unholy EP release party were desert rockers Mortar. Though this trio comes straight from our very own beach city, they captured an adventurous vibe à la High on Fire. Though their instrumentals can make the most active metal head simmer down momentarily and maybe even mesmerize them, their groove has a kick to it with their biting riffs.

Once the mellow haze dissipated another local black metal gem, Mythraeum, took the stage. This quartet needed no introduction having a loyal legion of their own thanks to their presence and tireless promotion. With their final show of 2016, the band’s charismatic front man Hugh “Void” Marshall along with his counterparts, gave it their all and expertly commanded the stage.

For those that are not familiar with Mythraeum, the size of their growing congregation should come to no surprise thanks to the exposure they’ve had opening for thrash legends Venom Inc in January and Norwegian black metal deities Taake in June to name a few.

Hugh Marshall vocalist of Mythraeum

Vocalist and guitarist of black metal band Mythraeum, Hugh “Void” Marshall killing it on their last show of 2016.

Poland may have the renowned bad asses known as Behemoth, but San Diego is crafting their very own black metal legends in the making with Mythraeum. It should come to no surprise if these devils star (or should we say pentagram) continues to rise.

After Mythraeum concluded their mayhem of 2016, prog rockers Fadrait stepped in as a cushion after the chaos. Filling in for another band at the last minute, this well rounded band laid down their eclectic sound like a bunch of Prog pros.

Though Fadrait placated the storm, Ruines Ov Abaddon followers gathered around the stage bursting with an insatiable energy ready for the black mass. In honor of their EP release, the sextet played all three songs and unleashed havoc with the heaviness of “Attack.”

Ruines Ov Abaddon also gave some love to their older tracks from their 2011 debut studio album King of The Bottomless Pit, such as the “King of the Bottomless Pit” and who can forget the Anton LaVey approved anthem to our dark lord and savior, and no I’m not talking about Ronald McDonald or Chthulu for once, we mean…well its called “Kill For Satan.”

Though these renowned local heathens have been around for eight years, they prove the crustiest local metal band “expert” wrong and are not slowing down any time soon. Having been one of the supporting acts for Taake and Swedish black metal veterans Marduk on their Japanese tour in 2013 AND with plenty of national tours under their belts, it’s only a matter of time till these guys get the recognition they deserve.

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