Lords Of Acid getting the sold out Sextreme Fest of 2017 started!
(L to R: Co-founder keyboardist Praga Khan, Back up vocalist Erica Dilanjian and vocalist DJ Mea Fisher)

October, Friday the 13th was one hell of a date for everyone especially, for Ugh Metal. First, an avalanche of awesome albums releases, and then after a long day at the fortress reviewing albums and fighting the evils of adulthood, the fools needed to unwind and headed to the Brick By Brick for a night of naughty debauchery.

The night hosted a scandalous engagement for libertines to express themselves and have some wholesome fun involving great music, good booze and awesome acts. The sold out latex clad show featured an all star card of Industrial acts and gave us an experience we’ll never forget.

Chuggo the Klown: Indeed, narrator person. That night was indeed unforgettable. That Friday night was some party and became completely exclusive when it was announced that it was a sold out affair. That show was as exclusive as the Klown and his keg. The night was so cray that we were still waiting in line to see the show. The Klown was pretty fortunate to catch the LA duo Night Club.

Night Club greeted the lucky few that made it towards the doors on time. BASK IN THEIR NEON GLORY!
(L to R: Mark Brooks and Emily Kavanaugh)

Jenny Oh: I wasn’t fortunate to see Night Club *wipes tears away*. I did hear Emily Kavanaugh’s heavenly and sensual voice seeping through the Brick’s walls as I waited to be let in. And that had to suffice me.

C: The Klown feels for your loss. In fact, the Klown barely made it to half of the performance of one of her singles, “Dear Enemy.” The mood shifted once she announced that En Esch would be next and announced that she would be closing with “Bad Girl” and thanked everyone who made it through the door on time.

Emily Kavanaugh of Night Club being a “Bad Girl”!

J: Why oh why?! *Sighs* Ooh well. I only saw Emily sing the very last verse of “Bad Girl” but was blessed by the brief sight of her striking a fierce pose. Oh wells, till next time Night Club! I may have missed out on this duo but my happy ass was so damn ready for En Esch! What better way to pregame for KMFDM’s Oct. 20th show? You just wait till I spew it out…if I spew it out amirite? The eccentric En Esch was ready to keep this party going and our blood flowin’.

The pervalicious twerk king En Esch getting us all worked up.

C: The Klown was really glad to see the prince of perversion take the stage. En Esch’s music is good but his performance and showmanship were fantastic. All hail! He proclaimed his love to us, Mexico and his love for the music.

J: En Esch’s love fest wasn’t the only thing making us feel all sorts of warm, fuzzy tingles. If it wasn’t his piercing all seeing eyes, it was his twerk abilities towards the ultra sexy dance anthem “Do Me (Leather Strip Remix).” Erica Dilanjian’s vocals added extra intensity and tension and woooooooo! I got the vapors!

It was a full moon that night.

C: Right you are, sis. The original twerk king put on quite a performance and Dilanjian and the rest of the crew. The drummer even joined in on the fun by interacting alongside even if he wasn’t in the spotlight.

J: If there were any people weirded out by this night or this article already, then do as En Esch and Dilanjian said and sang, “Live And Let Live.” I approve of this message! The live performance of this song was extra contagious. It was so fun seeing the chemistry and playful interactions between these two. Perhaps someday we too shall become En Esch’s sidekicks!

En Esch and his partner in crime Erica Dilanjian singing the sexy dance anthem “Do Me (Leather Strip Remix)”

C: En Esch gave us a treat in the form of KMFDM classics and some perversions which the Klown absolutely approved. The awesome thing about that was that he did this a week prior to the actual KMFDM show. Stay tuned for that one! But the other awesome part was that En Esch would surprise us with his repertoire and kept it lively. Even though En Esch managed to keep us animated and perverted, Christian Death managed to add some class to those feelings.

J: Aww yes, these goth rock legends dimmed the lights and recited their dark baritone poetry. *Swoon* But before Valor Kand could take us away to the other side with his hymns, he slinked out of the stage dressed in an elegant armor with his fiddle in hand.

Valor Kand of Christian Death may not have his trusty fiddle in hand but he has red roses, an awesome guitar and a voice that’s to die for!

C: Yeah the Klown didn’t know what to expect. All he knows is that some dude came out in some elegant armor with a bitchin’ helmet. Valor Kand… not only does it sounds like an awesome name but it sounds like an unknown badass knight or character from a fantasy tale. That dude even used his fiddle stick as a conductor’s wand to get us to cheer like an orchestra and showed us what “We Have Become.”

J: Yes, that’s what I just said you drunk fool. But one thing you did not say is how Kand was not the only one enchanting the stage, no! Bassist/vocalist Maitri was casting a special spell on us not just because she looked like a glammed up Venetian pirate vixen but also because of her passionate bass strumming and her swaying. She looked like a divine musical specter! Maitri showed off her haunting vocals in “Penitence Forevermore” and took the lead with a classic.

Maitri of Christian Death was a divine musical specter.

C: Ah yes, elegance incarnate. The Klown was trying to build up to it. Not the Klown’s fault that Kand spent more time onstage at the beginning. But that matters not because we went from festive to tranquil. It was a great performance to remind us all that the reason we go to shows is to be attentive of the performer’s talents. Maitri had an incredible voice and did it with feeling.

J: Kand treated the sold out venue by mentioning that the following song was the most requested song. The vocalist also addressed how they got almost on every tour and so they gave in and gave Maitri a cue and unleashed the famous bass and guitar intro for “Romeo’s Distress.” She added a tinge of anguish, deviance, and sensuality to this song making this track a little more memorable with her rendition. It gave us a taste of le petite mort!

Christian Death courting the masses.

C: Yes… indeed it was like looking at a modern day opera but surrounded with all kinds of folks… and a horse. Maitri and Kand made us feel feelings that night, such as heartbreak, anguish and lust that we didn’t even know we had.

J: Horses? I don’t know what you’re on right now, but I approve. Christian Death is still producing and thriving and are pleasing their faithful legions. Valor Kand is still oh so fascinating after all these years.

C:  Yes, indeed. After the Death dearly departed, the Klown laid eyes on one of the hottest industrial group out there and *clears throat* one of the hottest girls in the band. Even though the Klown didn’t see Joe Letz he did see… Nancy was her name, right?

Who’s dat gurrrl?!

J: That’s right. We got to see the sexy little minx in the Combichrist clan called Neutered Nancy. This lovely lady was ready to take us to pound town and get us all wet with her moist drums. She surely knows how to get us all worked up, she filled in nicely for Joe Letz ;). Combichrist made the set hotter with “Today I Woke Up To The Rain of Blood” which built the anticipation with them strobe lights!

C: Andy LaPlegua incited the sold out crowd and showed why they are at the top of their game. However, our response showed LaPlegua that we were a crowd that he “Can’t Control.” It rendered him speechless. Y’know you been put over when the crowd you’re entertaining have left you speechless.

Andy LaPlegua “Can’t Control” us!

J: Well that’s what they get for neglecting us for about a decade! Hey man not exaggerating, LaPlegua acknowledged it himself ya know! The reception they received was a lot more shocking than any “Electrohead” and the constant screaming left our throats feeling like we had a “Throat Full Glass.”  After ten years, San Diegan fans were thirsty for more Combichrist and even though we were all crammed like sardines. The sweaty human masses danced and jumped for every song the live trio dished out.

C: Speaking of thirst Nancy knew how to quench it. Literally, she poured some wawa on the drums and made it rain through the drum beats. Even guitarist Eric 13 joined in on this fun and showed that he wasn’t far from the action himself. Not only was he rocking out with his guitar but he even showed off his vocals to back up Andy.

Don’t you dare stop Eric 13 and Joe Letz..Umm I mean Neutered Nancy!

J: Aww yeah! And you know what, Nancy was so naughty she kept knocking down her drums so that her roadie could pick ‘em up. She was keeping him on his toes man! Most importantly, this pasty vixen entrusted me to hold her drum set while she banged on them hard. It was magical man! Yes, Neutered Nancy may have been the star but LaPlegua and Eric13 also kicked major ass. LaPlegua was a great showman and a great hype man. Lest we forget the big gathering for “Maggots at the Party” where most members of the touring bands joined them onstage!

Neutered Nancy enlisting Jenny Oh as his drum holder.

C: Yeah, the crowd also lost it when they performed “Get Your Body Beat.” The Klown was later told that Nancy was not who she was. Some of you may be thinking “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?” in which the Klown shall respond in kind, the Klown has no shame whatsoever. It was great seeing this trio tear the Brick down and set us up for the Lords. The Lords Of Acid to be exact!

J: PRAISE THE LORDS! It was time! After getting worked up for these industrial legends, it was time to get down and dirrrrrteh! So much magick and tension was in the sweaty air and Dj Mea Fisher strutted out along with co-founder/keyboardist Praga Khan, the super stylish keyboardist Roland Turner and the rest of the crew! We also got to see Erica Dilanjian again!

Lords of Acid started their sexy sermon of the night.
(L to R: Stylish keyboardist Roland Turner, vocalist/Chuggo’s 2nd future ex wife DJ Mea Fisher, and MVP back up vocalist Erica Dilanjian)

C: Yes, let’s not forget the other ball of prolific energy, the bassist DieTrich Thrall. Who was on par and at Fisher’s mobility and energy level. They gave us a college experience by taking us to “Voodoo U.” They told us that we can “Do What You Wanna Do” and that they were looking for “Young Boys.” Of course, girls are welcomed!

J: Ya know, I didn’t intend to go to my college reunion but here it was and with Lords of Acid! And ladies were more than welcomed at this show, we were so welcomed and excited an eager lady fan threw her thong at DJ Mea after she requested a sexy little gift from the crowd. DJ Mea was so touched and excited about her first naughty gift by a fan, she invited the lucky lady up on stage, shared a smooch and a hug. So much love man!

DJ Mea rewarded her fan for giving her her 1st sexy gift and then showed off her trophy.

C: The Klown was in love. Just wish his fucking intern wouldn’t have stolen his potential thunder. She was a potential second ex wife, damn it! The Klown wouldn’t have minded if he was whacked by a mic stand. He’s totally into that!

J: BAHAHAHA! Aww yes! That moment! *wipes tears away* That moment was awesome especially your stupid runny face. That was the whack that was heard around the Brick and you know what, I have to agree with DJ Mea, your pathetic intern did take that mic whack like a “Mr. Machoman.” Though I must admit I too was a little jelly of your intern especially after he got showered with hugs from DJ Mea and Erica, AND a free beer from Roland…I WANNA GET WHACKED TOO!

The Klown’s useless intern, Santi, getting showered with attention from DJ Mea and Erica Dilanjian after accidentally getting whacked with a mic stand. The Klown swears his intern stole his thunder and was very upset with him…yes the Klown cried and Jenny Oh was jelly too.

C: Biter! The Klown just said not long ago that he was totally into it! And it wasn’t just that. The Klown’s intern even got attention from the people and the ladies around him… bastard! *wipes tears and runny face from cheeks* That son’bitch even got “Scrood Bi U” briefly dedicated to him! Roland Turner took the words right out of the Klown’s mouth when he openly and rhetorically asked if Fisher was the hottest lead women ever.

J: Lucky bastard! DJ Mea may have been the belle of the Sextreme ball but can we also talk about Praga Khan’s acrobatic skills?! Mah Gurrrsch! He put yogis to shame especially when he repeatedly draped his left leg over his keyboard as he grinned, played, and sang to the masses! He knew how to get to us especially when he sang the timeless classic “Rough Sex/Take Control.” Also Roland’s hair and style was to die for! So much swag!

Co founder/keyboardist Praga Khan showing off his acrobatic skills while DJ Mea cheers him on.

C:  Yes, the Klown was jelly. He was quite the spectacle when Fisher, Dilanjian or Thrall weren’t moving around to hype us! The only thing that was missing from Praga Khan, Fisher and Turner was joining Combichrist for “Maggots at the Party.” The Klown knows that Fisher stayed extra limber when she asked for our state’s green stuff.

J: Luckily it’s legal and because it was a party, fans shared the wealth with her. After the adorable but feisty frontwoman had some of our green treasure on three separate occasions, it didn’t affect her showmanship… ya prudes! So chill out! She was a ball of energy and kudos to her for saying fuck it and getting extra comfortable and ditching her platform boots in the beginning of the set. A girl’s gotta be comfortable ya know! In fact, everyone was so comfortable and in party mode, Fisher invited all the lovely ladies in the venue to join her onstage and dance with her to the naughty anthem “Pussy.”

DJ Mea and her legion of ladies sing the fun lil anthem “Pussy”

C: The song Fisher dedicated to her cat? Apparently she doesn’t like to hide it too much and wanted to see other cats. That night was awesome it was such a shame that, as that saying goes, all good things must come to an end. In our case, a “curfew” was the reason the show was over a little too soon. The Klown had no idea that he was a kid again… thank Pennywise for making him feel young again but not for ending the show abruptly.

J: BOO! Curfews are stupid! The venue groaned, booed and protested in sadness because we were not gonna see the Lords perform their final two sexy and iconic sermons of the night “I Sit On Acid” and “The Most Wonderful Girl.” *Sigh* The set suddenly ended right after “Scrood Bi U,”  but alas, we eventually found solace by inhaling our state plant, chugging down a few brewskies, and basking in the now final moments of this amazing show. Might Lords of Acid be the best we’ve had so far? 😉 Me no know! But what I do know is that I can’t wait to see these guys swing by again to show us a really good time.

Roland Turner showing off his swag while slapping that keyboard and Erica Dilanjian shows off bassist DieTrich Thrall

C: Let’s just say the Klown and the rest of the fans weren’t the only ones who were pissed. First, the Klown’s intern raining on the Klown’s parade by sabotaging a possible courtship with the Acid Queen that he sure he had clinched, then your fucking intern’s cat! Next, a curfew that the Klown didn’t know we had! The Klown feels you Roland. He truly does.

J: I can live with my lousy intern’s cat stealing people’s attention but that night, after having a whole song dedicated to her by our Acid Queen..that cat crossed the line! The twist?! I don’t have a cat…Oh! Nevermind, I understand what “Pussy” is about…Anyway, I coulda sworn that the bleached part of Roland’s chic do turned red! And so did ours! Before it faded to blue and then to a vibrant purple because purple is beautiful and satisfying. WHAT A NIGHT! Fans at least had the opportunity to mingle with members of LOA, Combichrist and Maitri of Christian Death making that night extra special and epic to make up for it. Don’t forget about us Lords of Acid! You dun left us Acid whipped!

They dun left us Acid whipped!

C: Overall the night was still great despite of everything. The heat of the night was a catalyst for everything that took place. We laughed, danced and felt… things. It may have been a crazy night but that was to be expected since it was Friday the 13. The Klown hopes they swing by again maybe have their new album out by then, and the Klown hopes to have a second chance at courting Fisher!

J: And don’t forget the people in bondage outfits! Especially the horse play couple! What a Friday the 13th. Here’s to you Mea! *Puffs Pirouette*

All hails THE Acid Queen DJ Mea!

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