Local Punk band, Sculpins at The Merrow on July 2

Sorry for the delay of this show. Man… that was some week, Pennywise have mercy! Y’know it was a good fourth of july weekend, when you wake up in a ditch somewhere in Baja California, no vital organs or valuables missing. Of course the return home being an adventure all on its own. Enough about THAT weekend. At this point let me tell you about the last thing I do remember before waking up in a ditch in Baja. On the night of July 2 this hot mess’s pregamed with some  independent artists.

The night kicked off with Revolt-Chix at The Merrow and be warned, these local ladies aren’t to be taken lightly. These Chix prove that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to kicking ass. This was even more apparent when the band played “Reality of Hate” and “Riot in the Streets.” Kriss Roth’s piercing and powerful vocals accompanied with Tera White’s back up vocals and bass give the band strength.


(Far left) guitarist and backup vocalist, Gaylene Goudreau playing the guitar. (Center) Kriss Roth performing vocals. (Far Right) bassist and backup vocalist, Tera White playing bass

Gaylene Goudreau’s guitar and Nikki Lomas drumming gives the band further life to pump out the much needed energy that punk is known for. If you haven’t heard this band play, you’re missing out especially if you are a true die hard punker. After Revolt Chix’s performance, the temple came to us in the form of thrash.

Christ Killer, proving that a slur can do no harm unless you let it, kicked off their sabbath with their “Thou Shalt Thrash” because their Torah’s commandment goes up to eleven for us metal heads. Us goyims got some more kosher when they performed “Yom Kippur/ Bong Ripper”, “From the Dreidel to the Grave” and “Masel Tov Cocktail”. Definitely worth wearing a yamulke for their upcoming July 24th performance at the Brick.

Shifting gears from Channukah to Christmas in July, Santa Claus took the stage right on after. Although bassist Dave Quinn’s absence was noticeable, his role was filled in by another local legend, Legion of Thrash’s Cesar Rivero. The band lived up to their namesake persona and busted out the debut performances of two new tracks, “Set Phasers to Riot” and “You Are Saved.” After that special treat and just like their previous performance at the Brick, Santa Claus proceeded to do what they do best, kick ass!

The headliners, Sculpins, were definitely no fish out of water. The local punk perennials are a definition that punk is not dead and will rise again and is serve as an outstanding soundtrack to the current status of our nation. These guys did not waste any time kicking off their performance with “Everything on the Menu.”

Right before the performance officially began, vocalist Adam Gomez assured audience member that the song was about the Holocaust. Whether Gomez and company were intentionally trying to turn heads or be incredibly provocative, they certainly caught all in attendance’s attention in true punk fashion. True punkers will definitely enjoy these guys through and through, most likely get a circle pit started whether the space is provided or not. With that said, it was great commemoration for Independence Day.

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