Rammstein heat up the T-Mobile Arena in Sin City!
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

In life, there are a lot of firsts that you will never forget. The Klown knows he won’t. His most memorable first will always be the first time the Klown slapped on a pair of his buddy’s earbuds and listened to Rammstein’s 2001 masterpiece Mutter. The Klown would then obtain his own copy and listen to the album religiously. The Klown has never looked back since.

On July 1, the Klown and his aggravated sibling took off to Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena for the first time, in forever, to adorn ourselves with our lederhosen and yodel our hearts out in the 100-plus degree weather. Before the Klown proceeds, many thanks to everyone that kept up with us on this journey through our Facebook and to those that tuned into our Snapchat and Instagram live feeds, you know who you are.

The Klown would also like to thank Combichrist’s drummer Joe Letz for acknowledging us when we recognized him. Most importantly, to Ugh Metal’s new bestie, Corey Pino, and all the other kick ass Rammstein fans Ugh Metal had the pleasure of meeting that day. So without further ado…

Stone Sour inaugurated this show and it would be the first time the Klown has seen the original pet project of the prolific Corey Taylor. Before the Klown continues, a confession must be made because the Klown didn’t see the whole performance due to the fact that he was outside in the beating sun greeting some fans from his days at the Railing Bros. circus, meeting new peeps, getting merch and attempting to get through the door. It was chaotic but worth it. Although he did not see the beginning of the performance, the Klown was fortunate to hear “Made of Scars” as he finally made it through those doors.

Corey: Look! It’s Till Lindemann with his “Engel” wings!
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

The Klown was surprised that the one song he caught in its entirety was their 2006 hit “Through Glass.” Taylor’s voice resonated across the arena and tamed the crowd as he and lead guitarist, Christian Marducci, shared and complimented each other’s guitar riffs.

Taylor, not letting the musty air and Vegas heat stop him from being a showman, he hyped the crowd and invited them to partake in the performance especially during the chorus. Most importantly, Taylor got a huge roar from the crowd just by mentioning Rammstein and Korn performing after him. Stone Sour also played “Absolute Zero” and finished with confetti spewing “Fabuless.”

Corey Taylor? FabuLESS?! More like FabuYASSSS!
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

After Stone Sour bowed out gracefully, the most iconic nu metal band of all time took the stage. The sextet known as Korn took the stage and sent the Klown and the rest of the Korn faithful to a frenzy, heat be damned. In fact, the Klown’s inner pre teen lit up as bright as the stage the moment the ensemble took the stage and flowed like frontman Jonathan Davis’ kilt.

The group initiated their set with “Rotting in Vain” and followed with a classic “Falling Away From Me.” Of course, the very visible pit began to replicate Slayer’s infamous mosh pits once Korn’s Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu’s bass and Brian “Head” Welch’s iconic D-chord guitar riffs dropped for “Here to Stay.”

Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu and Brian “Head” Welch of Korn made the pit grow vicious with a few chords.
(Photo Courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

Of course, it goes without saying how Davis can manage to impress his loyal fans one way or another. One really great example was when he busted out the bagpipes for the infamous beginning to “Shoots and Ladders.” But a real surprise was how Davis managed to get all of the T-Mobile Arena singing when he incorporated Queen’s “We Will Rock You” during the brief pause that the song has.

The band took it back to their 1994 self-titled debut by performing “Blind.” Lastly, Korn closed with the hit that set the height of their popularity and took the Klown on a nostalgic trip to the first time he heard “Freak on a Leash” in 1998. Aside from the Klown having a borderline heat stroke, he joined the rest of the plebes, vocally and physically. It was a great set and the Klown highly recommends you go to a Korn concert should the opportunity present itself.

Jonathan Davis and the rest of Korn made us all into a “Freak On A Leash.”
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

Even though the Las Vegas heat was already at an upper 90’s, borderline 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the legendary German sextet brought out their stockade to perform their infamous fire laden extravaganza and over-the-top theatrical antics. Yes, the Klown was overheated and sunburned from his left side but that wasn’t enough to stop the Klown from enjoying his first ever Rammstein show in the US of A… especially not this time!

The living legends shrouded the stage with an oversized banner that had a singular pixelated 8 that pulsated to the sounds of an electrocardiogram moments before the commencement of their new single “Rammvier (A.K.A. Ramm4).” “Rammvier” began as the banner dropped and to the beats of drummer Christoph “Doom” Schneider which would then have strobe lights and immediately reveal keyboardist/synthesizer/indestructible master of the treadmill Christian “Flake” Lorenz wearing a jumpsuit.

Soon after, guitarists Richard Zven Kruspe and Paul Landers would descend from above, take front-and-center, split and take each corner of the stage. After some pyrotechnics,  bassist Oliver “Ollie” Reidel was revealed and the band’s physical introduction would conclude with the prolific frontman Till Lindemann tap dancing his way to the center stage while dressed in a white leather trench coat and top hat.

Till Lindemann dresses sharp for Rammstein’s only West Coast show.
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

As Lindemann centered himself, he took off his hat and flung it for the pyro to set off and began singing his legendary deep vocals. Lindemann then rebranded himself visually by donning an impermeable for Rosenrot’s “Zerstören” after “Reise, Reise” and “Hallelujah.” Although, whether it was intentional or not, Lindemann briefly waddled on stage for the performance of  “Zerstören” which had a jazz intermittency during the end before Lindemann took off his costume to reveal a vest that shot pyrotechnics.

“Feuer Frei” filled the T-Mobile Arena with a huge roar and a pit, and was just like the first time American Rammstein fans felt when it was introduced through the Vin Diesel movie xXx. Rammstein wore their infamous dragon masks while fire shot out from the scaffolds, and had fire cannons on both sides of the stage. The twist with this hit was that, briefly, the song became the Junkie XL remix from their Made in Germany 1995-2011 compilation album.

Richard Kruspe of Rammstein mesmerizes us with his sick ass riffs!
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

Rammstein also busted out an old favorite and a classic cover from the legendary punk mistress Nina Hagen “Seeman” which featured Ollie sitting atop of a seated platform strumming an acoustic guitar for the opening sequence. Of course, “Ich Tu Dir Weh” would feel rather incomplete without Lindemann abusing Flake… tongue-in-cheek implied.

The moment was rather comedic as Lindemann would “beat” Flake on all fours and toss him in a bathtub in which Lindemann would be elevated by a platform to pour a bucket full of sparks into the tub which would then be engulfed in pyrotechnics. The latter produced Flake climbing out of the tub and donning a sparkling, sequin suit and dusting himself off before dancing his way back to his keyboard and treadmill.

Christian “Flake” Lorenz of Rammstein is der meister of treadmills and keyboards.
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

For “Du Richt So Gut,” Kruspe and Landers both donned flare-like pyrotechnics for their guitars and lit up the stage and Kruspe’s solo, literally. The real treat came after when Rammstein performed their rendition of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped,” which the Klown enjoys and feels that it’s an underrated cover song. Even though the norm for most bands is to have an encore, the presence and impact that these German gents leave are limitless. The crowd was clamoring for more and Rammstein’s encore seemed rather surreal and made one feel as if they were seeing them for the first time again.

The encore portion began with Mutter’s “Sonne.” In honor of America’s birthday, because when in Rome, “Amerika” was performed which would shower the pit with red, white and blue confetti with a confetti cannon. The night, woefully, concluded with Lindemann donning the famous steel wings and being suspended thereafter for the performance of “Engel.” The wings would shoot flames from the tips which in the eyes of an American Rammstein fan, the sight of Rammstein playing on American soil is like the equivalent to that of a Bigfoot sighting.

Rammstein forfeit their hide and seek championship in the USA…Bigfoot is STILL in the lead.
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

Although many photographic and video evidence and third person accounts are there, you’ll want to see it to believe it. The Klown would like to say that even though it was one of the greatest shows he’s seen, he still feels taken aback by it and still feels like he’s on cloud nine. If these six superstars ever return back to American soil and you are a big fan, the Klown recommends it. You will not be disappointed and, guaranteed, it will be the first that you’ll never forget.

Auf Weidersehn Rammstein!
(Photo courtesy of Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena)

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